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"Raquel refinished the front doors of our home and painted our garage doors to give them a "wood" look. She was great to work with and did an amazing job. I will call her again when I need her services! She is a wonderful person in addition to being a talented worker and artist...Our front doors are very large with vertical glass panes on either side of the double doors. It was in need of refinishing. There aren't a lot of experienced people in the area to do this kind of tedious work. The moulding on the doors as well, moulding... there are not many areas that are flat{!} there are ridges up and down, and it requires a ton of work to sand out the finish. Raquel hand sanded and refinished both doors. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!
Raquel is a conscientious worker and is very fair in her pricing. She is very flexible and talented. I am looking now to find more projects for her to do."

Jon and Cindy Gruden, NFL Head Coach  of  Oakland Raiders & Philanthropist

Mermaid Magical Manifesting Soul Mate Kit
Five stars *****

"Well worth the wait!! I don't even know how to describe this kit. It's homemade, heart~made, soul~made. It's so endearing and I can feel how more effort has gone into it than anything I've touched recently. I've known for years that I have a soulmate and I've had to journey through and resolve tons of inner healing {self soul mating} in order to get to a space to even be available for him. It's funny, I feel like the timing is very close, and I now have this chest as a safe to physically hold the intention and energy for my soulmate. His frequency is already inside my heart and now he has a place in my home that I can open and touch and smell, daydream myself into whenever the impulse arises." ~ Timm Romine

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