How To Overcome Fear

Saturday, April 14, 2018

My dear friends,

I hope you are doing well. Can we be honest with each other right now?

I wanted to talk about FEAR, BUSINESS STRUGGLES, AND EMPATHY. This post was supposed to get posted and out into the universe yesterday, but I didn't do it. I have to be truthful here and say I almost wasn't going to even post it at all.

This isn't a bashing Raquel's head against the rocks post, but I have a few things that I thought I'd talk with you about that I think are super prominent in the world of blogging and being a woman entrepreneur.

Fear of not adding up, people. I will even go so far as to say that last night I was getting super overwhelmed about all the things I have to do for the launching of Mermaid Junkie Academy this summer that I took two shots of vodka, yeah... I know, yall! Right straight from the bottle. That's how overwhelmed I got. My little mermaid body was not thanking me for that stunt this morning either. But, I persist.

So here I am sitting at the computer writing about my journey/voyage of starting a brand, blog, non-profit organization and share with you the beginning, behind the scene stages. This I am hoping will one day be a documented voyage that's out in the universe people can read and not feel so alone on their own journey of starting, entrepreneurialism, and building a brand/empire.
I believe FEAR is the emotion that seeps up through the waters of insecurity, lacking self-worth, and judgment.

I am in the blogging world. I have been from my inception in 2006. Here's the discouraging thing for me. It's the year 2018 and I am starting all over. I suppose literally from the perspective of the outside world I am starting over.

I've been blogging for almost 11 years now, but I feel like there's so much to do, to still learn and knowing the business side of blogging is a whole new venture for me. The kind where it's not just for fun. You know what I mean, I love love to write/blog, but now I want to make an actual living doing it. So I feel the pressure. No one's coming to rescue me, twirl me around and give me all that I've ever wanted in life. And to be quite honest, I wouldn't ever want that anyway. So what I am saying really, is to be patient with me. I'm ever falling short. Sometimes I won't get a blog post out in time, I'll hold myself to all of it, but just know I'm fallible. I mess up. I don't do some things at the exact time I say I'm going to do them. This whole life thing is a process and I must be empathetic with myself. I also want this to be a reminder for you too. That you too should be empathetic with yourself. So freaking what, we fall short. It's a-okay. You're okay. I'm okay. We're all okay. Just keep loving yourself, and I'll keep loving myself.

But also, keep swimming. We can be fallible, but that doesn't mean we stop swimming. We still must be accountable, consistent, and most of all... do the job anyway! That doesn't mean, oh let's give ourselves excuses. I think that's what we do to ourselves. We fall, and instead of getting our asses back up, we stop. We just stop and make up in our minds at that moment by saying or thinking, "I'm not gonna do this, I'm not gonna do that. What's the use anyway?" I'll tell ya what the use is. That determination and not quitting needs to become your MO. It must become your default. That's the difference between a successful and non-successful person. You DON'T stop. Take a nap if you're tired, but do not stop. We talk ourselves right out of it because shit is hard. It's not really as hard as we make it though. We've been conditioned to believe life is hard. Quite frankly, It doesn't have to be.

This whole business side world is different when it comes time to create an income. My husband and

I (well mostly me putting the pressure on myself) and giving myself a year and a half to 2 years to get
 this show on the road, and actually making a profit. Isn't that the truth though. It takes a strong person to start something knowing there's no money for the first couple of years. Or here's another thought I've had. Does it really have to be like that? Or is it the mind game we play with ourselves. Either way, I am living the law of attraction and I think the rules become more clear at that point. What gives me the right to start a blog and not wait but six months into monetizing or starting a podcast right away too. Notta, nothing. Because what I learned on that day I dm'd that blogger was to stay in my own lane, and not reach out to ask those self-doubting questions anymore. I am me. I am doing this the way Raquel does this. I am not going to continually catch my self-worth in the netted snares of other women, and neither should you.

