My Artwork {Mermaidlings And Little Women}

This is a few original pieces of my art. It gives you an idea of what I can paint for you personally. 
I shall leave a wee description as to how to place an order for your very own Mermaidling or Little Woman. Feel free to follow my shop link to place an order. I would be delighted to paint something for you. 


Each Thursday, I have a request day on my Facebook Fan page. If you'd like to follow along, I send out delightful and uplifting sentiments daily, as well.  

"For words of wisdom, and orator sage
I hope you'll find fondness in my Authoress page.
Yore lessons and landlocked folks who dare
Dear Victorian friend, won't you share it whilst
you're there?"

An original custom MerMaidling or Little Woman Illustration. 4.5" x 6". Each little painting is $20 sand dollars. Every little portrait is in sepia ink and painted with watercolours. I then infuse the paper with aged seaweed, flower tinctures and floral notes that I created from my garden at Carter's Cottage.

The saltwater is charged with rose quartz and moonstone crystals. I believe that sending my paintings into the world with a wee bit of magic adjoins a touch of whimsical charm and love to all those that collect my art. 

With each painting, I include a hand-chosen beach combed shell, that I have collected throughout the years.

For me to navigate through with your classification, please clarify your desires accordingly: 
~ Hair colour and length/ updo or down
~ Skin & or scale tone
~If you would like a particular historical era. 
~ If you would like to add particulars such as a pet, flowers, your Mermaidling/Little Woman in an active pursuit such a reading, writing, gardening, borders, etc. specify that as well. Each addition is $1.

I can paint your loveliest desire, so please feel free to explore your dreamy imagination.

Your Mermaidling/ Little Woman parcel ships worldwide through the US postal service in a medium-size photo envelope. 

If you would like to upgrade your parcel to priority shipping for trailing purposes, might you assure me before purchase? 
This upgrade will be $8 within the U.S. and $16 internationally.

Most affably yours til my next swim,

Listed below are just a few of my little originals to give you an idea of what my art looks like. 

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