Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Jealousy~ Understanding Jealousy {According To Abraham Hicks}

My dear friends and Mermaid Junkies,

Are you part human, part Mermaid? Well, if you are, you have had feelings of jealousy. Have you ever been curious as to what these emotions are, why we have them, and how to cure them? Yeah, same.

I wanted to share this post because knowing why we do or feel a certain way has a way of making us feel better, and understanding why we do things is half the battle, am I right?
I remember when these emotions first starting nagging at my Mermaid Inner Being. It was around 2014, and I had stumbled upon this gal on the ol' gram, and I became fascinated with her. Not for all the things she had, like a marriage, children, or her job. No, no, it was Something else. I had noticed that she was just beginning to share her paintings, making art and selling it. I felt a tinge of jealousy spring up inside of me, like the bubbles in the Weeki Wachee Spring where I used to swim.
Why was I feeling this way, I'd ask myself, because clearly if I wanted to paint and sell art, I could do that too, I told myself. And if that was the case, then what was the issue I had with her. I liked her curated images on her grid, but I found myself love-hating {not really hating because that's too strong of a word, but you get what I mean here, don't you?} her, also. That felt uneasy in my spirit, and I wanted to understand myself and why I was feeling agitation with each picture she'd post.


Until one day, I happened upon a video on youtube about jealousy. After all, I didn't know this gal from a hole in the ground, but somehow I was becoming increasingly aggravated with each passing day. 
I liked her, didn't like her, back and forth I'd go. Have you ever done this? It's okay, we are all transparent Mermaids over here. {smile} 

Let's define Jealousy from an Abraham Hicks perspective~ Something that is activated within you, and also an awareness of something that you want. But in recognition of what you want what's activated is from your perspective and the attention of not having what you want. Put differently, sometimes when you are experiencing pieces of what you really want, it activates within you how you really feel about the subject. In other words, for example, {if we use a relationship}, it feels to people if they could just find that perfect partner that then their concern about not having an ideal partner would just evaporate. But what happens when you're focused upon the subject of relationships how you really feel about relationships becomes really active.

Often we will offer something verbally {with our words}, but we are actually offering up our vibration{feelings}.

Jealousy is an amplified awareness of something you want while you're standing in a place of believing that either you dont have it or that you can't maintain it. That feeling that someones going to go away. The only way to fill the void of insecurity is security. Security is Alignment.

Just as in the case of me feeling jealousy with the gal selling her art, it was because I also had a desire to sell my art. Remember, it's perfectly fine to feel these feelings. The thing to remind ourself is that once we think those thoughts, evaluate where they are stemming/bubbling up from and work through them, we are near the finish line. It's not ever the person that we are jealous of, it's that they have found a way of aligning with their Mermaid Inner Being, and we have not, as of yet. Don't compare your life to theirs. It's truthfully not ever that I liked that gal so much, that I wanted to be her, It was that I had those same desires in my vortex. After realising this, I no longer cared about her, in the sense that I thought about her any longer {I should preface I still liked her feed though}. Once I learned what I was feeling and why I was feeling those emotions, I went out and executed my plan of action and aligned myself. I then got to work at being the artist I always knew deep inside that I was and achieved making art for myself.
Now, that we know where and what jealousy is we are more apt to unravel our emotions.

I can now thank each person, {sometimes after I've returned to alignment...wink, wink} for their lives and creating discord within myself, because they were there to show me what my heart knew. So, let's thank our contrasting moments and those buggers that inspired us to know ourselves much more deeply.
Much of this post is from excerpts of Abraham Hicks Workshops. I will link a particular video here if you'd like to dive deeper into the infinite waters of Abraham.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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