Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dearest Friends...

This is my new simplistic blog that I created as a way of telling you a beautiful new story about me, with its own chapters of how I returned to what I call home after a long pilgrimage.
Many seasons have passed away and so many events have transpired in my life. I willingly have chosen to refrain from many of my disparities here on my blog; not for any other reason than I want to bring a part of my world to you, that's full of bliss and joy. However, I do share in depth occurrences on my Youtube channel as another outlet to encourage my healing and inspire others along the way.

This blog is my journaled documents as a still placid reminder of my spirited continuation of my returning endeavors back to simplicity, rebirth, awakened self-love, and acceptance.
I want this blog to be filled with the surroundings of simplistic beauty as my transformational journey continues, as well as a rebirthing of the woman I used to be before I allowed such trivial matters to conform my spirited soul and get the best of me.
I willingly chose this path of good old-fashioned feelings. I would love it ever so much if you came along with me as a way to grow in love and friendship.
Yours til my next swim, Raquel

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