Why Instagram Sends Women Into A Tailspin And How I Used Law Of Attraction To Understand A Life Lesson

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My dear friends

Pour some tea my darlings and let us have a visit. The title of this post is something I wanted to share with you now that I have been off of Instagram for over 3 months.

I was google searching a friends name the other day, as the only connection I had with her was from Instagram and I noticed she had deleted her account.
A mermaid I painted several years ago on tissue paper. 
I have no way of contacting her at this point. There are many things that i have learned from Instagram. Not everyone on Instagram is actually who you think they are. People use different names and create a whole new identity on Instagram. Before I dive deep into this post I wrote about our names {here} that you may enjoy. I start out a little slower pace but if you'd like to watch my youtube video, swim {here}.
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I have such a new and fresher perspective now that I am off of Instagram. There was a time that I had no desire to be on Instagram. I then began noticing what a lovely visual platform it was and I was hooked. I must have changed my handle at least 6 times. When you change your handle name that is like death to your brand. You practically have to start all over.

I know for myself that I am much happier not being on Instagram. Personally, my long term goal is to build my brand of being an author and artist, so I choose to focus on the platforms that are slowly but surely building that. My blog is my portfolio and my main source of income, so to me, it's a no brainer. It will and does speak for itself. I also happen to believe Instagram may not always be around, but my blog will. Investing so much energy and time into a platform, and doing stories that disappear feels very wasteful to me. I am keeping my head down and laser focus in on what will ultimately bring me the most success; my books.
My little story would be a lovely gift for any occasion. I think it would be delightful for a baby, easter, or even Valentine's gift.

Book available for purchase {here} 

"We lose ourselves and find ourselves in books." 

I believe too often women get caught up in the fast-paced fad (Instagram) and do not think long term. I have always thought long term. I think with a legacy mindset. Women have abandoned their blogs for the fast-paced recognition of follower count and brand deals they are getting now. What happens when Instagram goes away. Things are constantly changing. I remember when vine was a thing and it's completely gone now.
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Here are a few things I have learned from Instagram based off of The Law of Attraction:

1. Instagram is partly tactical but mostly energetic.
2. When you love what you do, and have a passion for it, you will have a highly successful account.
3. When you start pushing hard to increase a following, you aren't in alignment, and you will soon become frustrated.
4. Ease and flow is the way to view Instagram.
5. Always add value to others.
6. Adding value and the followers will come. We too often chase and push after things with arduous efforts. This is the opposite of allowing, such as the law of attraction teaches.
7. We attract the kind of Instagram followers on the same vibrational frequency that we are at.
8. If we become jealous of others on Instagram, it has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with us. When we see others doing and having what we want it brings out our inner desires from our own vibrational escrowed account.

How do you feel about Instagram?
I shall write soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquel


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