Wednesday, May 15, 2024

A Letter Home

My dear mermaid hearts, 

I have promised you, dear hearts, a letter. And yet, at times, i feel put upon. I am forever cheered with enthusiasm to share the feelings of my heart and, in so doing, often accosted.
I am one to put my emotions in the storefront window. This article is publicising and brings about desperate individuals believing me to be a polemist seeking attention, which I am not; in truth, it is quite the opposite. I am learning to give myself grace, acceptance, and unconditional love. Ye olde Instagram requires rationing. Indeed, my darlings, I have turned a corner and accept full responsibility for my actions and insecurities when I struggled deeply on Instagram. That, my dear hearts, is what an expanded woman does; she learns and grows.
A woman who becomes, over time, a porcupine in nature is most certainly from overexposure to feeling unsafe. Which of the many ladies on Instagram should think that sharing makes her vulnerable or prickly? I understand the prickly women who have become bitter; it is for the knowing they relented in defeatism. My hope is for these women to usher in their strength and return with honouring their truth and set forth the warrior nature that is required to build the earth's return of Christ Consciousness. This understanding is a beautiful notion to look forward to with confidence and delight.
I desire change in our world for ladies and the juxtaposition of remaining graceful, feminine, and safe, which are the considerable dimensions of who she is. There is a delicate cord betwixt the two, and I hope to discover the duality not only for myself but also for my unwavering desire to help others.
We all, in a singular fashion, have missions to accomplish. May your letter be often read long after we've left this beautiful world of cornflower skies?
May you have a great deal of happiness today in your heart, knowing you are a most exceptional individual. 

(I remain on dear ole’ Instagram, and if you'd like daily little storytime, I share what I am up to each morning. This old blog is still ticking beautifully, and the new blog remains in the works. It's been more toiling than i anticipated.)

Most affably, yours til my next swim, Raquel 

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