Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

I'd be remiss if I didn't share this day with a relishing of one of my most excellent mentors and spirit guides. I've had a great love and deep appreciation for Beatrix since I was in my early teens. 

When I knew I was to become a mother, I bought all of the VHS videos of Beatrix's stories for my children to watch, and all of her little books to read to my littles as they were growing. 
I went on a lovely little trip to a book store back in the nineties, before having children and found a small journal of parchment and it had Beatrix Potter's quote and a sketch from Beatrix of Peter on the front. It ties with a pretty little ribbon. It's still to this day, one of my favourite tiny journals. That was at the time also that I began my fascination with her, straight away I knew I'd want to emulate her, which I most assuredly have. I wrote in my journal in April of 1993 that one day I'd have a little house bunny-like Beatrix and name him Oliver. I was manifesting long before I even realised it. 

I'd later invest many of candlelit nights reading and imagining a life just as Beatrix lived. I think that's why I have watched Miss Potter more than 100 times. 

I will celebrate today by having tea and biscuits from Britain {a recipe I found in a European recipe book years ago} and watch Miss Potter. I think I've read almost every book and documentary there is to be found on Beatrix. 

Today is Beatrix Potter's 151st Birthday!
Beatrix with Benjamin Bouncer {above}, the bunny which became the inspiration behind The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
Me with my house bunny, Oliver.
Me reading her biography for the 4th time. I catch something new each time I read it. I also will happily announce that I don't feel like such a peculiar woman because I also love to taxidermy animals. Beatrix was known to capture little mice, bats, toads, snakes, lizards and the like, as a way to see them and draw them accurate to life. Then she would let them free. She would also freeze dead casualties so she could paint them realistically. It may sound odd to some that read this, but to me, it's what makes for a beautiful artist. She very much appreciated art form and nature. 

I said at the beginning of this post that Beatrix is one of my spirit guides. After my transformational journey began, I really dove into learning and understanding more about Spirit Guides from Abraham Hicks teachings and the Law of Attraction. I realised that I was perfectly capable of channelling anyone, alive or dead to enlist as a spirit guide to encourage my dreams along. So of course Beatrix inevitably became one of them.

I also realized that even those that aren't here in physical any longer, still from the nonphysical are very much interested in the same type of things they were when they were in the material. Hence, Beatrix is very much alive with regards to expansion on the other side. I promise there are days that when I'm painting a little Mermaidling or Little Woman, I can here Beatrix say things like; shadow her nose here, or add a white dot of paint to that rabbit's eyes. She's always so forthcoming when I'm painting people. She will say ask Tasha Tudor about that, as people were never my forte'. 

Honestly, Beatrix has inspired my children's series of little storybooks about animals and merry maids. I think when they go to press and are published people will see such a similarity, and I will happily say," They remind you of Beatrix Potter because she helped me write and illustrate each and every one of them!"

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquel


  1. Lovely dear Raquel. I hope your books are published soon. Much success and happiness❤️ Suzanne xo

    1. Thank you dear suzanne... I truly appreciate it so very much!


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