Grasping The Nettle & Taking The Bull By The Horns

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

"If you don't believe in writer's block, you'll never have it." Raquel M. Carter
My apologies, darlings; you should have had this yesterday; however, the dog ate my homework.

I am wildly reckless when it pertains to mindset work. My deep inner trust and self-confidence have grown exponentially through the years. I have extrapolated how much self-beliefs matter, and in every single action we take based on our inner thoughts, we are constantly manifesting our lives on the external. Would you like to know where your thoughts navigate? Have a looksie at your life and see what your experiences reveal to you. We have always manifested; however, with the way the universe is now waking up to the matrix, we are becoming rightfully conscious creators. It is the absolute what makes a person tick, the cause for everything an individual does. The state of affairs creates individuals driving force in making their decisions, and the most precise nature of every human being is ultimate selfishness. Let alone after we've squared that away, having a glimpse of our lives in knowing we are ready and willing to accept responsibility for every experience which flows our way, it is time to recognise what we would endeavour to change and then take on the direction of creating new beliefs for those said desires. The reimprinting of the subconscious mind is vital in sustaining a fresh way of life as a new being. As I began my spiritual voyage, I knew I was no longer satisfied with accepting scenarios or generational upbringing at face value, as with every human, we all desire to learn and be about schooling and education. The only reason one wouldn't be an advocate for seeking change is if they are a diabolical Narcissus. Look, my darlings; we're all leaving this world. No one gets out of it alive. We come into it alone, and we go out alone. What we do in between will always dictate our decisions based on mutual benefit.

As the title of this post reads, a lynch mob has occurred online, mainly on Instagram, ye olde YouTube and TikTok. I have stated; however, I am not one to hot-foot it on my social media outlets, with the exception of Instagram. Each morning after I've accomplished my farming pursuits and spiritual and quotidian practices, I will send out a morning-orated love letter of encouragement to my friends on Instagram. I am mermaid enough to temper the shore winds of carrying forth details of manifestation by way of profundity for the commoner yet also brilliant for the wise. I have put off this post for quite some time as I have grappled with where to start, and it is different from where I thought the spirit would initially follow suit.

In the past if I have ever attempted to plot things down to the minute detail using crippling perfectionism, that mindset has not served me well. It never serves people well in the extended scheme of things. I have found my inner truth through a course of experimentation was comprehensive fear and profound controlling matters. I no longer attach myself to that notion, and I've since developed new beliefs, and thankfully so I am by far the least controlling person I know. An intense desire to control is fear and inner mistrust. If one can get those beliefs on track the scepticism will dissipate. Oh, to know thyself. (Smile.)

Of course, this information will be in my book; nevertheless, I wanted to give you a speck, so you're not waiting to begin changing your life. (I know. What a heavy-handed statement, Lady R. Ay; I think highly of myself, do I not?) I am laying mockery on thick today, my fruits.

(Side note, if you'd like to hear daily moments, I would love it if you swam over to Instagram and followed along. It's quite lovely a community we are creating. I plan on making this a series.)

I have spent years on YouTube; however, the videos were old and severely outdated. I have archived them, and at some future juncture, they will suit me or someone else well in putting together a documentary of sorts. However, I'm interested in the now and nothing more. In addition, I lost a bit of the zest for being a consistent content creator. It wasn't for lack of loss later; I know now it was because when Sawyer passed, I reevaluated every decision and placed all of my choices to the test to see if that was where my heart lay. I concluded many of the tools I attempted in the last several years; I invariably was led back to my painting, writing and crafting cottage industry of making unique specialities. (Having manifested being on a nationally syndicated reality show about the cottage core phenomenon, I am getting my just desserts.) One can always trace our most profound desires without fail back to our first loves as children between the ages of 7-12. I have better and more informed knowledge as I intentionally create evergreen material, especially on my blog and books. In my book The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale (which is very long), it is taking me a bit longer since landing the reality show, amidst me also really having the now feverish notion of finishing up and sending out Sawyers book, packing up and preparing a move, etc.

Additionally, on that, later. I've been formatting the manuscript and have commenced with painting the illustrations and the front matter, which includes (the dedication, the epigraph, table of contents, acknowledgements, foreword, preface, introduction, and prologue.), all of which are new to me because I employed a company to format my first book, which I now want to do myself to get it exactly how I like it. I am also handwriting the entirety of the book in my cursive. It will lend its hand to the feel of Beatrix Potters's first bunny book. Remember when she handwrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit? She is my hero, you know. (There will also be a cottage at The Carter Settlement themed with Beatrix Potter and bunnies aesthetics. We both wrote bunny books, so I found it quite perfectly fitting.)

