The Carter Settlement

Mission Statement 

The Carter Settlement is a way of life, directly hearkening to the olden days past, with a caramelising twist of mermaidology (a personal development system Raquel created over two decades ago when she homeschooled her children.)

When Raquel's middle son was murdered in June of 2019, her greatest desire became finding a way to heal, but also to provoke others to ‘Take Joy’ by creating a life to love. She thought by combining her life experiences, joyful optimism, and professional mastery in various manners, she would bring about a place where folks might call upon as a way of following their bliss. Raquel believes that for change to occur, a revolution must commence from a grassroots level. It begins at home. There is no better way to inspire others (women and girls specifically) to see their power and uniqueness than to create an actual location to attend and participate. Classes and small gatherings with friends enhance expansion and enlightenment, and before one knows it, a community is born. Raquel’s heart desire is to enrich the lives of those she calls her dear friends. 

“The Carter Settlement is a place for folks to call upon that are aligned with an inherent knowledge of self and who possess a desire to enhance their wonderful human imagination through visual and physical experiences."

Aspirations For The Carter Settlement

The English countryside Victorian bequest will be a replicated English Victorian countryside estate. There will be themed cottages, a small church (a reproduction of the schoolhouse on Little House on the Prairie) and a ‘concrete’ pond. Raquel intends on giving birth to Florida Cracker sheep, rabbits, chickens, flowering plants, vegetable and flower gardens. A few of the classes to attend will consist of baking, beekeeping, candlemaking, penmanship, mermaid synchronised swimming, writing, sewing, music, self-improvement, self-sufficiency classes, mermaidology presentations, etc. There will be small gatherings twice yearly. Raquel will present her mermaidology workshops four times annually for women 18 plus.  

The cottages in the village are appointed after the characters in Raquel's storybooks. 

After the gatherings and workshops, they'll be a time one might delight in a visit to The Carter Mercantile. The Carter Mercantile shoppe is where you may purchase Raquel’s published books and merchandise. There will be fibre storybook characters {made by the wool of the Florida Cracker sheep at the farm}, storybook themed tea sets, mermaid victorian household products, Victorian clothing, accoutrements {for the lifestyle of a landlocked Victorian mermaid}, planner/agenda systems and logbooks. These are to name a few.

You'll thoroughly delight with a cup of tea and scrumptious savouries & confections at MerryMaid Scarlette Rose's Bakery and Tea Cottage; take an excursion through Mr Sir Barbaric's Seaweed Garden, or see where the girls learn their mermaidling skills at Scarlette Rose Pond. 

Leaving A Legacy

Raquel desires to leave a legacy for centuries to come. Raquel is bestowing The Carter Settlement 501{c}{3} to the Preservation Conservancy of The State of Florida after her passing, in the expectancy to continue the bequest.

The Carter Settlement appreciates all monetary donations and gift in kinds. The most delightful way to be part of building The Carter Settlement would be in signing up for Raquel’s Patreon supported series, The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter (debuting June 8th 2021). If you donate to The Carter Settlement®© and would like a tax deduction {EIN} purposes, please feel free to email:, and we will send you the correct documents.

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