Thursday, October 31, 2019

This Halloween Was About Something Deep In The Waters

As I was glancing over the last post, I realised how much I have missed you, ladies, in the past few days. I think I told you a few weeks ago, that I was going to be in the dentist chair getting a root canal. Well, that's where I was on Monday, and my poor mouth has been quite sore. I musn't complain about it though, as I know, I am indeed appreciative that I have the financial means to have the procedure. 
Along with sharing my "costume" if that's what we're calling it, I thought I'd share with you the real meaning for why I was determined to dress up and go trick or treating. This small act was sincerely crucial most notably this year; for my mental self-care.

The sewing of my Tasha Tudor dress and apron was undoubtedly enjoyable. Whereas there were moments I wanted to pull my hair out, I did manage to reign it back in and remind myself that it wasn't even supposed to be about the dressmaking in the first place. It was about me being happy. It was about my son Sawyer, my other three children, and my favourite time of year. A holiday that I want to keep celebrating because It always made us so happy. It was our time to plan, sew and create as mama and children.

My son dying has been so very harrowing, and I still can't manage to type a word of it without crying my eyes out. But I have a willful and sturdy spirit, and I am determined to continue onward, and not allow my son's death to break me into a million pieces. Of course, I am forever changed, but I will always continue expanding and only for the better. Yes, I have aged, I have wrinkles and have been through a genuinely trying time, but I am still alive! I am sincerely a contented soul. I can only imagine Tasha felt the same. I can also only imagine that my Sawyer was very proud of his mama on this Halloween day. I bought Sawyers favourite candy and savoured every last morsel. 
As much as I love dressing in old fashioned clothes, Halloween isn't just about wearing dresses and pretending to live in another era, It's my way of sharing with others that If I can find a way to "Take Joy" {just as Tasha professed}, so can you! It doesn't matter what circumstances or tragedy might come our way, {even the loss of a child}, If we really want to, we have the power to remain steadfast and live beautiful lives. The only thing that will ever stand between my happiness and zest for life is me, and I'm determined not to let that happen. Happiness is a mindset.

I hope you have felt inspired by seeing my Tasha Tudor dress, apron, and shawl and that it brings a ray of hope and joy to your day.

My Aunt Dianne made me the crocheted shawl. She was kind enough to make it for me, and I couldn't have been more appreciative.  She also took the time to teach me a few more steps in crochet, but I'm still quite slow at it. Aunt Dianne, If you are reading this, let's take a knitting class together, or better yet, teach ourselves. I'll bring the tea! {smile}
The same photo from above, only in colour. 

I hope you have the loveliest of Autumns. I am thoroughly enjoying all of the snowfall posts I've seen on your blogs. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. You look so beautiful in your new outfit, and the colors suit you do well! I hope it gives you joy and pride everytime you put it on��

    1. Thank you dear Sam. I am in it again this morning as I make my new straw hat to coordinate with it. Such an exciting time. I have Victorian holiday music playing in the background, too. I wanted to tell you how much I loved your halloween and the wood cutting post. I just loved it. I had such a lovely time reading it. I didn't type a comment because [well, I did actually} but it kicked it off twice, so I gave up. I'm not sure what happened, but it does that every single time as of late.

  2. You look lovely! Yes, take joy . . .

    1. Thank you Kimberly! Muawhh! Much love to you dear friend...

  3. We're the same age and I feel the same way about it, you look so beautiful in your dress. I wish I could sew like that. I hope to see more of your projects in the future

    1. Oh how lovely! I love being in my forties. I feel as though truly know myself much more so than when I was in my thirties and such. I think I've heard that too, from others about the forties. Thank you for the encouragement. I will be sharing more projects. I'm so happy you're here. Have a lovely day!


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