How To Dress Like Tasha Tudor {Victorian Style}

 My dear friends,

I am having some earl grey tea and buttercream cookies. The cookies are Danish, which I happen to fancy, as I have Dutch descent.

Did you know that when Tasha was a young girl, she saved her money from teaching nursery school and two of the things she bought were: a cow and a little storybook called, "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson?

Tasha Tudor made up her very own religion. It was called  Stillwater and more a way of life than anything else. She also believed in reincarnation. In several pieces written about her, she spoke of how she thought she was going right back to the 1830s as a ship captain's wife. I really began to love her most deeply after reading about her unconventional ways and personal philosophies. There isn't much written about her beliefs. I think {just as Beatrix Potter} it was suggested by particular folks to refrain from sharing her thoughts on religion and politics. Perhaps it would have inhibited people from obtaining her work. In my opinion, I think she was a very reclusive and private woman, and It served her well that she wasn't always at the forefront of controversy.

Nowadays, I, myself, am a very spiritual woman. I was formerly in two religions: Mormonism and Pentecostal. As a spiritual soul, I firmly trust and know for myself that I have numerous spirit guides. One of them is Tasha Tudor. I communicate with my spirit guides, such as you would with a dearly departed family member or God/Source/Universe. For me, it's an advantageous experience. I speak to my darling son Sawyer daily. All folks that passed through to non~physical are still enthusiastic about what we are doing in the physical. They are always expanding through us.

You must bear enormous inner confidence and self-worth to create a wardrobe such as Tasha's.

There is much to convey about the way Tasha lived, besides the outwardly way she chose to dress. To embody a life of old fashioned ways says more about the way she looked at life than anything else. Tasha said that she felt like God because she could paint the world precisely as she desired. That, to me, takes tremendous might. It wasn't always easy for me to dress every day as a real Victorian. As I previously stated, I tried dressing and living like Tasha when I was in my twenties, and most folks couldn't relate to me. I now know I don't have to fit in, but allow the universe to bring into my life like-minded folks. Too often, we seek out people, and many times don't even realise they may ultimately not be "our people." We must be courageous and stand firm by being a quiet example.

How To Dress Like Tasha Tudor 

Go through your closet and rid your drawers of all items that no longer fulfil or represent who you are today.  If you have clothes that have been in your chifferobe for more than six months and you don't like them, they fit awkwardly, or you dislike the way they look on your body, donate them. As with all things in the universe, clothing holds energy.
My first Tasha Tudor scarf from Tasha Tudor and Family
If  I were to ask you to go into your closet and pick out an item of clothing, I know you'd be able to tell me very quickly why you do or don't wear it. It has an attached emotion that you've given it. It's similar if you have small-sized clothing that no longer fits appropriately, but that you keep. If you are constantly reminded of your old body frame, that isn't making progress in the right direction. I recall I did this for a time after my divorce and I began to have anxiety when I would dress for the day. I started to not like getting dressed. It was becoming burdensome instead of fun and happy. It's actually not a healthy way to live. The reason being is that I wasn't accepting the ME, RIGHT NOW. When we live in the past with the attached emotions that our clothes hold, it becomes weighty. We must let go. 

When you are dressing daily, it should be a happy, gratifying experience. You should be comfortable in your clothes and love wearing each piece. I know that from experience, I feel like another person when I dress in specific attire. I love getting dressed now, as it creates within me the ability to embody an old-fashioned life more distinctively. Most certainly, that is what artists and writers do.

Think about back in the olden days getting dressed for the day was an appendage. It was something a lady looked forward to. Nowadays, this pursuit seems to have fallen short. Getting dressed each morning should be a beautiful experience. 

I possess only a handful of dresses and a few pairs of shoes. This is very reminiscent of the Victorian era. All that I own can fit nicely in my chifferobe. Hats belong in hat boxes stacked atop the furniture. My scarves and bonnets I place on hooks since I am always wearing them. I know that whatever I take to dressing for the day are lovely pieces, and I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. If we're haphazardly putting on anything from the drawer, it becomes a manifested emotion as to how we internally feel about ourselves. How we appear with the clothes we wear is a representation of ourselves to the world. How we dress is essential in our thoughts about our world. Not to anyone in the world, per se, but unto ourself. Our clothing is an extension of us.

To dress like Tasha Tudor, there are a few things you'll need:

I. Tasha Tudor Victorian-style work dresses. 

Here is a link that will get you started: patterns. However, If you don't like sewing, find a lovely friend that will make them for you. A nice trick that I have done since my children were small is to find one pattern that you dearly love and then make multiple dresses with different fabric patterns. My favourites are 1850s day farm attire such as the little house on the prairie clothing. I think it's important to stress that you want to wear clothes daily that you feel comfortable at all times. I have always favoured linen and cotton.
When wearing Victorian-style clothing, you are going to attract attention. Be willing to be admired and take it as a positive experience. When women get upset that people are staring or feel self-conscious, that will attract critical people. Be extraordinary, and that energetic emotion will follow.

I'm pleasantly and continuously surprised that I get so many compliments, and I thoroughly love it. I adore the feelings that I am living a life I love by exceeding measures, and I believe it shows in my spirit.  

