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A published Authoress, Watercolour Artist, Ol' Fashioned Blogger, Real Life Bygone Mermaid, Farmer, Endeavouring To Inspire Folks Through Spirituality. 

My Story {church lady version}

Dear friends and {mermaid junkies} welcome to my landlocked world!

It took decades for me to return to my latent beginning as a writer and artist. 

My love for writing is the genesis for this blog, and it will remain as such. 

"My mother took me to the beach, the way most mothers take their children to the park." ~ Raquel M. Carter

When I was a little girl, I longed to live such as the Victorians. I admired Laura Ingalls Wilder so much at that time that I practically begged my best friends momma to make me some Laura Ingall's Wilder clothes {prairie dresses} so that I could wear them every day. And she did. When I got a little older, I learned to sew for myself so that I could make my own clothes. I spent my days just as I do today. I built forts in the woods, drew, painted and wrote little stories. Another of my favourite things to do was to practice my handwriting with pen and ink, like the Victorians. I have now resurfaced from where I was as a small child. I do believe all that we are and love when we are little we ultimately come back to being. It's our inner being {inner mermaid} calling us home. I know that's my truth, anyway. In 2015, after my divorce was final and I was spending much time returning to my true loves, such as painting and writing, I also began to slowly get back to wearing my old fashioned clothing. 

I now specialise in 19th-century history and society; endeavouring to salvage various facets of 19th-century society and technology as humanly possible in my day by day life. My experience and educational background entail profuse study and historic preservation. I write books for women and children based in the Victorian era, in which I integrate the components I learn by living as a Victorian lady in addition to flowering an element of spiritual enlightenment to each story. I feel that living this way {like my hero Beatrix Potter} gives me an additional aspect of authenticity to my stories. It makes me such a happy person to live true to myself and all that I love and adore. If anything, I hope to inspire others to also live their dreams. 

A Quintessential Day For Me:

My dearly beloved gardener {in which I refer him} and I am directly living in a small cottage off the coast of Florida called Carters Cottage.

Presently we are seeking to acquire a large piece of agricultural territory with an authentic Victorian home. We will be acquiring a wood-burning stove and icebox, too. I wear Victorian-style clothing each day, including a hand made corset in which I have sewn myself. As much of the daily activities as I choose to incorporate, I do with enthusiasm. My lifestyle is an ever-evolving experience, and I've internally accepted the notion that it is impossible to live exactly like a Victorian; nevertheless, to live like a Victorian, I reasonably do my best. I choose to live this way as it provides me with an in-depth inspiration and realism for my storybooks. It merely feels quite happy and brings profound deep joy to my spirit.

Furthermore, I have adored Laura Ingall’s Wilder since early childhood, but most ardently is my hero Beatrix Potter. I have actively sought to emulate her as much as humanly possible. I believe it's beautiful to find a hero. As a child, my mother read Beatrix's books to me, and I, in turn, read them to my four children. We all need a place to dream.

I am not a reenactment actress to be at leisure for embellishment, merely a woman finding what feels precisely accurate for my bygone soul. One of my considerable longings is to encourage and inspire others to cultivate a life they love and to reclaim their fundamental confidence. To live one's truth is crucial to following one's bliss, and I intend on giving rise to that commitment for as long as I so shall live.

Might you take the time to collect my book The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose? It's a story that follows mischievous and disobedient young Mermaid Scarlette Rose as she is being chased about the water garden of Sir Mr Barbaric. She escapes and returns home to her mother, who puts her to bed after dosing her with tea. This tale is relatively derivative of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, with the exception it's a little adventure about a young merrymaid.


At the age of seventeen, I landed the job as a Mermaid, at the world-renowned sideshow attraction park, called "Weeki Wachee Springs" in Florida, and have continued to entertain folks for the last three decades. I have an underwater performance record of over 16,000 hours in the water. 
With a steadfast adoration and experience in swimming, homemaking, homesteading, personal growth/ self-development and the love of the Victorian era, I began creating curriculums for my children, when public school no longer served their passion for learning. I continue to carry on that philosophy for women and girls. I love to inspire and encourage women and girls, most importantly, on feeling their emotions and embodying their 'inner mermaid'. I created a mermaid philosophy that I teach in my workshops {small gatherings} to women and young ladies that absolutely brings the purest bliss that I could ever imagine possessing. I am reminded of Joseph Campbell when he said to "Follow your Bliss!" That is precisely what I am doing each day of my life. 

My love for writing inspired this blogs conception in the year of 2006. However, due to various unfortunate events, in 2017, I lost eleven years of my blog. Quite devastated but unwavering, I began anew. This blog is the manifested outcome of that tenacity.

