Work With Raquel

As Raquel M. Carter is essentially a personal journal/diary, I prefer to write about the brands and products I’ve used personally and that I’m deeply tethered to. I do not accept guest posts.


Brand partnerships at Raquel M. Carter take the form of sponsored posts or product placement/reviews. My lovely little blog began as a personal journal/diary which will remain foremost. I will remain true by keeping my partnerships as authentically transparent with the style of my blog. Raquel M. Carter is a content creator blog and not categorized as a social media influencer.

If you’d delight in featuring your brand with my company, a product sample must be provided and is exclusive of payment required.

Although Raquel M. Carter is still, at heart, a personal journal/diary and spiritual labour of love, it is also a business, which I rely on for my salary. Because of this, I am unable to accept products in exchange for coverage or to work free of charge.

It’s also important for me to work within particular guidelines set by Google and Amazon which means that all sponsorships are clearly disclosed, and links within sponsored posts are nofollowed. All of my posts, whether sponsored or otherwise, are compiled by me, in my own unique creative style that I feel most tailors my blog. I do not provide copy approval, or publish pre-written content.

If all of this sounds delightful to you, and you’re interested in working together, please contact to discuss your further requirements.

If you'd like a blog media kit in PDF form please email at and I will happily send your requests.

Updated: April 2019