A Mermaid's Meditation Practice

Hello there Mermaid Junkies,

I hope you're doing well.

As many of you that are my super darling devoted tribe, know that as I began practicing the Law of Attraction {Abraham Hicks}several years ago, I also began a practice of meditating.

Meditating when you first hear of it, I bet it pretty much sounds like some crazy woohoo stuff. I was never quite familiar with meditation the way that Abraham Hick's teaches. I've gone to her Workshops in Orlando, Florida and they are wonderful. If you would ever like to know what it feels like to understand the feeling of speaking face to face with God, that's pretty much what it is. It's the best feeling you could ever experience.

When you habitually practice meditation, that's the same feeling you'll get, right in the comforts of your own home. You will feel and recognize the mastery of direct connection with Source/God/Universe.

I wanted to share my Meditation practice with you, in case you'd like to take on the challenge or begin incorporating the practice of Meditation into your own life.

Today I'm super excited to explain the scales/steps of meditation to you. For those of you that would rather watch my video, here's that on my YouTube channel video link.

So let's begin.

What is Meditation

Meditation takes us back to the core vibration that is unchallenged by the beliefs keeping us from what we want.

There are many forms of meditation out in the Universe. Some gurus say you should meditate for a long time, or no longer than a few minutes. I'm going to use this post to break down MEDITATION  incrementally through the practices of Abraham Hicks Teachings.

I only practice what I preach. I have been meditating the way Abraham Hicks recommends for over four years and in my opinion, it's the perfect formula.

One of the main things I hear women say when considering meditation is that they find it tough to sit still and be quiet. They get antsy, fidgety, or restless. Basically, they can't shut down their mind.

It's very true in the beginning. Just even the intention to meditate and sit still has resistance.

We want to quiet our conscious minds enough so that the non~physical mind is purely focused on all that we've become and the wholeness of who we are. If we can find a way to tune into it. The vibrations will begin to turn into thoughts and when those thoughts come, you will feel and understand, the pleasure and satisfaction of thought.

Not to be distracted by reality, but to experience the whole of our vibrational reality.

Whats in our VORTEX will come through our non~contradicted minds.

Our minds have been trained to be responsive to our conditions around us, that's why initially it's difficult to meditate.

We must focus on quieter.

🙏Wear comfortable clothing. Light a candle.
🙏Quiet your surroundings.
🙏Use an App with the sound of waves or a water drop from a faucet.
🙏Gather your notebook for your writing Art Of Appreciation {Etsy Shop} after meditation ends.
🙏Apply dōTerra essential oils on your reflexology points{Behind your neckline, thumbs, and earlobes} I use Balance, Frankincense, Intune, Geranium, and Lavender. I have some beautifully blended meditation notes {Mermaid Junkie Meditation Alchemy}in roller balls that I sell in my Etsy shop.
🙏Gather your crystals. I decide on what crystals I'm feeling drawn to on that day, so the crystal selections vary for me.
🙏Set a timer for 15 minutes. You never need to meditate longer than 15 minutes. Actually, Abraham recommends that you don't stretch it further than that.
🙏After you start your timer, begin listening to the sound coming from your app. Really focus on the sound. Take 3 breaths in and five breaths out. Keep doing this and you'll begin to feel yourself transition into a meditative state. Your head may even begin to move in a circular motion. You're in pure alignment.
🙏If you start to think thoughts other than the sound of the waves or the sound of the dripping faucet, which you will, just keep bringing yourself back to the sound. Each time your thoughts wander, keep the focus by bringing yourself back each and every time.
🙏After your timer ends, what source will do, is lead you to the first impressions from pure alignment.
🙏Don't be surprised if what Source guides you to, even if it seems odd. Abraham talks candidly in many of her videos about after her meditation once, she was led to move furniture around in her California home. If you want to listen to Abraham Hick's Youtube video here, this one is of her speaking of that particular meditation.
I truly hope this served you, and that you can feel super excited and happy about meditation.

I just know that if you try it, you will LOVE the practice.

Yours til my next swim, Raquel


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  2. Gia, I'm just seeing this comment, and thank you so very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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