About Raquel

Well hello there and welcome to Raquel's underwater world!

"Raquel Carter is a real-life mermaid's map for women on how to create a life they love all shared with inspiration, old~fashioned creativity, and soul."

Raquel has been a writer and an artist since she was a child, but as the years passed she slowly began to lose herself and her passion for art.

She began painting and writing as a young girl as escapism from her unpleasant childhood. Another particular that encouraged Raquel's escapism was her ability to swim as often as was permissible.

"My mother took me to the beach, the way most mothers take their children to the park." ~ Raquel M. Carter

At the age of seventeen, she landed the job as a professional Mermaid at the world-renowned park, Weeki Wachee Springs. Raquel has entertained tens of thousands of people as a performer, tallying her live mermaid performances into well over 15,000 hours.

Raquel married and raised four children as a stay at home mother. She has always enjoyed the simpler aspects of being a homemaker and still loves anything old-fashioned.

As a child, Raquel became enamoured with Beatrix Potter, the author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." She also raised her own children to love Beatrix's stories and that's how they became the inspiration behind her very own children's book series. Another of Raquel's heroes is Tasha Tudor. She has spent decades seeking to embody Tasha and Beatrix's way of living through emulation as an author, illustrator and old-fashioned antiquated lifestyle.

Raquel's books are quite reminiscent of her mesmerizing hero, Beatrix. Raquel exclaims, "If you like Beatrix's stories about rabbits, you're sure to adore my books about MerryMaid's and little animals too."

 Raquel grew up in a religious environment. She was Pentecostal Church of God until the age of 15 and then began attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was baptized at 17 and a fully involved member for nearly 30 years. She married in the temple, raised children in the gospel, her boys went on missions, etcetera.

After twenty-four years of marriage and feeling, she'd lost herself and her passion for life Raquel took two suitcases, divorced her husband, and moved across the country in search of her dreams and to truly rediscover herself. She slowly began her voyage back to self-love and a spiritual awakening. She transitioned out of her religious faith and states it was the best decision she has ever made. She now lives a spiritual life by practising the Law of Attraction and has never been happier.

Raquel has studied Psychology, Personal Growth/Development since her teens. She has read thousands of books on personal growth/self-help and has studied the teachings of Abraham well over 30,000 hours and has spent decades implementing the four quadrants of a balanced life with her study of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Her life really began to change exponentially as she applied the principles and teachings of Abraham/ Law of Attraction, as well as, the seven habits.

Within one year of practising the Law of Attraction, she rediscovered herself as an artist and author, moved back near the ocean, manifested her soul mate/twin flame in two months, and picked back up her paintbrush after 36 years. She wrote, illustrated and had her first children's storybook published in October of 2018.

Raquel knows now that even though she thought her dreams of being an artist and author were gone, she now understands the treasure was there all along it just needed to be unearthed. Raquel has started all over as an entrepreneur, but she is very enthusiastic about all she has experienced. She desires to use this blog as a way to inspire and encourage women to truly believe in themselves.

Raquel knows from her own life occurrences that one must trust themselves, but most importantly one must truly give themselves the gift of SELF-LOVE.

Raquel's believes that her life relates to her blog as it is a purely transparent example of all that she represents, encompasses and lives authentically.

She provides valuable content through sharing her life experiences, personal growth/development skills, her design abilities and true evergreen curations on this blog as a way to encourage and inspire self-empowerment for women and girls. Her mission is to encourage women to achieve all they desire for their lives and to truly know deep within there is nothing they cannot DO, BE or HAVE.

Raquel's first book, "The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose™" which is the first in a spiritual children's series, was published in October of 2018.

More books to bubble up from Raquel are:

~A Real Life Mermaids Transformational Tale, A Voyage Back to Self Love" which is an all-encompassing book about her voyage back to self-love and rediscovery. ~2019
~The Tale of Oliver Rabbit, 2019
~The Tale of Patsy Violet
~The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two-Shoes, 2019
~The Tale of Diggity-Diggity Dave
~The Tale of Sybrena Ewe
~The Tale of Mrs Nevermore Raven
~The Tale of Melinda Little Mouse
~The Tale of Captain Jack
~The Tale of Squirrel Sadie
~The Tale of Hoppity-Hoppity John
~Deceit and Dissension- {A romantic drama that depicts a naive young lady from an English family of landed gentry as she learns to deal with morality, deception and hypocrisy.}

Raquel spends her days in a tattered hand sewn Victorian day dress residing in a little cottage off the coast of Florida with her rabbit and chickens. She actively paints, writes, produces treasure chests full of Law of Attraction spiritual gadgets, creatively curates/DIY using her design skills, and makes videos on her popular Youtube channel MermaidJunkieTV or you can listen to her on Mermaid Junkie Pod~Cast With Raquel Carter

*Raquel has a degree in Interior Design and is a certified Interior Design Psychologist. She has certifications in Aromatherapy, Organization, and CPR. She is also a certified Scuba Diver and certified Lifeguard. 
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