Where'd I leave off? 
Oh yes, my book publication. 

And yet again, in order to have something done precisely as I like, it's all the more critical of a choice to manoeuvre things the way I see fit. I can't remember a time I hired someone to perform a commodious measure for me that I didn't want to redip my nib in and make corrections. So, there are many moving facets occurring at the cottage. Also, if you're an artist, you know that a creative process is not good if one feels rushed. Oh, and such happy news Zoë Kennedy and Ethan (her fiance) are coming for a visit in less than two weeks. I am manifesting that I will see my boys as well. They are coming to Florida to attend a wedding.

I've been tidying my spaces, organising, and I have begun packing up several things and placing them in our little storage shed so that when Jeffrey and I move to our forever home, it will be an easy transition. I am brilliant regarding moving; I've done it enough, as you long-time blog readers know. 

Oh, before I skedaddle, I wanted to show you the chenille tablecloths that will dress the tables in my tea room. (The photo below is what it looked like on the internet.) I'll take a photo for myself and post it once I receive it. I wanted to purchase one to see if I like the texture of it, and then I will make a much larger order of about eight more. The tea room is very quaint, and there's only enough room for approximately eight tables. However, I will toss a few round tables as they make for exceptionally intimate cosiness.
Thank you for swimming by and reading my words, and most assuredly, we shall have a go with manifesting 101 and mindset work at the start of tomorrow. Hold me to my word, will you? I will go into depth on each post with an attached video from my YouTube channel, as I must clarify my position with profundity. Furthermore, I am painting several charming diagrams and charts, which will be a most pleasurable delight.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady raquelxxx 

Suspend Your Presumptuous Disbeliefs And Listen

Monday, January 30, 2023
Those who remain languishing in the dungeons of Instagram are getting a repeat portion of a post I conveyed from my perspective on a make-do mindset. You shall have a mammoth feast of my mystical philosophy. Put the kettle on my fruits.

You can be assured of my continued attention as I will call out miscarriages and shed light on the dysfunction and low self-worth that plagues Instagram in the cottage core community. It is of vast importance that I speak of my forthright truth so as to assist in inspiring women to begin pulling back the veil by not placing celebrities or any other person, onto a pedestal. Stars, icons or even ordinary homemakers on Instagram with a large following, are no better than anyone else. I want you, my dear reader, to never doubt your individual worth. There is no one above or below you. You are a Mermaid Goddess/ God. If I must beat on about a subject for decades until I've gotten my point across I will. I wish to see women rising to the notions of changing their mindsets, and I shall hold fast such as a rabid dog. I mean to change the way women are constantly posturing, and usually, the ones that seem to have their p's and q's in order are the precise ones who are quite fraudulent. I could name a few, but my mama taught me manners. I feel certain those individuals of ghastly ill-bred behaviour and every bit unpleasant know who they are. I will remain proper with grace and dignity. I am here to write for those lovely folks who enjoy my chronicles and pay no attention to those who do not wish to change. I have not the time nor the gallant desire to place my pearls before swine. ( I am not peevish or angry; I am merely passionate about changing lives.)

The mindset of 'making do' is like having a counterfeit Louis Vuitton. If one boasts of purchasing this item or that handbag or bigging themselves up, I find is an excellent indicator that the one doing so believes an item makes them significant. These individuals have deep seeded worth and value insecurities. "Money screams, wealth whispers." I also would like to fling gas upon the fire again (thanks to my Sagittarius in rising) and touch on Instagram posturing. I came across a relatively medium-sized celebrity account from a suggested reel a few months back on Instagram. The lass began declaring she was unnerved that one of her recent well-known guests refused to post a picture of the two of them on his Instagram account (of which he had a wee bit over 2 million followers), and the host (the lass speaking) was upset and said she would never invite the guest back onto her show. Basically, he brushed her off and refused to advertise on his account that he had been on her broadcast. 

The host, having felt slighted (having 180,000 followers) on Instagram, was engulfed in agitation that he wouldn't promote her Instagram page. 

