Thursday, March 8, 2018

Finding Your Underwater Treasure Chest Of Abundance

Hello Sweet Friends, 
Many of you beautiful new readers of mine may not be aware that before my transformational tale began, I was actually a full-fledged Interior Designer. I have a degree in Interior Design, as well as, a certification in psychology behind Interior Design. I have always been an ever learner, so while my children were itsy bitsy, I was very prone to cook dinner all the while reading at the same time. I'd remove recipe books from my book stands and replace it with a psychology book. 

Last year my Beloved Gardener and I were so hoping to move to a beach house that looked very much like it was actually going to manifest. In the end, it did not. However, I know that everything happens for a reason. 

The life area of your underwater castle is always in the direction of the southeast. I have this poster above in my southeast room of the cottage. 
So for this year, 2018, I had set many new and exciting intentions and created a delightful vision board to coincide with my dreams for this lovely year. One of those particulars was to begin transforming the cottage, making it a gorgeous, serene, loving, wealthy and abundant place to dwell as a landlocked Mermaid. So it began on January 1st, 2018.

I put my Mermaid crown on and started to work through each room, and put to use those schooling years of design psychology. I thought that beings my soul was sparked with such wonder, excitement and joy for this journey, Id invite you to swim along with me, and I'll inspire you to do the same with your underwater castle... if you'd so fancy.
I have this poster in the abundance room of the cottage. 
 I'm going to share several treasure trove tips that will assist you in knowing what elements you should be placing in your abundance areas.


🏡  ~ The element of wealth and money is wood. So your magical mending will be to bring in a wood element, or an element that nourishes it. Such as water, water nourishes wood and earth element strengthens it. So for example, I put a poster of each of these waterfalls onto the wall of my  abundance area. Always make sure that if you use water in a photo that it's an active movement, such as a waterfall, instead of something like a still lake. I love still lakes, but stillness creates a lack of movement, newness, ever upwelling like oceans waves. Art with a wood element energy.

🏡  ~ Find art that really speaks to your heart. In this case, water is an expression of wealth for me. I'm exceedingly happy and feel great internal abundance when I look at the ocean or a waterfall.
 🏡  ~ Another tip is to be mindful of colors. There's a whole world out there with regards to color therapy {I'll write a post about color therapy for you soon}. In your magical mending avoid strong fire or metal elements and colors and shapes for your money area. Use colors such as greens and browns or colors of water such as blacks and blues. As you can tell by my blog overall and my social media, I am in love with earthy warm colors. So I chose greens, browns, and black.
 🏡  ~ I haven't hung it yet, but I wanted you to see my mirror {below}that I am planning to hang in my wealth/abundance area. If you choose a mirror, make sure it's a rectangle or square shape and that it's also framed by wood.
My antique wooden squared mirror for my abundance area. 

🏡  ~ Fountains are another lovely approach to your money area. Plants are another wonderful mending to bring into your money area. If you delighted in painting, you might paint an accent wall.

I certainly am wishing that this post was of every bit of service to you and that perhaps you were able to gather your own special loot to make your underwater castle limitless with money and abundance.

Remember to always use your own internal compass and personal map to navigate your spiritual transformational tale. If you have any questions, swim on down to the comment section of this post and leave me a message in a bottle. I am always tickled conche shell pink with your engagement.

And as always,

Yours til my next swim, Raquel

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