II. Aprons

Now if you live a rural, urban, homestead, farm, cottage, or southern type lifestyle wearing an apron daily will be a natural part of your everyday dress. I keep a hook of all my aprons in the kitchen, so I can access them easily. I wear them regularly, and they are lovely for all the reasons you would think of when wearing an apron. 

Aprons keep your day clothes protected from getting dirty so quickly. If you think back in the Victorian days, they didn't wash their clothes but once a week, so they layered. I love that aprons have pockets. That's one of my favourite things about an apron. Not only are they another adorable layer to your dress, but you can put so many things in the pockets. Pockets are especially handy with little hands. You can use the apron to wipe your hands, carry in flowers from the garden, carry in eggs from the coop, wipe a runny nose or little teardrops if you catch a feeling during the day. I carry my crystals in my apron pockets along with a pair of my readers, kirby grips, handkerchief, my earbuds, and a newly purchased antique gold filled mechanical dance card pencil. It is the first piece I have obtained for my soon to collect chatelaine. 

The thing to think about when sewing an apron or buying an apron is whether you like a full or half apron. Heres' the link to Tasha's aprons. I also make my own aprons because I want a full apron more than a half apron or I'll either buy them from antique shops or flea markets.

3. Scarves and shawls
I love that Tasha always wore her crocheted shawls. I actually don't have one in this particular style but oh my stars would I like to. I think I shall have to have someone crochet one for me. I don't know how to crochet except for a long line. I know I'd wear it all the time because I have several knitted shawls that I wear around the cottage. The gardener works outside all day, so he enjoys the thermostat quite chilly when he arrives home.
I wear my Tasha Tudor scarf daily. It's my good luck, charm.
Folkwear, Buckaroo Bobbins are a few more authentic patterns that I use.
There you have it, dear friends. My little contribution for how to dress like Tasha Tudor. I hope it was just as fun for you to read as it was for me to write.

Do you have anything to add that perhaps I let slip? Do you dress like Tasha or reminiscent of someone with an old-fashioned Victorian style?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Thank you for sharing ❤ I wish I had the courage to dress this way. I think if I lived on a farm I would ☺

    1. Oh Ruby, You are so welcome. I bet you have the courage to dress this way. Don't sell yourself and strength short my darling. Raquelxxx

  2. dear Raquel. lovely website. hard to find kindred souls but worth the search. however I must point out that Tasha's style of dress is much further back than the Victorian period- she was attracted to the Civil War era. But Victorian style works very well. I myself stopped wearing pants when I found out my dear Padre Pio despised them on women. I eased into it gently by staring out with long denim skirts which are plentiful right now. also they are suitable for gardening. I don't even own any slacks now. I layer up in winter. a few women have told me they are inspired to dress more modestly, at least for church. good start! but all the best to you and your readers. I am so happy to meet you.Bertille Mayberry

    1. I agree with you, that she was more in the 1830's, however, I do think she went from one era to another in a wonderful transitional way. She sort of had her own style honestly. I think that's what it's all about too. Is emulating others and then keep working it until it becomes your very own. Like for instance when folks look at me one day, they'll say she has a Tasha Tudor style but she's added her own twist to it. Ya know what I mean? Thank you for visiting. Raquelxxx

  3. I LOVE Tasha Tudor...I had to smile...when you stated to get rid of clothes that don't represent who I am...I have never followed "trend"...I don't, even, to this day...and I'll be "70" years old this I LOVE "overalls"...I love"baby doll" tops...You would appreciate this...but, my "white" hair is now nearly to the end of my I LOVE your "Tasha Tudor" look, dear Raquel! You are truly a beautiful woman...inside and out........LOVE YOU, dear friend!

    1. Oh, I most surely appreciate it. I can't believe it! You most assuredly have hair such as Tasha Tudor. I am so happy you visited me. I have always adored you to the infinities!

  4. I love Tasha Tudor ♡
    She is really admiring !
    His style is just unbelievable...

  5. This post really resonated with me and makes me want to begin sewing again. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Mrs G, oh, I'm so happy. We should start a sewing project challenge, just for fun, of course. Thank you for your visit.

  6. I wear a more 'modern' Tasha Tudor style. I buy regularly from 'Magnolia Pearl' (her earliest designs are the best) and 'Hearts Desire by Mary Grace'. But I am really known for my long tutu's that I wear with cowboy boots.

    1. Kathie, that’s so charming. I used to wear tons of Robins (Magnolia Pearl) clothing too. You sound charming! Thank you for visiting. Cuddles…

  7. Do you know if she wore head coverings for religious reasons or for practical reasons

    1. Lindsey, Tasha wore them for keeping her hair contained and it was not for religious reasons, she loved the early 1830s. She was not much of a religious person. I think she adapted the style from her like of a scarf just as I more so appreciate a bonnet like Laura Ingall’s Wilder but wear the same style of dress/ frock that Tasha wore. I’m so happy you came for a visit. Cuddles…

  8. Do you know if she wore head coverings for religious reasons or for practical reasons


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