In 2015, feeling mentally, physically, emotionally broken for too long,  I knew I needed to rediscover who I was. I wanted to find myself again. With no prospects, money, or college education, I took the only possessions that I could fit, packed them in two suitcases, hopped a plane, and left my marriage of 24 years. I then acquired a divorce.

When my transformational voyage began in 2014, I transitioned out of my religious faith, {which at the time was Mormonism; still, I had also grown up in the Pentecostal Church of God}. I found in return my underwater treasure chest of dreams, self~discovery and spiritual awakening.

In June of this year, 2019, I had a devasting blow, when I was notified that my darling son, Sawyer, was brutally murdered. In my desire to now leave a legacy and make a profound difference in the world {especially for our children}, I have begun the architectural plans to build a future exhibition space/ small village with my registered 501 c3 non-profit organisation. It will have small gatherings/workshops in a setting out of the pages of England. There will be limestone cottages with thatched rooves, concrete ponds, and there I will hold small gatherings to teach and empower women and children with the tools to manifest the life of their dreams.

I have studied psychology, personal growth and development; read thousands of individual growth/self-help books and studied the Law of Attraction {Teachings of Abraham}, well over 35,000 hours. I have practised and applied the four quadrants of a balanced life based off of, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, for over three decades. My life began to change substantially when I started applying the practices of the Teachings of Abraham/ the Law of Attraction. Within two months of practising Abraham Hicks, I manifested my twin flame/soul mate. I then wrote, illustrated and self-published the first storybook {in which I had not picked up my paintbrush in over three decades}, and became financially independent.

I have made it my objective to share stories from my own life and give them the twirling twist of spirituality as a form of teaching personal growth to young ones. As a mother myself, I know that to have well-rounded children to become well-rounded adults then, we must as parents/ parental figures give our children space also to follow their bliss and empower them with the spiritual laws, in which I created. The foundational blocks of a balanced being and they are L+self Love, A+self Awareness, W+self Worth, S+self Sufficiency.  

My first book, "The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose™" which is the first in a spiritual children's series, was published in October of 2018. You can order it here: "The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose."
More books to bubble up from me are:

~The Tale of Sawyer Lamb {June 8th, 2020}
{ A story about my dear son {the black sheep} and how the death of a beloved child doesn't have to be the end of happiness. Actually, when a tragedy occurs, it can be the result of a much grander plan.} 

~The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two-Shoes {2020}
{A story of a hen that is judged for being pernickety but then comes the realisation as to why she is the way she is; quite delightful, lovely and not what you'd expect at all. An accurate tale of learning to stop judging others when you haven't walked in their little hen high heels.} 

~The Little Mermaids Transformational Tale, A Voyage Back to Self Love {2020}
{A rediscovery of healing, self-awareness, self~worthiness, and all-encompassing voyage back to self~love through the eyes of my life as a real mermaid.}

~The Tale of Oliver Rabbit
{A story of my rabbit Mr Oliver Twisty Topsy can inspire children to remain in alignment and how our pets are here to remind us of unconditional love and spiritual connection.}

~The Tale of Patsy Violet
{A story of a little red cardinal bird and how her little baby birds learn to live on their own when their Momma dies. Its a story of how to teach children about the death transition of a parent, and learning a new way of communicating with them once they have passed.}

~The Tale of Diggity-Diggity Dave
~The Tale of Sybrena Ewe
~The Tale of Mrs Nevermore Raven
~The Tale of Melinda Mouse
~The Tale of Captain Jack
~The Tale of Squirrel Sadie
~The Tale of Hoppity-Hoppity John
~The Tale of Two Good MerryMaids
~Deceit and Dissension

I spend my day's writing, painting, gardening, along with many other homemaking pursuits and currently {temporarily} reside in my folks humble little home off the coast of Florida called, {Carter's Cottage}. Me, along with my Beloved Gardener, are utilising our combined skills and passions to create a village called "The Carter Settlement."

I have one house bunny, named Oliver Twisty~Topsy, four chickens {Henny-Penny, May, Polly, & Harriet}. In the forthcoming year, I will be acquiring agriculture land for Florida Cracker sheep, more rabbits, chickens, rooster, Corgi dogs, gardens of flowers, and freshly grown foods.

I curate the law of attraction practices/kits/ workshops/small gatherings to inspire personal growth. I also make videos on my popular Youtube channel, Mermaid Junkie TV, or you can hear me ramble, on my podcast, Mermaid Junkie Pod~Cast with Raquel Carter "Tales on Tuesdays." 

I have degrees in Interior Design, Design Psychology, Historic Preservation, Aromatherapy, and Organization. I am certified in CPR, Lifeguard, and Scuba {PADI}.

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