What To Do When You're Upset Or Angry {According To Abraham Hicks}

My dear friends and Mermaid Junkies, 

Inevitably in life were going to line up with an experience which causes us to feel a negative emotion.
It's our inner compass telling us we've gone off, due North.

Once an upset has occurred, it's essential to be aware that you can't go back in time, change what happened or what was said. Do not hold yourself with guilt for your actions or your feelings of negative emotions.

We must get back on course.

When we don't address the issue it causes us to react in several ways, such as smoking a cigarette, eating, drinking, cut people off, slam doors, fight, argue, scream etc. and it makes matters worse.

I will inspire you with some things of how to make a resolution once an upset has occurred.

A UP-SET is actually a SET-UP from the Universe at large.

The Universe wants us to be aware of something, to awaken something within us that's not been acknowledged by us and the need to heal what is unhealed within us.

It's the Universe offering us an opportunity; an alert.

We need to place our conscious on the situation at hand and address each upset with validation.

Many times, we reject, deny or suppress these feelings when we should be allowing ourselves to FEEL them.

When an upset occurs, we are prone to fight or flight. It's our nervous system's way of protecting ourselves. When you are in the throws of the upset and are angry, perhaps breathe by taking nice slow breaths in and out and splash your face with cold water. Sing a song or hum to yourself. These things will relax your nervous system and acclimate normality within.

I'm going to list several scales of what causes an upset.

*An intention or desire that is opposed or prevented.
* an unfulfilled expectation.
* An ineffective communication.

All UPSET is comprised of one or all of these scales, for example:

My father gave me a truck and then repeatedly asked for it back. Thus not keeping his word when he made a promise to me. This caused me to feel bad, it hurt my feelings and triggered my unhealed emotion of distrust with my father. I felt abused, violated, and disrespected.

Most expectations are profoundly unconscious.

There is always deeper roots of an upset or an old wound. The trigger for me was the giving and the taking back of the truck. The truck wasn't the reason, it was a deeper wound of distrust which was the trigger. The hidden core belief behind the upset.

Throughout life, we add painful meanings to painful experiences. Mine was... my father doesn't love me as much as he loves things and money. He cares more about money than his own child. His word isn't his bond like he tried to teach me as a child, and he can't ever be trusted.

Now let's swim towards a solution when we have an upset.

Accept the experience IS and HAS happened and ALLOW IT.

Always keep in mind it's best for our expansion.

List in a notebook the positive aspects of the upset and how it is helpful for our healing.

Almost always an UPSET is traced back to an original trauma.

Find the original trauma, and write it down in a notebook. Validate the trauma.

Always remember that an UPSET is a call to awaken.

I hope this post inspired you and that it was an encouraging way for you to grow spiritually.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquel


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