January Beginnings

Hello friends, 
 I keep quite busy on the weekends spending time in the gardens, tending, preparing for a new growing season, working and completing many projects. As you know owning a home is a constant go of busy. I was heading out on one of my morning walks and noticed my neighbors were getting a new fence installed, so I asked them if I might could have their old fencing. They happily obliged. I have been breaking apart the panels and using them for all sorts of projects, such as a little house for Oliver, some signage to decorate the cottage with, a shelf and a hat rack for all my hats. 

Another photograph of a repurposed old sundress I made into an apron.  

I spent a few hours removing all the rusty nails. I didn't throw them out though. I am going to reuse them, as they already have that rustic aged look. (heh)

 I picked up a few things at the thrift store. A basket for .75, vintage dress for 2.00. After trying this sundress on and wearing it for the day, I have now decided to turn it into a skirt. I love that its linen, so I always feel linen is a great purchase. The way it fell upon by body I wasn't too keen on, so some ruffles and pleats will surely make it desireable to wear more often.
Picking warmed by the sun fresh heirloom tomatoes from the vine to prepare salads for supper. 

I could never wear lace skirts enough. I think they flow and I feel like a magical princess when I don them.
I go to the woods often. I found some bark and some straw to create some homemade tinctures for my art papers. I infuse and dye them before I paint upon them. I also charge my water with crystals for that extra whimsical touch. 

This is the selected photograph that's been chosen for the inside of my book jacket. I have been asked to create my author bio, but I havent started writing it yet. Who would've known it'd be so sticky to encapsualte my whole story into two~ hundred words.

Yours til my next swim, Raquel


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