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Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends, 

I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a line in the 1993 film version of Little Women when Laurie says, 
"In token of my gratitude and as a means of promoting communication between adjoining nations, shouting from windows being forbidden, I shall provide a post office in our hedge to further encourage the baring of our souls and the telling of our most appalling secrets. I do pledge never to reveal what I receive in confidence here."

Therefore, from this day forward, besides Stillwater ~A Petticoat Society (our little club), I am creating "Raquel's Letterbox-in-the-Hedge." it sounds very English too, doesn't it? Oh, I love it so! Don't you, dear friend? An actual letterbox in the hedge where you can write to me. I wanted to create this because just as i am an introvert, there are moments I've received letters (emails) explaining that many times a comment is warranted. Still, many of my dear readers are like myself, a bit leery about displaying their feelings for the big blue marble to read. Therefore, i wanted to create a safe place for our friendship. I am the constancy of clinging to the old ways of simple and slow life, and one of those specialities is letter writing. I love this little blog, and i will always write it as long as my hands can wield a pen and ink.
However, I believe a place where you can write to me confidently is a niche that remains very much needed in our world—a return of sorts by selecting the best parts of history and reviving them. 
Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge
P.O. Box 12071
Brooksville, Florida 34603

As of late, I have been undergoing another metamorphosis in my life and feeling the gentle nudge of embodying a slower, more peaceful way of living in terms of media platforms. I have always been an introvert, and yet, the numerous times i have attempted to embrace the world, recently, I have found it more difficult with each passing month. I also have always found it such ease to 'bare my soul' on this ol' blog. I feel at home here, and dare i say out loud, quite safe. That may sound odd, but it's quite true for me. I am leaving little notions for you to find, and conversely. I am most happy you've been drawn here, and perhaps it can be as good and interesting as the description in Chapter 10 of the book Little Women. I feel as tho' i identify my blog and career to Jo gardening her bed, 'never alike for two seasons, always trying experiments.'

"The garden had to be put in order, and each sister had a quarter of the little plot to do what she liked. Hannah used to say, "I'd know which each of them gardens belonged to, ef I see 'em in Chiny," and so she might, for the girls' tastes differed as much as their characters. Meg's had roses, heliotrope, myrtle, and a little orange tree. Jo's bed was never alike two seasons, for she was always trying experiments. This year, it was to be a plantation of sunflowers, the seeds of which cheerful and aspiring plants were to feed Aunt Cockle-top and her family of chicks. Beth had old-fashioned fragrant flowers in her garden, sweet peas and mignonette, larkspur, pinks, pansies, and southernwood, with chickweed for the birds and catnip for the pussies. Amy had a bower in hers, rather small and earwiggy but very pretty to look at, with honeysuckle and morning glories hanging their coloured horns and bells in graceful wreaths all over it, tall white lilies, delicate ferns, and as many brilliant, picturesque plants as would consent to blossom there."-Little Women, Chapter 10

My friend, I have grown weary and tired of trying experiments, yet here i am again, making another attempt. My hope is that 'The Great Creator' sends me the friends i so long to have. I feel tho' that coming home is necessary for me at this juncture in my life. I have always been successful in my writing and painting, and as of late, I've recalled "the Great Creator" nudging me many times with the saying," Why fix something that's not broken." We, as women, mothers, and nurturers' tend to do this. I believe it is in our nature to heal or at least conjure ways of wanting to heal. Therefore, i have also decided the next few months forthcoming to give away three of my bespoke "Little Women" paintings for free.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, i would love to have you there. I am trying one last time to live according to my little project, thirty days of following my bliss, letting my spirit lead me and Taking Joy. I am reminiscing of the success i previously had with my "Little Women" bespoke paintings and blog writing. I am, in a sense, returning home to my Cottage of Belonging. 

Perhaps the world has displayed too much attention, and I have fallen prey to the pandering snare. The hamster wheel is quite nauseous, and I would like off the ride. Therefore, i am stepping away from so much noise and remaining still by observing and adjusting my social sails. I'm not going anywhere in regards to my blog (and i will remain active on Instagram. Actually, i plan to get back to my writing again with consistency. I must admit the lack of my ability to put together the new blog had me in sorts. It is in the background. However, i have grappled since February with it, and that to me is a sign that i am shoving a square peg into a round hole, and it is not meant to fit. Therefore, for the moment, I have surrendered.

Your kindness has given me the surety to continue speaking of

"The post office box was a capital little institution and flourished wonderfully, for nearly as many queer things passed through it as through the real office. Tragedies and cravats, poetry and pickles, garden seeds and long letters, music and gingerbread, invitations, scoldings and puppies." -Louisa May Alcott

I love Louisa May Alcott; she has been my lifelong friend since the sweet age of eleven when I first read Little Women. If you've ever wondered where the naming of my little custom paintings came from, it is that of Little Women. From the time i was born, my father called me "Little Woman", and knowing that, i have felt it quite endearing and chose to believe it was in reference to such a good book. Is that not what good books do? They change our lives. Books and writing have saved my life many times over. I can be very ill and still must put pen to paper. I can't not write. I've never had a day in my life of writer's block. I will endeavour to touch upon,  chronicle, and reflect upon your comments. I so hope you will love this little mode of communication. I love our little online community. 

Outside, it is cloudy, muggy, and rainy. My common shoe of choice has been my Le Chameau wellies, and several times, i have spoken to Jeffrey Shawn, sounding off that if the weather were a bit cooler, it would be a reminder of England. It is as if I have lived there my whole life. Have you ever felt that you belong somewhere in particular and long to be there but have no solidification as to why the longing is there? I tend to believe it is in our soul. Our higher self draws us back to the place where we belong. 

My flowers are in need of constant water, and equally, tears seem to fall without my knowing why. My finding is that I am expanding, growing, and aligning even more with my inner self. The release of emotions and anger is emptying from my soul and replacing sentiments of forgiveness.

Here at the cottage, we all feel somewhat bruised as we try to get well. My beloved father had a tragic tumble and should soon be on the mend. In addition, Ive had some alarming female health issues. I hope to hear good news soon. Until then, there has been a hole in the fabric of our home life. Everything pertaining to my business and career feels a bit muddled at the moment, and the cottage still requires loads more of uncluttering, and i haven't the vitality to attend to it. The enforced slow pace of the past week has been just the right thing for my frame of mind, and i will continue onwards and upwards, seeking "Take Joy" moments and as a reminder that life is quite precious. I keep pointing in the direction of gratitude and appreciation for all that has been rewarded me.

The most beautiful and nonjudgemental of names for God are "Untangler of Threads" & "The Great Creator." Since i was a wee little lass, i prayed to find common turns of phrases and beautiful words to describe things, and I've found them. In my writing, I've not always been so gentle-natured, more of a pointed person, a porcupine of sorts. I am leaning more toward a softness about me. It feels kinder to me, and i want to be kinder to Raquel.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Razzy 

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