The Carter Settlement is a way of life, a renaissance hearkening to the days of olde dedicated to furthering neighbouring villages by encouraging women and children to recall their flurry for a happy life.

The "Take Joy" Stillwater movement was inspired mainly by Tasha Tudor, Beatrix Potter and Laura Ingalls Wilder. 


Raquel has loved and collected substance to live and create a life worth loving for many years now. She's voyaged through worn pages, discovering the undercurrents of a world full of possibilities. Yet, the hearkening back to the days of olde and living in the 19th century is where Mrs Raquel always felt the most profound resonance. She longed to live a life of dreamy enchantment where fairytales become truly spun stories that have so wistfully occupied her pen over the decades.

Since childhood, Raquel spent her life living purely in her imagination. She dreamt up a life of flagstone cottages, thatched roofs, tea rooms, chickens, flopsy bunnies and sheep. She thought what a wonder it would be to create a world where one could escape for a moment and give rise to reflect on another time. How lovely would it be to take a carriage ride along dusty dirt roads in an actual horse and buggy? Raquel conceived of creating small gatherings where like-minded folks who enjoy the pursuits of days gone by, as well as transformational enlightenment, might gather. Every beautiful soul born strives to reveal what life is made of and attempts to unearth their true meaning of purpose. Yet, as human folk, we face hardships and experiences that challenge the very essence of who we are. How will we give rise above life's challenges? Are we tenacious enough to keep our dreams stirring within or falter in defeat when the waves of life toss us to and fro? 

In 2019 life dealt Mrs Raquel a terrible blow when she received news that her middle son Sawyer was brutally murdered at age 24. Raquel felt a deep compulsion to not become one of a grieved face in perpetual mourning and knew instinctively that her healing would be the device of her pen and paintbrush. So in the early mornings of a fortnight, she wrote a dedicatory storybook about a small black sheep named Sawyer Lamb (which will be released in April of 2022). She also founded The Carter Settlement, a 501c3 non-profit organisation, to create an endowment for her legacy and her son.

The Carter Settlement is a village for like-minded folks who align with an inherent knowledge of self and wish to enhance their wonderful imagination through visual and magical experience.


The Carter Settlement mission is to educate through transformation and demonstration. Mrs Raquel possesses a snarling slice of happy and determined optimism. The Carter Settlement boasts small gatherings and demonstration classes whilst learning to connect with oneself. Another aspect of The Carter Settlement is inspiring and bridging like-minded folks through the magical world created by Author, Illustrator and lifestyle icon Mrs Raquel Carter. The Carter Settlement is an English Victorian Countryside Village Bequest that enchants women and children with inherent spirit. One can visit The Carter Settlement to experience a celebration of life embellishment, new sensations of emotional well-being and restored hope of how to Take Joy! There are four primary measurements in which The Carter Settlement engages to accomplish the endeavours:
Mental, Physical, Social/Emotional, and Spiritual

Through workshops, social engagement, educational pursuits, celebrations and small gatherings, The Carter Settlement will broaden the heavenly truths and principles at the start of her grassroots little one-horse towne, Brooksville, Florida. 


The Carter Settlement was founded in 2019 by Mrs Raquel. She received federal exempt status and was registered as a charitable non-profit organisation bequest in the United States of America two months after her son's passing. Raquel feels as though an organisation to preserve her legacy while still living is a fine accomplishment in celebrating her life, work and Taking Joy at life's present moment. 

"Rabbits and gardens go together like springtime and rain showers, like seasides and merrymaids."~Raquel M Carter

Philanthropic investors interested in furthering The Carter Settlement mission through endowments or donations, please send an email to 


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The Carter Settlement, once completed, will be a replicated olde version of an English Victorian Countryside Village with themed cottages, a small church (a replicated schoolhouse/chapel from Little House on the Prairie), a tea room (Mrs Threadgoode's Pantry and English Tea Shoppe), Scarlette Rose Cottage, Mrs Carter's Mer~Cantile, Henny Penny's Henhouse, The Mermaid Apothecary, Sawyer Lamb's Cracker Shack, Mr Sir Barbaric's Water Garden, and Scarlette Rose Pond (The Academy of Swimming for Women and Children). Raquel intends on helping to conserve through agriculture farming by protecting the heritage breed (Florida Cracker) sheep. In addition, the Carter Settlement has cottage rabbits, chickens, roosters, flowering plants, vegetable and flower gardens. (To name a few of the classes to attend will consist of victorian baking, beekeeping, candlemaking, penmanship, swimming, writing, sewing, music, self-improvement, self-sufficiency, mermaidology presentations, and The Carter Creation workshops, etc.)

There will be small gatherings twice yearly and four large-special celebrations quarterly. In addition, Raquel will present her mermaidology workshops four times annually for women 18 and older. 

The village cottages represent characters and spots originating from Mrs Raquel's storybooks. 

One might delight in a visit to The Mer~Cantile, where you can collect Raquel's published books and merchandise or saunter over to Mrs Threadgoode's Pantry and English Tea Shoppe to delight in a cuppa tea, scrumptious savouries and confections. Along the way, you can waft through an excursion of Mr Sir Barbaric's Seaweed Garden or have a glimpse of where the young folks learn their swimming skills at Scarlette Rose Pond.

[The Mer~Cantile will be stocked with fibre storybook characters {made by the wool of the Florida Cracker sheep at the farm}, storybook themed tea sets, mermaid victorian household products, victorian clothing, bespoke victorian furniture, accoutrements {for the lifestyle of a landlocked victorian mermaid/merrymaids}, planner/agenda systems and logbooks.]


After her passing, Raquel bestows The Carter Settlement 501(c)(3) to the Preservation Conservancy of The State of Florida in the expectancy to continue the legacy.

"I dwell in optimism." Raquel M Carter

All ideas, concepts, and brand notions of The Carter Settlement, Stillwater and Mermaid Junkie Academy are Copyright and Registered ®© Trademarks 2014. *Mermaid Junkie Academy is a branch umbrellaed under The Carter Settlement. Mermaid Junkie is now known as The Academy of Swimming for Women and Children.

[The above photos are mine; however, they are simply a visual idea of what The Carter Settlement will resemble upon completion.]