About Raquel

 Dear friends welcome to Raquel's landlocked world!

It took decades for Raquel to come again to her latent beginning as a writer and artist.

As a young girl, Raquel would escape from an unpleasant childhood through art, writing, and swimming.

"My mother took me to the beach, the way most mothers take their children to the park." ~ Raquel M. Carter

At the age of seventeen, Raquel landed the job as a professional Mermaid, at the world-renowned park, Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida, and has continued to entertain thousands of people in the last 35 years as a mermaid. Raquel has an underwater performance record of over 16,000 hours.
Raquel was previously married for 25 years. She was a stay-at-home mother, raising four children. With a steadfast adoration for homemaking, homesteading, and the love of the Victorian era most ardently, she continues to resonate with all things, old-fashioned in nature.

In an attempt to 'swim back home' to the most authentic parts of herself, she has begun the process of slowly incorporating numberless details of the Victorian period into her present daily life. 

Her love for writing inspired this blogs conception in the year of 2006. However, due to various unfortunate events, in 2017, she lost eleven years of her blog. Quite devastated but unwavering, she began anew. This blog is the manifested outcome of that tenacity.

As a child, Raquel became enamoured with Beatrix Potter, author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." She read Beatrix's stories to her children, and presently, her grown children have a great affection for Beatrix's tales, too. Beatrix's books are the inspiration behind Raquel's very own children's book series. Beatrix's messages were charming and splashed with nonsense rhymes and limericks. Such as the writer, Edward Lears, which was also Beatrix's hero as a young girl. 

Another of Raquel's heroes is Tasha Tudor and Laura Ingall's Wilder. Raquel has spent the last two decades emulating Tasha Tudor and Laura Ingall's Wilder, by living an old-fashioned lifestyle, as well. 

Raquel's storybooks are reminiscent of her dear hero and spiritual guide, Beatrix Potter. Raquel states, "If you like Beatrix's stories about rabbits, you're sure to adore my books about MerryMaid's and little animals also! I added little personal life experiences to each story, in hopes of inspiring young readers to look at life through a new looking glass."

In 2015, lacking financial security, employment and no prospects, Raquel packed two suitcases and moved across the country, shortly after that filing for divorce from her then-husband of 25 years. She also transitioned out of her religious faiths {Penetecostal & Mormonism}. She felt she had lost herself and her passion for life, so she went in search of her dreams and self-discovery. A voyage of self-love and independence began, and, through the process, a spiritual awakening. 

In June of 2019, Raquel had a devasting blow, when she was notified that her darling son, Andrew Sawyer English was brutally murdered. In hopes of leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world, Raquel now hopes to build a future exhibition space and buildings with her registered 501 c3 non-profit organisation.

Raquel has studied Psychology, Personal Growth and Development; read thousands of personal growth/self-help books and has studied the Law of Attraction {Teachings of Abraham}, well over, 30,000 hours. She has practised and applied the four quadrants of a balanced life based off of, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, for over three decades. Her life began to change substantially as she applied the Principles and the Teachings of Abraham/ Law of Attraction.

Within, one year of practising the Law of Attraction: she rediscovered herself as an artist and authoress, moved back near the ocean, and manifested her soul mate/twin flame within two months. After 36 years, she picked up her paintbrush again, wrote, illustrated and self~published her very first children's storybook, "The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose," in October of 2018. Her next childrens book to be released in 2020, which was inspired by her dear son, Sawyer is entitled: "The Tale Of Sawyer Lamb." She also has three other books in the works: The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale, The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two-Shoes, and Deceit and Dissension. 

Raquel now understands that her dreams of being an Artist and Authoress were there all along; however, they needed to be unearthed. Her greatest desire is to empower, inspire and share tools to initiate self-love. A feat her son would encourage.

Raquel's life relates to her blog, as it is her transparent reflection of all she represents, encompasses and authentically lives.

She provides valuable content through sharing her life experiences, personal growth, the law of attraction {Abraham Hicks Teachings} philosophy, Interior Design/DIY, the arts and true evergreen curations on this blog as a way to encourage and inspire self-empowerment.
Raquel's first book, "The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose™" which is the first in a spiritual children's series, was published in October of 2018. You can order it here: "The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose."
More books to bubble up from Raquel are:

~The Tale of Sawyer Lamby {2020}
{ A story about her dear son and leaving his legacy for all youth around the world.}

~The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two-Shoes {2020}

~The Little Mermaids Transformational Tale, A Voyage Back to Self Love { An all-encompassing book about her voyage back to self-love. A rediscovery of empathy and healing through her son's murder and how she plans to leave a legacy.}2020

~The Tale of Oliver Rabbit
~The Tale of Patsy Violet
~The Tale of Diggity-Diggity Dave
~The Tale of Sybrena Ewe
~The Tale of Mrs Nevermore Raven
~The Tale of Melinda Little Mouse
~The Tale of Captain Jack
~The Tale of Squirrel Sadie
~The Tale of Hoppity-Hoppity John
~The Tale of Two Good MerryMaids
~Deceit and Dissension

Raquel spends her day's writing, painting, gardening, along with many other homemaking pursuits. She resides in a humble little home off the coast of Florida called, {Carter's Cottage}. Raquel, along with her Beloved Gardener plan to utilise their combined skills, and design degrees to create the future exhibition and space buildings, called The Carter Settlement.

Raquel sews her own Victorian clothing {1837~1901} and has implemented a Victorian lifestyle into her daily living. Currently, Raquel has one house bunny, named Oliver Twisty~Topsy, four chickens {Henny-Penny, May, Polly, & Harriet} and dreams of one-day acquiring enough agriculture land for Florida Cracker sheep.

She curates the law of attraction practices to inspire personal growth and makes videos on her popular Youtube channel. You can also listen to her podcast, Mermaid Junkie Pod~Cast With Raquel Carter.

*Raquel has a degree in Interior Design from The New York Institute of Interior Design and is a certified Interior Design Psychologist. She has certifications in Historic Preservation {Victorian/Arts & Crafts}, Aromatherapy, Organization, and CPR. Raquel is also a Certified Scuba Diver and Certified Lifeguard. 

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