Darling, the constant need for validation is so middle class. The guest felt the host's superficiality and meagre vibrational energy. I know I am beating a dead horse, mind you; however, this example perfectly demonstrates a person (celebrity) with huge self-worth issues. She appears externally to have all of her ducks in a row, yet, when pressed, it became quite apparent she looks at others (as many celebrities do) that if you have a big following on social media, you are somehow a more significant individual. She was absolutely scratching at her conscious, and it was apparent and tat. These types of personalities think they are cloaking themselves with exterior appearances, and it's clearly undeniable to the person with great confidence of spotting the insecurity from a country mile. I have taken up the charge to burn down these buildings of insecurities and shallowness with terrifying regularity. Someone must take up the lead, so I volunteer myself. (Smile.)  

I feel confident you would never see the Your Majesty (The Queen) flashing her Launer (handbag) or sauntering around announcing, "look at my enormous, costly 450 million pound crown!" I ask you. 

Where was I? Oh yes, I was blithering about "making do." 

In the recent past, I would have been the first to bolster the rule of making do. However, whereas the mindset of making do has served me throughout my history, that mindset must be a shelved notion.

Allow me to explain. I'm speaking of personal experience; please do not pluck me as a hen set for Sunday supper. When the money belief is severely limited, "making do" sounds clever. This belief was a common thread in our home. It reminded me of always relying on that in my life. I would say, "Oh well, I don't have this or that, so I'll make do." We tell ourselves this because we do not want to admit the truth. We do not believe we are deeply worthy of such things as a grandiose home, living in a country we adore, a castle, expensive handbags, expensive cars etc. (The pretending to have loads of quid, I'll get to that in another post). We calm ourselves by internally affirming it's all well and fine, yet it is not. It is not the same. The self-soothing comment is why women go about and begin judging others on what they have that's of great significance and then turn round about their carriage wagon and say they are this or that. One will name what they are when it is the human heart specifying their deep desires and then blaming it on another for their low self-worth. This scarcity belief, and one, if perpetuated long term, creates a person never rising from their burdensome scenarios.

This sentiment is also a low self-worth belief. However, when a person becomes confident in themselves and confidence is their constant companion, this notion no longer holds water. This is another reason I advocate for listening and imprinting new beliefs at night to build the self-concept. I am also a great proponent of daily affirming. One's confidence will significantly increase, I assure you. If one persists in affirming, one will manifest everything one desires. There is no difference in manifesting a castle from a button. Now that I have been swift in throwing off individuals with low self-worth, I will explain how to become the confident mermaid that has yet to surface. You must begin changing your thoughts to be the woman you desire. The only action required is to change one's thoughts. I often experiment as I wish to be everyone's master, manifesting mermaid and mystic. However, simple thoughts of what one desires by constant thinking of those wanted desires are all it takes. This forest of fools (world) has entirely complicated matters to this degree and the tenth, yet I will teach simplification. I do enjoy personally listening to beliefs at night of affirmations of who I want to be, as it is quite fun. During the daylight hours, you must find wee bits of snipped moments and affirm, affirm, affirm. I sleep at night with beliefs (and my next post will be a descriptive version in written form of how to create your own beliefs on a voice recorder. In addition, I have a video on my Patreon for patrons.) The information will also be in my book, The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale, forthcoming this year.  
It provoked me to ponder my little window in Scarlette Rose cottage. I created it to look old, yes; however, it remains a modern window that looks like a victorian window. It is not the same. Tethering to the belief of making do, as my self-concept has escalated, I no longer accept in the same manner these days. 

I would also caveat that this isolated incident is a cherry-picked scenario.

How do you feel about making do?

Mostaffably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx

Let Me Take You Out Of Your Misery (A Sunday Special)

Sunday, January 22, 2023


My dear mermaid hearts, 

I've become quite the wee little mouse. Ever so quiet as if I am burrowing deep within my chipmunk's nest. Not for nothing, I have taken this respite from being an enigma to gather up discernings about myself, take inventory of my environment, close out chapters and cycles that no longer serve me and position my objectives for my vocation. To be a mother and housewife is the most valuable and extraordinary job of all. It can be a turnabout once leaving part of those employments behind and becoming an empty nester. In the last five years, I've been genuinely focused on my career bidding and manifesting my life's purpose with enormous discipline and vigour. It's now an engrained detail within me that if we as women are to accomplish anything significant
for ourselves, we must be the maker of execution. 

My dear mama and I can not or choose not to hold the notion of conversation about a man's money, a woman's money and when and if it's both. We do not acquiesce one wit. But, a fortnight ago, I heard something quite comical, which holds some truth. Women believe her money is hers solely; his money is hers, and their money is hers too. It's witty because it's true.

