About The English Settlement

The English Settlement is a registered 501{c}{3} for~purpose {non~profit} organisation. The foundation of the organisation is based on the four human endowments: Mental, Physical, Social/Emotional and Spiritual.

Initially, the idea came to me {at the age of 19} that for women to raise healthy-minded, well-balanced children, we must first be healthy ourselves as mothers. I have spent my entire adulthood unearthing the dysfunctions of my childhood. After discovering the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I felt I had finely come home. I was raised in two very strict religions {The Pentecostal Church Of God and The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints}, and until I swam upon Esther Hicks {the law of attraction}, did I fully comprehend this state called physical life. Nothing ever seemed to deeply resonate with me, nor make sense before the discovery of Abraham.

Through a challenging time, I decided to homeschool my children. I noticed that my sons were struggling especially with feelings of boredom, lack of creativity, which in turn deeply related to the lacking of self-love. My dear son, Sawyer, struggled the most. He began having issues in the school system. He was ultimately terminated from three schools for mischief and engaging in unlawful crimes. He was failing school and was not going to graduate. The court system wanted to enrol him in an alternative school for delinquents. I said absolutely not, and I withdrew him from the public school system entirely. I took to creating my very own curriculum based on on the four human endowments with musical arts the main focus of his education. Under my supervision, Sawyer became a student of keen intelligence and graduated on time with high honours also receiving seminary graduation and his Boy Scouts Eagle. He excelled beyond anyone's expectations. I took this darling son of mine, and solely focused on all the excellent talents and abilities this child had and made them the forefront of his life. I encouraged his love for rap music and his musical icons {Eminem/Marshall Mathers}, being the leading artist that interested him.

I also created an entirely separate curriculum for my daughter, based solely on the arts and Mermaid methodology with the four human endowments being the centred focus.

I realised that when my children were excelling under the educational curriculums, I had created, that I was obviously onto something profoundly needed in the tutorial and emotional well being of youth, the world over. I basically sat on these ideas for over a decade. But I was continually creating newer ideologies, for when the day came to extend this educational concept out into the universe.

That day came, and it was nothing that I expected. My dear boy Sawyer was brutally murdered on June 23, 2019. I knew that I must leave a legacy for my darling son, as that would encourage my strength and ability to feel of value through this horrific tragedy. So, to keep his legacy alive, I founded The English Settlement. I knew that all the schooling and self-growth concepts that I had taught my son Sawyer would also inspire millions of other youth that also may have felt like my son Sawyer during his life visctitudes and hardships. When a child feels they aren't loved because of who they innately are, they feel hopeless, worthless and above all will have no sense of self-love. All children need to have a mother or mother figure to inspire them and to know they have greatness. The brilliant youth of our times have much to teach us. They beat to their own drum, and that should be admired and encouraged.

Through the workshops and retreats, this is precisely what you will be able to bottle up and carry home with you. The foundation of The English Settlement is unconditional self-love to the eenth degree. You will leave the workshops feeling all-powerful, and all~ knowing! The workshops at The English Settlement are a transformational life experience. There are many types of healers, public and motivational speakers, but those type of folks only pump you up for a moment. I am not saying there's anything wrong with those types, however, to restructure the brain and make lastly new habits, one cannot just be pumped up with dance and frivolity and then go home to the same environment. The change won't be long term lasting. It will be such as waves; in and out, up and down. This type of change is momentary. One must dive deep into the psyche of the mind and emotional well being of a soul. One must discover for himself why he is motivated to take action on his feelings and emotions. This is when change occurs and withstands a lifetime. A paradigm shift happens in the person, and they become absolutely capable of knowing how to create a life they love, all on their own. That is why The English Settlement is a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience. There is nothing like these workshops that has ever been created before now.

As women, there are times we each need to swim away from our daily roles to experience a place that allows for our inner mermaid to reveal herself. 

Young girls also need a venue where they can experience an atmosphere that encourages personal empowerment and self~love. Are you a young girl that loves to swim like a mermaid? Do you enjoy learning personal development skills? Would you like to learn how to sew your own mermaid tail, learn to grow healthy foods, meditate like a mermaid, or discover the exact techniques that the Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaids perform? There are many delightful pursuits to learn when attending The English Settlement.

