Keeping A Cottage Bunny~Oliver Twistytop's Tale

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Oliver loves rose stems from the garden.
I've had several requests upon learning that I have a house bunny, so I'll attempt to tell my story of Oliver as well as give some great information on how to have a bunny as a house pet.

Since my early twenties I have forevermore desired to have a house bunny. It all began when I had my children and I would endlessly read them stories of Beatrix Potter and watch all the videos of the tales of Peter Rabbit.

I've had an allure with Beatrix Potter since my youth, and had always desired to have a bunny in the house such as her.

Needless to say, without going into the beastly details of why I never got my dream of having a house bunny, I had it written upon the pages of my little Beatrix Potter journal from 1993 and that when I acquired my bunny I would give him the name of Oliver. I had wanted to name one of my sons Oliver, but that notion was vetoed with each birth. So I just said to myself, I'll name my pet rabbit Oliver when I acquire him one day.
Bath time...
When I met my dearest Beloved Gardener, and we began talking we shared our likes and dislikes of life and of all the particulars we've dreamt of. I was madly in love with Jeffrey from the first moment I began communicating with him, and it has yet to wane.

When we started dating, my birthday was fast approaching and he asked me what I'd like for my birthday. I told him as I've been on a transformational journey {tale} for the last few years, I was eager to make as many of my dreams come true. Now that I was in control of my life I wanted to embrace all I'd ever wanted without being bridled. I requested to have a house bunny, yes a bunny living in the cottage with the gardener and I hop-hopping about.
He said, okay....If you seek the bunny out and find the one you want I'll acquire it for you. Now, I would be remiss if I didn't explain to you, what that did for my spirit, my soul.

You see, I have constantly over the years been told as if I were a child what is and is not permitted for me to do. Whether it was my parents, religious figures, ex-husband, extended family, etcetera. You name it... people have always desired to tell me what I should and should not do according to their desires.

I was now with a person that was respectful of me, wanting to give me my greatest desires in life even if it seems miniscule to buy me a pet rabbit.

I sat and cried for quite some time, that I was at last going to have a rabbit all my own.

I do now understand looking back just a little over two years that we actually train people how to treat us. We are the ones that allow and accept the way people decide to respect or disrespect us. It's our work to be the powerful creators that we are intuitively. To create our lives the way we so desire. And as an artist I can say paint the life you want with each brush stroke representing a choice and decision in your life that you made all on your own. What you will soon realize is the beautiful masterpiece that you've created is the most beautiful piece of art and it's all your own work,  your own masterpiece with all the colors you decided to use, the canvas you chose, the medium you chose. You are the one in control of your life and no one else. You have to be the one to paint the life you want.

Having a rabbit has been one of the greatest joys my heart has ever known. Rabbits do have sweet personalities, and I manifested the perfect bunny for my soul, and that was Oliver.

I live the Law of Attraction and I believe highly in getting into alignment before ever getting any kind of pet. I was sure to write my intentions about the type of personality my bunny would have and I really needed a calm bunny. I had originally wanted a Lionhead but ultimately chose a Jersey Wholly instead as I think their demeanors are a smidge more calm. Oliver is a Jersey Whooly Blue Tort and he is a full grown weight of 3 pounds.

Upon bringing Oliver Twistytop home, beforehand I had my father create a bunny hutch out of an old pie safe that I had for decades which sat at my parents house being cared for.

I had done and abundance of research about how to care for a bunny, so I felt rest assured that I would be a great bunny owner. There's lots of bunny videos on Youtube, such as how to bathe, clip nails, keep their bedding and how to feed them.
Essential oils for Oliver in case he needs some aromatherapy for healing.
I like to feed Oliver a healthy organic diet and I'll tell you why. Not only because it keeps him  in outstanding health, but because I'm not one to take my pets to the vet, unless I'm in dire straights and can't do something on my own.
This is a shelf right above Oliver in the bunny hutch that I keep his food and essentials for his care. 
I was the same way with my dogs and one out of the two is still living 14 years later and has never went to the vet except for being neutered.

My philosophy is that if I take good care of my pet, trust mother earth to provide for our animals, that bunnies are sort of like that even though we have somewhat domesticated them. They are still animals and are absolutely instinctive. A bunny knows how to do bunny stuff, they don't need to be taught. I take Oliver outside daily to play in the yard, and he knows what weeds, flower stems or branches to chew on. He just knows. Below are a list of things of particulars that I keep on hand for Oliver.

~Timothy Hay {You can get large bags at Walmart for $6.97}

~Purified Water {You don't need all of those fancy drinking drip bottles, just a little ceramic bowl will do perfectly. Again, my philosophy is that rabbits don't have fancy bottles in the wild, they drink from the brooks}. I do suggest purified water though because goodness knows what can cause harm over a time span if we give them water that's not purified.

~Some pieces of wood, driftwood, old branches, etc. {I watched Olivers patterns to see what he liked to chew on and then found that he likes his soft wooded box with his hay in it. So I let him chew that to bits. That way I don't have to have his teeth filed.
I made him some little steps from foraged wood in the garden so he can climb about his bunny hutch.

~Rabbits are like many animals, which means they pee and poop in the same areas from where they have left their scents. But the other wonderful thing about a rabbit is that they are super clean. They can be box trained like a kitty cat.

~Oliver and most rabbits poop where they eat their hay. So I change Olivers bed almost every day, sometimes every other day. Many of the sites recommend getting paper cat litter for the rabbits but I found a few paper towels inside a plastic pan with some hay on top of the paper towels is a much easier cleanup for me and for Oliver. I attempted the cat litter one time and it was a total disaster.

~We grow a garden of herbs and vegetables so I keep Olivers diet fresh from the garden. He has his favorites and you'll have to just give your rabbit samples of things and see what they like and dislike. Olivers diet is mostly Organic Italian parsley, carrots, dried mangos, cilantro, romaine lettuce, black oil sunflower seeds and some dried food that i homemade from an assortment of nuts, oats and seeds.

~I keep on hand Melaleuca, Frankincense, lavender and a few other oils for some blends if I need to make something special for an ailment. Fingers crossed, I haven't had to do that yet.
~If Oliver ends up making a number 2 other than his bed box, I will promptly pick up the poop and take it to his bed box. I also recommend getting some Capture and using that to remove any scents, so that he won't keep returning to go to the bathroom in that same spot.

I keep Oliver in his bunny hutch nightly. In the morning after I awake and meditate I barricade the kitchen and parlor and take Oliver out to roam around. Most rabbits sleep during the day so they are pretty calm and lethargic during the day. I do take him out in the mornings after the dew has dried and let him bounce around and play. He's used to the air conditioner so he can get especially hot really quickly. And then I bring him back in to hang out some more. He mostly sleeps beneath my feet in his basket under the dining table or my art desk. I treat him as a child, so if I'm busy painting I bring him in next to me. He's quite comfortable and will sprawl out and sleep.

Oliver has brought a great sense of joy to my life and I feel as though a home isn't a home without a bunny.

Yours Til My Next Swim, Raquel

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