You don't need permission. I don't need permission. Call me crazy. But here's my viewpoint on it. I believe the main reason people wait to start anything, is because of FEAR. I really really think this. I'll tell ya why. If I were to ask you this question. If you had no fear whatsoever, what would you do with your life? What would you say, where would you go, what would you begin or start? I guarantee you, with the absence of fear, you would do a whole hell of a lot more than you are doing right now. I say this to you, because I love you, and along with myself, I want to inspire you to live your best life now. To truly begin creating a life that you LOVE.

So let me talk about the fears that crept up on me last night. The biggest one was, "What in the hell are you thinking Raquel!" To begin a non-profit organization is all well and good, but to actually work your ass off to make it successful is hard work. Do you know what the success rate of a non-profit is? Well, let's just say it's pretty damn low. Once again, I should not read up on statistics. That's another little lesson I learned this week.

But then, I collect myself and say, "Anything that has ever been done was created and evolved. They didn't just land where they are. They were on a voyage too." I then start thinking of successful people that have non-profits like Adam Braun from Pencils of Promise. He started at $25.00. He had a few parties and asked his friends and family if they'd come and basically give a cover charge and he
would then use that towards his foundation. Have you ever read his book? It's a great book. I think I read it about 4 years ago. It was paramount in my thinking and strategy for MJA.

If there's anything I know from living the Law of Attraction, it's that my higher self-has an incredible and aww encompassing ability to do, be or have anything that I desire.

If we or I can look at things in life with joy and fine-tuning along the way as a lovely voyage, we will be super happy and know that if we can believe it, we can achieve it.

I know we all have fears. I know that for the most part, the feelings of fear feel so incredibly unsettling internally. This is because we are not in the same vibrational frequency as Source/God/Universe when these feelings creep in and are present.

What that feeling is telling us is that the way we are thinking and the way God thinks are not the same. So perhaps that's a great little narrative to remember when fear arrives at your shoreline. Evaluate and say to yourself, "This feeling I am feeling and the way God feels about this same topic is not the same." It's amazing how when our true inner knowing is at the forefront that we can achieve anything and believe we can achieve anything our heart desires. We are in an essence God-like ourselves, for we are apart of that higher consciousness. So yes, we can. I can. I can have a super successful non-profit, a super successful business, a great marriage, great friendships, etc. etc. and it all can be done simultaneously. I need to continue recreating new beliefs and perhaps you do too. Anything can be done if we'll follow the flow of the path of least resistance.

But how often you girls, do we think or have the belief that we can't have it all. Or we try to make ourselves relatable to others by dismissing our personal successes to try and make others around us feel better about themselves? Oh, wait. That's only me over here... {heheee}

If there's anything I want you to swim away from this blog post today, it's that you are perfect right where you are today. You are supposed to be experiencing everything that you're experiencing. It's building a beautiful, strong resilient foundation. I look at it like building a home. In order to have all the pretty stuff, like curtains a claw-foot tub and crystal chandeliers, you have to have a strong foundation first. A home built upon the sand will wash away at the first high~tide. We are being built to be strong and immovable. This thing called life is character building. In order for us to teach our young girls, we must first, be that way ourselves.
 This is so true. We have to, we must experience each little incremental adverse effect in our lives, in order to expand and become that person that is ultimately the person in our Vortex.

/vôr teks/ -noun

VORTEX: A vibrational holding place of all the desires that you've ever launched.

I'm an ever learner, so I'm also going to start recommending books, tv shows, and podcasts that I am currently consuming. That'll be in the next blog post because let's all agree here... this is a long ass post already. Heehee... I love you so so much and I'll see you tomorrow.

So before I swim along I wanted to ask you something.

If we can get the narrative out and start dispersing those false beliefs, and creating new ones we'll be back on our voyage and able to swerve in time before we hit the iceberg called FEAR.

Do you have any fears? If so, What are they?

Yours' til my next swim, Raquel

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