For a girl to be delighted, she must love herself unconditionally. The English Settlement is a curriculum curated to remind girls of how to follow their heart. They will regain an understanding of who they are: a physical extension of Source Energy. It all begins with this reminder, which is often forgotten, or pushed down from other folks that are well-meaning but hinder self-love from expanding.

The English Settlement is the only workshop camps/retreat of its kind. It is an accurate north compass for women and youth to navigate through their lives in scales/phases. After the completion of their workshop experience, they will swim away with an in-depth knowledge of their self~worth, personal empowerment and capability of navigating their voyage through life. They will indeed be equipt in knowing how to follow their heart, be inspired and have the treasure trove tools to align with their dreams and desires.

We all desire to be truly happy, no matter the age. We also want to know HOW to attain it.

You are at the helm of your life. Would you like to take the voyage by allowing The English Settlement to inspire your way?
Allow The English Settlement to inspire you to unearth the beautiful sea siren or musical genius that dwells within. 

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When you purchase any items of Raquel Carter, 100% of the proceeds go to constructing and sustaining of the registered 501{c}{3} non-profit {for~purpose} organisation The English Settlement.
We can book facilities, such as Chinsegut Hill Manor {photo below}, swimming venues,  and all other lodgings for the retreat locations, as well as, all items needed to create a lovely experience for our guests.


Our dreamy desire is to one day be able to purchase a massive piece of land in the Hernando County, Florida, area and build an estate called The English Settlement. It will be a working farm with sheep, rabbits, chickens, herbal grown flowering plants/ medicinal cannabis {when legalized in the state of Florida and cultivated by my beloved gardener himself using the sinsemilla technique}, vegetable gardens, concrete ponds {wink, wink.. think Beverly Hillbillies},  for swimming with an underwater theatre, where landlocked folks experience workshops based on the four human dimensions. The farm will have designated thatched-roofed English Victorian Cottages for each precise endowment. There will also be The Flagship Mer~Cantile store where folks can purchase merchandise such as my storybooks, fibre storybook characters {made by the wool of the Florida Cracker sheep flock at the farm}, tea sets, Victorian products, clothing for a lifestyle of a Victorian lady, planner systems {based off of the cirriculums} and logbooks for self-development. These are just to name a few. My desire is for this foundation to leave a legacy for children across the United States of America, for centuries to come. I would like to leave The English Settlement to the preservation conservancy of the state of Florida after my passing, in hopes to continue on my sons legacy.
Chinsegut Hill Manor {Our very first "Follow Your Heart" Retreat}
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The English Settlement was created for?

The English Settlement is a for-purpose organisation that preserves the art of a balanced life through educating and enhancing the lives of women, and youth through the four human endowments. Our organisation teaches all of the dimensions that make for a well~rounded person.

Are you an entrepreneur starting your own business, a stressed-out mother, newly divorced, starting over at 50, or 25 and just beginning your life's voyage.

Are you a 12-year-old girl and love all things on how to be a real-life mermaid, enjoy personal development skills and desire to find like-minded friends who you feel comfortable around and inspire you to be yourself?

Are you a 12-year old boy and love all things music, writing lyrics, jamming out on your acoustic Taylor guitar, rough and tumble? Maybe you like to build things with wood, go on treasure hunts, etc. If that's the case, well then, you'll love The English Settlement workshops. The English Settlement is for you!

No matter the voyage you have chosen, you're feeling the inner call to do things differently. Might you uncover a more delightful way to grasp the challenges of having a great deal to do and handle? Perhaps you feel the need to work arduously to get results, but feel innately there must be another way. Do you desire to live your greatest dreams and desires, and would like the treasure trove tools to do so? Well then, The English Settlement is for you!

Are you ready to experience a reconnection with yourself? Are willing to feel alive and hopeful? Are you prepared to feel you CAN accomplish anything you set your heart to do?

The English Settlement is the workshop/camp for you!

{Raquel is a former mermaid of Weeki Wachee Springs which gives her indeed a most splendid advantage. She has been a real~life mermaid for over 30 years and has spent the last 10 years curating programs and curriculums specifically designed for both women and children/youth.}

Her mission is to use her expertise, knowledge and imagination to create the most unique non-profit organisation that has ever been developed.

All ideas, concepts, and brand ideas of The English Settlement are Copyright and Registered ®© Trademarks.

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