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Little Women & Mermaidlings Bespoke Original Paintings

On a brisk September day in 2014, I had the beautiful idea to begin painting again after meditation. To be an artist and author has long been my dream since childhood. However, as you understand, my time occupancy had to be diverted to other critical responsibilities, such as raising my dear little children. I now know that all those small crafts and artistic endeavours in designs I would perform were the artist in me attempting to demonstrate my heart's desire. I am happy and most appreciative of those experiences. As a stay-at-home mother who lived as close to a life of little house on the prairie days as possible, I was kept quite busy with tending and mending to little hearts. As many of you know, on the other side of that life, my family and I had moved briefly to California, and the trajectory of my life as I knew it would escalate to newer and greater heights, along with many viscitudes. I was also becoming a new person, profoundly desiring to begin creating a life of "

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