Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Beatrix Potter, Be Still, My Victorian Mermaid Heart {And Big News!}

 The Lady Of Shallott hanging in my foyer. I purchased it from allposters.com. I am obsessed with anything John William Waterhouse.
My dear friends,

I am in desperate need of some biscuits to accompany my tea today, won't you deliver some to me at speed. {smile}

I sent out a delightful video from my youtube channel, and for your pleasure, I have embedded it below.
I went this morning to renew my driver license and then came home to work a bit more at the cottage. I am having a little estate sale in two weeks so I have been bustling about in preparation.

In the video if you didn't feel up to watching it, I eluded to the many things that are bubbling up, but that I can not speak of too much at this stage. I promise you will be the first to know as soon as I get the thumbs up to disclose the news. So to keep you in the know, sign up for my newsletter, "The Current." The link is on the sidebar, or the pop-up banner appeared when you logged on. I love all of my subscribers. I truly appreciate you being a part of my life and I will never let that go unnoticed. {smile}

In this particular development, it is very much a hurry up and wait... scheme. It has been rainy and soggy all this week here on the coast. I do not complain, as I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the climate. There is nothing better than a delightful slumber on a rainy day in Florida.

My daughter Zoë Kennedy is 19 and we have face timed a bit recently as she is moving into her own apartment with her girlfriend. I am as pleased as punch for her. She is truly enjoying her freedom as an adult. I remember those moments myself, but I was already married and soon to be pregnant with my first child at the age she is now. It seems bananas to ponder such a notion.

I hope you spent a moment to watch my video, as I shared some details and behind the scenes ideas about my artwork and my storybooks. I think it is a lovely thing to interact with you each as if we are really true life friends. That is what friends do, is it not? They share their ideas and fun exciting news with each other, and also when needed lend a shoulder to cry on. You each have become so important in my life. I just want you to know that. Thank you for always showing up to read my little ole' blog. because of you, I am able to earn a living doing exactly what I love.

I shall write tomorrow.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Take Joy - right? I love to say that and figured you would appreciate the phrase😊
    PS have you ever read "A Gift from the Sea" by Anne Lindberg? I think it would be up your alley.

    1. I love it! I have never heard of it, but I am going to go to the library and try it out. Thank you for the recommendation. Hope you are well....


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