Rachel Hollis- Girl, You Should Apologize

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
[The day this news broke, I shared my heated feelings about it on my podcast. If you'd like to listen to that instead, here's the link. It's full of profanity, so If you have a visceral reaction to cursing, consider yourself warned. Writing is more suited for me; so I wanted to share my thoughts about this in written form, and now that I've cooled down a bit I was able to piece my words together like a normal human being. Hahaha.]

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." 

I knew it! I saw this divorce coming several years ago. Everyone's New York Times best-selling author and Disney dad that everyone thought had the best marriage {except for me, apparently,} are yep, you guessed it, DIVORCING. All one would have to do is pay close attention to the added and amped up hugging, kissing photos, sweet talk, curated marital banter and fake pictures for social media to see this trainwreck coming head-on. Why do I know this so well, you ask? Because I also lived this type of marriage with my ex-husband. He was notorious for this type of behaviour. The caring about what the world thinks and sees. It's All Fake. And whereas, at this point in my life I don't have anger towards my ex-husband {well, maybe a smidge... smile...wink, wink} I feel it's necessary to be blatantly open and transparent with my readers. It's also a way of being truthful with myself, which is essential to my well being and expansion. Because, unlike Rachel Hollis, and my ex-husband, you aren't going to get the truth from them. They are going to give you what they want you to see. I'm honest with my readers, and even if that makes someone uncomfortable, I'm still going, to be honest. I'm not going to sugar coat a narrative for anyone. The emotional cost is too high, and I am damn sure not in the business of allowing myself to be silenced all for the sake of "thinking about others feelings." I have learned early on that mentality unequivocally does not work for me at all. Have you forgotten? I'm a redhead and a Pisces. Errr...

We can always look back and reflect on why some things trigger us, and others do not. Fakery has been in my craw for some time, and I'm sure it's still the residuals of my previous marriage. I'm moving past it, but I wanted to point out some variables in order to grow from this experience. Because you know me all too well and one thing I'm always doing is leaning in on what everything in life is here to do; which is to teach us and help us to grow; even when It's me becoming pissed off about some random lady in Texas that I don't know from Adam. 

I know some folks love and live for Rachel Hollis; however, I do not. Many of the women that follow Rachel noticeably have severe low self-worth issues, which is fine and dandy; I did in the past, but that's not where my agitation stems from with her. What's in my craw, is Rachel preys on the weak-minded women that have come from backgrounds where It's not socially moral to be a confident woman. Rachel's demographic is similar to her fathers' Pentecostal congregation, which is fueled by feelings of superiority and that notion of " lean on me, as I'm a much better and smarter person than you. And you need me to get to where it is that you're going" mentality. Here's what happens internally to these so-called fans. Women put too much importance on folks like Rachel by placing them on a pedestal which is detrimental to their self-worth. Women do not need a woman like Rachel Hollis to achieve what they desire. They need to turn that love onto themselves and believe that they also have the same level of importance. We ALL are a product of higher consciousness {God/Source} just like every human being in the world. No one stands superior to us. Noone does but guaranteed a lot of religious people believe they, in fact, do reign supreme over others. The reason for this is that most folks that act like they have all the self-worth and confidence in the world literally do not. People with the lowest self-esteem have this pretend confidence and amplify it by trying to appear 'better than' others. Where most folks "get off" by thinking or acting as If they are better and have all of life figured out are actually the ones that have the least figured out. You know the old adage, " Those who scream the loudest have the most to hide." If there are two things that I can't stand, It's hypocrisy and being inauthentic. I'm purely allergic! 

When we do get it all figured out, we'll be dead and gone from this earth life I guarantee you that. We are never getting it all done. Never. If we can see life like that, as never-ending and it's all a process that continually unfolds we will be much happier people. We don't have to have everything figured out, and that's the sheer beauty of it all. We didn't come to get it done, but the world would have us think otherwise.  

Whereas Rachel is liked and admired by many, she is like everyone else; and no better than anyone. It's about high time women start believing in their OWN power and abilities and stop thinking other women like Rachel Hollis are better and more knowledgeable than them. This world is full of powerful women.

I've got to be honest here. As I write this, and edit, I've lost nearly all of my steam for this post. So I'll end it here with the most significant takeaway that I learned from this news. Which is that I now know I am going to write much better and more prolific books than Rachel Hollis. My books are authentic and transparent. I'm not going to placate to an audience for the sheer desire of selling books. My books are honest and most importantly, laced with self-confidence and empowerment. My books are joyful and optimistic, not downtrodden, off-putting nor sewn with self-importance and inferiority. If that's what the world teaches us, It's to remember our very own power. To lean on ourselves and our own inner being and leave the rest. It also showed me where I stand vibrationally with my "so-called report card." I have grown massively from where I stood emotionally just a short time ago. Comparatively, I am growing by leaps and bounds, and truthfully that's what this whole earth life experience is for me, and that is to expand. And if I'm doling out advice, which you can take or leave should be your main life objective too. Trust yourself and make being happy your only intention. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Rachel is redundant in telling girls they have what it takes to reach their dreams. They need to put in the hard work and never try to be anyone other than themselves. How does this sentence “Which is that I now know I am going to write much better and more prolific books than Rachel Hollis” different than your accusation that Rachel asserts herself as the leader who is better than others? Sorry hun, but you don’t have to be jealous of her fame. I’m sure you too can write a good book. But rubbing salt in someone else’s wound does not exalt you, it exposes you. She’s learning throughout her journey, just like you learned from your previous marriage that you married the wrong person.

    1. Renee,
      Hit a nerve, did I?
      Since you so significantly attempted to write a prolific comment on MY blog {might I add}, but fail to register your name with any email, I find your comment a bit naff, pure cowpat and cowardly. You made quite sure to imply my jealousy of Rachel, and you are incredibly far from the truth. I won't insult your intelligence by calling me a "hon" as I know what you were attempting to do to jolt my ego, which didn't work. Don't you think that's a bit immature Renee, honestly? A second failed attempt, go back and try again. Renee, (that is your real name isn't it?)The difference between Rachel and myself is this since you haven't done your research, I'll explain it to you. I do not ask or harass women that are struggling with confidence to buy outrageous price jabbing tickets to a seminar and get on stage and give lectures of how all of the women in the audience should do what she's doing. Nor would I flaunt a perfect marriage and again ask for outlandish prices to a "marriage boot camp", if my marriage were in the shitter. So that Renee, is how we are completely different women. I am writing books, and I attract those that are vibing high with what I'm putting out, and apparently, that's not where you're at quite yet. Period!

  2. Wow, salty much? I thought that sentence was a little arrogant, too, and this angry reply to someone calling you out turns me off more. If you can write books that are half as good as Rachel's you'll be doing great. Good luck with that!

    1. Falk, Thank you, For that dear. I do appreciate all of your support in my writing books. I'm glad I'm Not the only one that noticed that saltiness. Shell come back and understand my truthfulness, I'm sure of it. Muawhhh