How To Dress Like Tasha Tudor~ {Mermaid's Have An Old Soul}

Monday, April 30, 2018
Hello Mermaid Junkies,
How are you? I hope you're doing well. 
Here's a little trivia for you about Tasha. Did you know that when she was a young girl, she saved her money from teaching nursery school and two of the things she bought was her first cow and a little storybook called, "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson?

Did you also know that she had her very own religion that she made up? Yeah, she did, it was called  Stillwater.  I don't think many people know that unless you knew her personally, or have read the copious books that have been written about her. She also believed in reincarnation. In several pieces written about her she spoke of how she believed she was a reincarnated ship captain's wife from the 19th century. I really began to love her more and more after reading about her eccentric ways and personal philosophies.

I feel very much like Tasha Tudor and just as I've told you guys many times that my spirit guide is Beatrix Potter, I also know that Tasha Tudor is my spirit guide too. I'll talk to her like my girlfriend and as nutty as it sounds, she actually talks back to me. Not in a ghostly way, but more of a consciousness kind of way. Actually, many of the people that have passed through transitioning would love to communicate with us if we'd just listen more. It's true. But most people scoff at even what I'm saying right now. Like, dear lord, this lady is crazy. Yep, that's me then. The crazy lady over here party of one.

Let me preface, you have to bear some sense of inner confidence to take on a wardrobe such as Tasha's. People will call you odd, and you most likely won't fit in with many people anyway. I do know that my readers like this kind of thing, as do I and that's why I write it.  So ya'll must be a little "weird" if you're reading this. Welcome.

So the reason I wanted to write this post is that I love Tasha Tudor so much and I pretty much live my life like she did, except for a few caveats. Let me explain. I'm not as great a gardener as she was, I can't make wool, and I have no desire to live on a big ol' farm and milk goats. Not because I wouldn't love it, but let's be for real here, that takes on a whole new meaning of living life on the farm and kudos to the ones that do it for realsy.  

I'll just play pretend with my four chickens, rabbit and small urban garden right slap dab in the middle of Tampa, Florida. hey... at least I'm being honest. I think the reason so many admired Tasha was that she did live so down to earth and old fashioned like. No thank you. I would rather use a sewing machine than hand sew, even though I can do both. I also prefer electricity, running water, and hell even a dentist that will cap my crown. 

Let me just say, she really lived it. Amen.

Okay, I will get to the point of this post, but it may take me 2,000 words to do it. I know you're here for the long~winded version because honey if not you would've never clicked over to this here bloggy. I see you girl. 

I wanted to talk a little about the preempt to dressing the way your heroes dress. I say this because if you've ever struggled with how you WANT to dress, and how you ACTUALLY DO dress I know why this is. Let me explain.

I always have loved the old fashioned way of dress. First, you're going to want to go through your closet and rid your closet of all the clothes that no longer fulfill or represent who you are today.  If you have clothes that have been in your closet for more than a year and you don't like them, they don't fit, you hate the color or the way they look on you, I think you should get rid of them. Clothes actually hold energy. It's true. 
My first Tasha Tudor scarf from Tasha Tudor and Family
If  I were to ask you to go into your closet and pick out an item of clothing, I know you'd be able to tell me very quickly why you do or don't wear it. It has an attached emotion that you've given it. It's the same as if you have all tiny clothes and you no longer can fit into them, but you keep them because you either hold to the idea that you'll one day be able to fit back into them and you remember how cute you felt when you wore them. It's actually not a healthy way to live. The reason being is that you aren't accepting the YOU RIGHT NOW.  You aren't loving the best parts of yourself TODAY, PRESENTLY. You are living in the past with the emotions that you have attached to your clothes. You should allow them to go. 

When you are dressing daily, it should be a happy very enjoyable experience. You should be so comfortable with your clothes and love wearing them. This is really super important girls. I know that from experience, I felt like another person when I'd dress in certain clothes. Yeah, they were popular and trendy, but I never felt at home in them, they just weren't really me. 

