Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Art Of Taking Inspired Action {According To Abraham Hicks}

Hello, dear friends and mermaid Junkies,

In the realm of spirituality, I'm sure if you're anything like me, you're quite frequently hearing the words: action, inspired action, manifesting, the law of attraction and you start to think...what is all the fuss about with this woohoo, new age stuff. Or maybe even, you say things to yourself such as, "That crap doesn't work!" and then you click away, or in my instance, you swim away never to return. (Heh...)

Did any of that just resonate with you? I hope it certainly did because if it did, you are much like me at the beginning of my transformational journey into the Law of Attraction. So hold on! Don't swim away quite yet, because I think you swam here for a reason. I think we were meant to meet.

You are perhaps looking for answers, and I'm here to help inspire you to find those answers.

The key to this manifesting tool is to know the difference between
Ask, Believe, Receive!

Just simple ACTION is what most humans have been conditioned to do. Say for example you "need" (the operative word here, which I'll go into in a sec.) is a job that pays the bills, or you say things like,

"I need to get the heck out of this marriage."

"I need to pay the mortgage."

"I need to buy my children, food and clothes."

"I need to lose 35 pounds."

So you immediately head out busting the pavement, bound and determined you're gonna " MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN."

You say to yourself... Something's gotta stick... blah, blah, blah... And I say Blah, Blah, Blah... because that's what the Universe hears.  Nothing, Notta, Zilch.

The Universe only hears what you MEAN, not what you SAY. The Universe vibrates on energy and alignment, not force and pushing against things. Now you may end up getting a job, etc. but you know what the old adage is, " you're bound to get filthy in the process."

I'm here to tell you the complete opposite of what everyone else will say to you in the spiritual guru field or the entrepreneurial realm.

Stop doing so much work. Stop taking ACTION!"

Float for a few minutes while I continue to explain the secret to getting exactly what you want, and how to get what you want.

Here's the answer for how taking " INSPIRED ACTION" works.

When a person is in alignment, there is an ease about manifesting things that we desire. Usually, we tackle something we want, drag it to the depths and kill it. When what we should be doing is setting the intention and sending it into the Universe and forgetting about it.

When we receive moments of "Inspired Action" there are a few things to ask yourself always:

1. Do you feel that not doing it is not an option, or that wild horses can't keep you from taking inspired action?

2. Is the "Inspired" thought coming from a place of ease and excitement, or coming from a feeling of need and lack?

To recognise the difference between the two. Action or Inspired Action.

Our goal here is to only take moments of action when they are wholly Inspired, and if we do this we will always come out ahead, and we won't be exerting all of our energy on unnecessary action.

Here's a Mermaid analogy for you.

As a Mermaid performer, I had to continually be aware of my lung capacity and air reserve. If I were to have expended all of my air on an unnecessary move or exhale at the wrong time; I would have been in trouble. The absolute danger of dying was always a possibility.

How often we do things that are spiritually and emotionally threatening to our welfare because we didn't relax and follow the flow of the path of least resistance.


"Be mindful that moving slowly by inspired action is the right way to manifest magical things."

Yours til my next swim, Raquel

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Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Monday, December 11, 2017

The 7 Treasure Trove Signs The Universe Is Sending You Messages

Hello Mermaid Junkies, 

I remember when I first began my transformational tale of living The Law of Attraction I began to notice many things. I have always been a dreamy sort of Merry Maid so most of the time I live in fairytale land anyway. However, I wanted to share with you the significant seven that I noticed and continue to notice along my transformational tale {journey}. The more I took notice and acknowledged in my heart with a silent "thank you" of appreciation the more the Universe would send me signs. 


In the beginning when I was using my focus wheels to manifest my soul mate Jeffrey, I'd see the number 1 in sequence constantly. He and I had made a little secret contract with one another that when we saw the sequenced numbers we'd know we were thinking of one another and always make wishes upon these angel numbers. I'd see his name initials and birth date on license plates, receipt's, and my favorite 3 white Lexus cars in a row. 
The beautiful thing about number sequences is that as a powerful creator we can set personal intentions with the Universe according to what we feel a deep connection with. Several of mine are seeing my totems, certain animals, and my personal favorite numbers {3} in my daily activities. Its my personal reminder that I'm on the right spiritual stream for my desires and dreams.
I took my daughter to the zoo and saw 3 flamingos, which are some of my favorite birds. 

I collect feathers as I know they are one sign that is the universe sending me hints that what I was thinking of at the time of the feather appearing was an answer to a set intentional prayer. 
In this camera view as I was sitting there on the beach, I noticed 6 seagulls lined up at the shoreline. I was having double vision. 

When you are clear spiritually and in the stream to manifesting your desires, your intuitive nature speeds up. You see oceans of signs, and this is a deep knowing that the frequency of your reality is accelerating.

I was on a bike ride and noticed this angel. Another sign that I contractually made with the universe. 

I found this perfectly dead butterfly lying on the side walk.

Another perfectly dead butterfly lying on the sidewalk. I have now used these gorgeous things in glass boxes. They are a beautiful reminder that the universe loves me. 

Three geese on my morning walk. 

A beautiful white feather.
"When angels are near, feathers appear."

This was a lovely morning of playing in the garden. I have had this stone border for over two years out back and never until this particular day noticed 3 hearts all lined up. 

I enjoy being next to water on a daily basis. Even if its for only a few minutes. This particular day I noticed 3 birds.

Hearts are one of my signs. Love



A few of my personal totems are ravens, red birds, and bunnies. The eight weeks prior to meeting Jeffrey through social media I began seeing rabbits, white birds, white Lexus cars, crows and butterflies in a group of three's.

I enjoy painting my totems, and display them around the cottage.

I received two signs at once on this day. Notice the cardinal and the 3 yellow flower blooms on the tree. 

Jeffrey, my soul mate I manifested in eight weeks. 


Rainbows have magical energy and are another symbol of pure clarity. Clarify to the Universe that you're appreciative whenever your signs appear.


The universe wants us to be abundant. Depending on the amount of faith the universe will begin  rewarding us the money. It will begin to trickle in and then flood in like the ocean. be appreciative once again, always acknowledging that the universe doesn't hear what you say but its the feel of appreciation that is of most importance. 
I just recently found all of this at the same time. 

I found this on one of my morning walks.

I found these two pennies on another morning walk. I took them to the lake, made a wish and threw them in.

Once you begin to slumber, you know that all resistance is released and that's when you are in complete vibrational frequency with infinite intelligence. I find that having no dreams at all, is when I know I'm not pushing against resistance in my awake hours. Having restful sleep is a sure sign that I'm in complete alignment. I take my liquid melatonin, place my selected crystals next to my bedside table, apply my dōTerra essentials oils and place my Abraham Hicks restful sounds on. 

I have begun to meet new people to help me along my path. I am beginning to attract resources and events as they have unfolded. I know these little particulars are messages to me as my next waves of inspiration on my journey continually manifest right before my eyes. 

I hope this post served you and that you find your own personal treasures with each of these signs. 

Yours til my next swim, Raquel 

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