Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Multifarious Beauties Of Life At Staffordshire Cottage

Hello, darlings,

Pour some tea and lets visit for a few minutes. I seem to be running out of the room as my collection of teacups are overflowing. That's certainly not an excuse to stop collecting; however, I do believe I will, at some point, need to purchase a lovely hutch to display them all. Most of them are inside my cabinets and so very much love peeking at them. 

A sweet painting for a dear friends mother. 
On this humid morning, I walk the path to release the chickens from their coop. They are so favourable. They storm the coop until I come to release them into the gardens for the day. They are the dandiest little weed removers. 
I caught a glimpse of the chickens out in the garden this morning and decided on a whim to step out and pull a few weeds. I then proceeded to plant more rose bushes, cleared my rose garden patch from weeds. I then raked and prepped a plot for making a little trail lined pebble walk for going to the chicken coop in the mornings. The grass is now a path of dirt and beings I walk nearly one-hundred per cent of the time in bare feet, I want a nice path to walk upon.

It was also a bit of a reminder as I was taking notes of duties to perform in the gardens that the Gardener and I have allowed the gardens to become wayward. Anyone that's a gardener is undoubtedly aware that gardening is never quite complete. I have a constant tallying list of deeds that need completing and have most recently abandoned the idea for getting outside to take care of them all.

My book is to release in less than a month, and I still have a running list of particulars to complete beforehand. I am also formatting the book myself, which I hadn't intended to do. However, I am learning quite a bit about surprising bewilderment as a lady entrepreneur. I am a lady of many hats. I remind myself daily that I'm attempting this voyage alone with no outside assistance and that I mustn't be strenuous on myself. There's a season for all things and genuinely insist that I am indeed suited for this asperity.

Speaking of hats, here are a few pattern designs that I'm attempting to recreate myself to wear them with my darling Victorian skirt and blouses for my tea room book signings. The middle one is my most favourite.
courtesy of Pinterest 
courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest
 I've decided to use an ink feather pen to sign my storybooks while I am at my tea party book signings. I believe it'll be a delightful addition to my aesthetic.

I'm focusing on slow and steady, to not become overwhelmed. I remind myself each morning before and after meditation that all is well.

I worked on several more paintings, and I am now contemplating a few different selections of watercolour boards. I have become disillusioned with the iron will of my boards, so I'm reconsidering the use of smooth boards. I am planning a put to use a sampling of this handmade deckled paper next week, and it will be a jubilant affair I am sure of it. I am gladdened to receive it in the post. Do you appreciate deckled paper?
Courtesy of Kelsey Pike Papercraft
I found several outstanding resources for learning about photography, and I could not be more pleased. The Gardener drove me about town to practice. He's a delight. He said, "Love, let's go and try and find some rabbits to take pictures of at bunny haven. There weren't any about at bunny haven, so I took some of the lake and a few ducklings.
The ladies are each laying one egg a day. Yesterday I cracked one open while baking oatmeal raisin cookies and it was a double-yolked egg. There's nothing more approving of using my own organic eggs laid from my very own chicken darlings. I have begun adding an oatmeal cut to their hash, and it seems to have increased their egg production. 
I keep ice water out in the gardens in certain spots to keep the ladies thirst quenched. I add rosemary and melaleuca, which helps with mites, fleas and all sorts of other particulars to keep the ladies organically robust and healthy.
I have always adored the scenery in this photo. I take morning walks, and each time I pass this plot with the gazebo in the lake, I would say to myself, "how lovely." 

I required a pretty backdrop for the Mercedes Benz sponsored shoot, and I had been asking the universe to send me inspired action as to where to have the pictures taken. Why I hadn't thought to ask earlier is outside of my limits. It had not occurred to me one bit until the time was approaching for the deadline. I took my standard drive to the library to renew my books and thought, Oh my, I should ask that owner. I have forever loved that property, what a pretty scenery. 
I asked, and they happily agreed. While visiting with the lady of the house, the more she spoke, she revealed her home was the set of a television series called Second Noah which aired from 1996-1998. She has the best stories about living in a house that was also the set of a television show.
My next-door neighbours home was the set of a television show! Isn't that grand?

As my photography practice continues, I noticed the light shining through and had to snap a few photos of my easel. A pure art form. 
Have you seen the European wattle I made from crape myrtle branches?

I catalogued my seeds and made selections on what to plant soon.
A personal silhouette of myself, the chicken ladies and rabbit Oliver.

Lovely sheep that are one mile from The Outlands in Carmel, California. I am dreaming of living there someday. I have plans to meet with the council in August during my book tour to discuss further details of curatorship.

This sweet image reminded me of my darling little Jack Russell terrier that passed away short;y after I left my marriage.
I shall leave you with a half-completed painting of my little storybook The Tale Of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose. 
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