Think about back in the olden days getting dressed for the day was an entire process. It was something to look forward to, something worth preparing for and feeling pretty and feminine. That seems to have fallen short nowadays. I happen to think getting dressed each morning should be a beautiful daily experience. 

I can say since my transformation I have only a selected few items in my closet, and shoes as well. I know that whatever I pull out to wear for the day are lovely pieces and I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. All of our clothes in our closets should feel this way. If we're haphazardly throwing on any ol' thing from the drawer it's actually really how we feel about presenting ourselves to the world. Haphazardly and that we don't really care that much. Let's change that. Shall we? 

In order to dress like Tasha Tudor there are a few things you'll need:

1. A couple of Tasha Tudor style dresses. 

Tasha was eccentric, someone who actually capitalized on her peculiar image. I remember when I was a young girl and I found Tasha in Victoria magazine, I thought for sure she was dead because she literally looked as if she had walked right out of the 1830's. You have to hand it to her, she pulled off uniqueness like no one's business. 
Now whether you want to sew the dresses yourself, or just buy them that's up to you. I'm listing several website links that will help you get your hands on some. Like Tasha, you can always buy the patterns and make them as I'm assuming most of you know how to sew. But, If you don't want to sew them yourself, hire someone to make them for you. Now depending on how authentic to the era you want to get, will depend on the patterns of the era. I have to be honest with you I wear much of the color palettes they had back then, but I don't stick only to a particular era. My favorites are 1830's day farm attire such as little house on the prairie clothing. I think it's important to stress that you want to wear clothes daily that make you feel happy and comfortable whenever you wear them. That's why I wear mostly cotton. I have silk blouses, but I hardly ever wear them unless it's a date night with the gardener and I feel the desire to dress up a bit more.  
The thing about wearing this style of clothing is going to attract attention to you. We all like to feel significant and special and that always feels lovely when we're out and about in our prairie style clothing. I get the same responses on a daily basis which are "You look so pretty and dressed up. Are you attending a renaissance fair? Do you dress like that every day, or just sometimes?"

It's actually quite sweet and I'm always pleasantly surprised that I get so many compliments. 

2. Aprons.

Now if you live a rural, urban, homestead, farm, cottage, or southern type lifestyle wearing an apron on a daily basis will be a natural part of your daily dress. I keep a hook of all my aprons right in the kitchen, so I can easily access them. I wear them constantly and they are wonderful for all the reasons you would think of for wearing an apron. 

Some of the reasons for an apron is that they keep your day clothes protected from getting dirty so quickly. If you think back in the olden days they didn't wash their clothes very often so they had to preserve the wear and tear from getting dirty too quickly. I love that aprons have pockets. That's one of my favorite things about an apron. Not only are they another adorable layer to your dress, but you can put so many things in the pockets. Pockets are especially handy with little hands. You can use the apron to wipe your hands, carry in flowers from the garden, carry in eggs from the coop, wipe a runny nose or little teardrops if you catch a feeling during the day. I carry my crystals in my pockets along with a pair of my readers, some bobby pins, a cotton hanky, my earbuds, a pen for jotting down ideas and my garden cutters. 

The thing to think about when sewing an apron or buying an apron is whether you like a full or half apron. Heres' the link to Tasha's aprons. I also make my own aprons because I like a full apron more than a half apron or I'll either buy them from antique shops or flea markets.

3. Scarves and shawls.
I love that Tasha constantly wore her crocheted shawls. I actually don't have one in this particular style but oh my stars would I love one. I think I shall have to have someone crochet one for me. I don't know how to crochet. I know I'd wear it all the time because I have several knitted shawls that I wear around the cottage.The gardener works outside all day so he enjoys the thermostat quite chilly when he arrives home.
I wear my Tasha Tudor scarf daily. It's my good luck charm.
Folkwear, Buckaroo Bobbins are a few more authentic patterns that I use.
So there you have it, folks. My little contribution for how to dress like Tasha Tudor. I hope it was fun for you, just as it was for me.

Do you have anything to add that maybe I left out? Do you dress like Tasha or reminiscent of someone with an old-fashioned style? I'm curious.

Yours til my next swim, Raquel

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