I am so appreciative that my husband is masculine. From research and talking to thousands of women over the years (when I had a significant YouTube audience), I know that most women adore having a masculine man by their side. One of the commonalities that nearly all of the women agreed on was that if a man was highly emotional, soft, and a bit feminine, he became incredibly unappealing, and her respect for him went out with the baby's bath water. Whereas if the man is held in high esteem, takes extra care of her safety and protection, and keeps her guessing, this is what women love. I must agree. If I do not respect a man, you can forget it, my dear. I believe if men were asked this question, they would also agree. I am highly passionate about teaching women to become very strong in their self-belief. When a woman becomes deeply secure within (and I do not mean having money and a career, for many women can possess quid and still be deeply insecure), she can remain firm in her expectations. This confidence will draw in the same energetic man and find a harmonious balance. The equal facility of a man and woman acquiescing in their roles together is quite beautiful. 

I raised all my children with proper skills, healthy minds, and the ability to be self-sufficient as able body adults. After bringing them up, my attention turned to my pining for my unfulfilled childhood dream of being an author, artist and farmer living an old-fashioned life. I placed my passions on the back burner to be a stay-at-home mother and support my then-husband.

Yet, after I became an empty nester, my then-mate was unwilling to compromise for me to pursue my dream. I am internally at peace as I have done the interior work on myself. My ex-mate bestowed me a great gift to reignite my long-laid-dormant inner strength to decide for myself, and I served him with a bill of divorce. (Mind you, my fruits, be not blinkered in concluding my career dreams was the straw that broke the camel's back.) I had dealt with such long past nonsense on stilts, and it took me years to love myself more than another. I ultimately arose to the acceptance; there was never a truth of which he spoke to me that didn't hurt. I have long categorised him as an encounter that was a proficient learning experience that will assist in my enabling to teach women and children to never falter on themselves for another. There is no peace to be found if one does so. These days I am quite indifferent. I do not hate, love, nor have any accounts that ignite emotion within me except to teach self-love and the importance of leaning upon self.

I ignored my true inner being repeatedly from day one, deeply knowing our union was an experience that should never have transpired. Yet, I will not carry on in sharing my circumstances, for it is of no benefit of which to derive the telling. Do you know when you no longer hold anger or feelings towards someone? When you can not conjure up a memory where there's no emotion, as if the whole experience never even took place, that is when a person has definitively healed. (You'll want to read my autobiography this year for the details if you please). No, seriously, though, the only reason to share my story is to show women that although offences get laid against an individual, there is always a positive and incredible way to come through the other side without leaving manners, grace and dignity at the back gate. It is not so effortless at times, yet the emotional and universal reward is entirely worth it. (To be frank, I think this was the greatest offender in the Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen marriage fallout. I read her book years ago and picked up on several of her self-concept insecurities, which is why I have gained that conclusion.) That is my subjective contextual opinion, albeit we as women (or men) should never put off our desires for the outset because what happens; is a breeding ground of deep resentment. We all should remain selfish because we will ultimately arrive there at the end of play anyhow. We will always make decisions for our personal happiness; make no mistake about it. May we make haste in not wasting time and simply manage to get on with it.

All is lost when a man feels disrespected. He will stick around because men are entirely more committed than women in that way, yet they will detach emotionally from the wife/woman. If a man feels disrespected, all is lost. I am quite old-fashioned in my clothing and have considerable notions about motherhood, being a housewife and the like. I am also very antiquated in that I respect the man for being masculine, the provider, keeping me safe and all things that make for being a man. I am not a woman of feminism; however, I do not judge anyone for their beliefs. If anyone knows me, I fully believe everyone has the right to believe anything they so choose. I attempt to seek out the best in everyone, and at times, that has stretched me, but as time prevails, it has become second nature. What comes with accepting folks is not that we like what they represent; or even like the person. It is the mere truth that we usually find so unbearable in another person because we possess that same imperfection, and looking at that other person has unearthed our unresolved pain. For example, when we become unhinged in anger, that person is touching on our hidden wound. This flare-up can be instrumental as an anecdotal tonic if we can rise above the town square and view it retrospectively. Remember, my dear heart; optimism is my one weakness. (wink wink)

May one not inquire what this post is meant to obtain, for I know not, and might we leave it at that. Some blog posts do not have to be erudite. Did you lose the plot, my basketeers? Speculation is the enemy of calm, now carry on. (You know I'm having a go with you. Smile.) Have a happy day, my darlings. Cheers! 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx