About The English Settlement AKA. Mermaid Junkie Academy

The English Settlement also known as Mermaid Junkie Academy {umbrelled}, is a registered 501{c}{3} for~purpose organization. It offers women a retreat or girls a 5-day camp. The foundation of the organization is based on the four human endowments: Mental, Physical, Social/Emotional and Spiritual.

As women, there are times we each need to swim away from our daily roles to experience a place that allows for our true inner being to float. 

Young girls also need a venue where they can experience an atmosphere that encourages personal empowerment and self~love. Are you a young girl that loves to swim like a mermaid? Do you enjoy learning personal development skills? Would you like to learn how to sew your own mermaid tail, learn to grow healthy foods, meditate like a mermaid, or learn the exact techniques that the Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaids perform? There are many delightful pursuits to learn when attending Mermaid Junkie Academy.

In order for a girl to be truly happy, she must love herself unconditionally. Mermaid Junkie Academy is a curriculum curated to remind girls of how to follow their heart. They will regain an understanding of who they are: a physical extension of Source Energy. It all begins with this reminder, which is often forgotten.

Mermaid Junkie Academy is the only workshop camp/retreat of its kind. It is a true north compass for inspiring girls and women to navigate through their lives in phases. The curriculum that was created is an all-encompassing program based on the four human developments: Mental, Social/Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. After the girls complete their workshop experience they will swim away with a deep knowledge of their self~worth, personal empowerment and capability of navigating their voyage through life. They will indeed be equipt in knowing how to follow their heart, be inspired and have the treasure trove tools to align with their dreams and desires.

We all desire to be truly happy, no matter the age. We also want to know how to attain it.

You are at the helm of your life. Would you like to take the voyage by allowing Mermaid Junkie Academy to inspire your way?

Allow The English Settlement {aka} Mermaid Junkie Academy to inspire you to unearth the beautiful sea siren that dwells within. 

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When you purchase any items of Raquel Carter, 100% of the proceeds go to constructing and sustaining of the registered 501{c}{3} non-profit organization The English Settlement.
We are able to book facilities, such as Chinsegut Hill Manor {photo below}, swimming venues,  and all other lodgings for the retreat locations, as well as, all items needed to create a lovely experience for our guests.
Chinsegut Hill Manor {Our very first "Follow Your Heart" Retreat}
Please know that we appreciate all monetary donations, and gift in kinds. If you donate to The English Settlement and would like a receipt for tax deduction purposes, please feel free to email: and we will send you the correct documents. Please see the donation PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

Who is The English Settlement/Mermaid Junkie Academy for?

The English Settlement is a for-purpose organization that preserves the art of a balanced life through educating and enhancing the lives of women and girls through the four human endowments. Our organization teaches all of the dimensions that make for a well~rounded person.

Are you an entrepreneur starting your own business, a stressed-out mother, newly divorced, starting over at 50, or 25 and just beginning your life's voyage.

Or you might be a 12-year-old girl and love all things pertaining to how to be a real-life mermaid, enjoy personal development skills and desire to find like-minded friends.

No matter the voyage you have chosen, you're feeling the inner call to do things differently. Might you uncover a more delightful way to grasp the challenges of having a great deal to do? Perhaps you feel the need to work arduously to get results, but feel innately there must be another way. Do you desire to live your greatest dreams and desires, and would like the treasure trove tools to do so?

Are you ready to experience a reconnection with yourself?

The English Settlement/ Mermaid Junkie Academy is the workshop/camp for you.

Raquel is a former mermaid of Weeki Wachee Springs which gives her indeed a most splendid advantage. She has been a real~life mermaid for over 30 years and has spent the last 10 years curating programs and curriculums specifically designed for both women and girls.

Her mission is to use her expertise, knowledge and imagination to create the most unique non-profit organization that has ever been developed. 

Raquel will be launching The English Settlement/ Mermaid Junkie Academy in the summer of 2019.

The English Settlement /Mermaid Junkie Academies are copyright and trademark registered ®©