The Art Of A Bonnet {How A Landlocked Victorian Mermaid Dresses}

 My dear friends,

Did you have a lovely St. Patricks Day? I had a most lovely day. Jeffrey and I made Guinness stew and I made some Irish soda bread. I was intending to make the Martha Stewart scones but decided not to and just remain steadfast in my traditional Irish Soda bread.

I am a member of the closed group on Facebook called Take Peace. It is a fan page dedicated to all particulars Tasha Tudor and keeping her legacy alive. I have become dear close friends to the administrator and I am especially appreciative of her friendship. All of the ladies in the group are such delights. It is a place of truly like~minded souls coming together in camaraderie.

There is a blog that is called  Visits To Corgi Cottage, that is written by a woman that was close friends with Tasha. She writes about their adventures. If you are curious about Tasha you most surely should follow along. It is restful and most interesting. She quoted Tasha once when they were on an adventure as saying,

"Let us bring bonnets back into style."~ Tasha Tudor

Well, I surely agree with Tasha wholeheartedly, don't you?

We must be courageous women and create our lives just as we would so love to live. I am a woman of boldness, and self-determination and aspire to withdraw that from others as well.

Many years ago, when I was attending my church ward for the first time after moving to Orlando, I wore a big beautiful stain rose wool hat to match my lovely lace dress and woollen coat.

After a few weeks of attending, I noticed an especially lovely woman that was dressed very elegantly. I went up to her and complimented her on her Jackie O wardrobe. She immediately began complimenting me for my courage to wear hats in public. She said she saw that I was wearing hats and it gave her permission to wear her hats too. I love that! Don't You? That someone so sophisticated looked up to me for my fearlessness.
From that day forward and the next 8 years while I was a member of that congregation she wore hats pretty regularly. I believe this is a true testament that we each are great examples to people whether we know it or not. It makes me smile to know I inspired someone to be more themselves.
I posted my latest video from my youtube channel below if you would like to watch. let us have a  little chit chat, shall we?
Do you wear scarves or hats? I hope that after seeing the video or reading this that you might feel a bit more audacious.

 I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. OF COURSE I wear scarves AND hats!!!! What a boring life it would be without them!|
    I wholeheartedly believe that each and every woman should stand out in her own magnificence (whatever her special and unique traits, whatever her size and age)- not to blend in for the fear of looking like a confident Goddess!
    Well, of course I'm saying this to you now after my transformation :) but I must admit I've always adored (and worn) hats and scarves! I had something like 60 or 70 hats (never counted them really!) and when I moved from England I donated many of them. I still am the proud owner and wearer of about 35- 40 maybe hats (for all seasons and occasions)- and still adding some new ones every year to my collection. I wear them all. And I always bump across someone who compliments me for how beautifully I wear them, and for being "different" and unique.
    As for scarves, I have boxes full of them, and I use them all. I also used to design and paint silk scarves in my teen years (and since a decade ago), and still have several of them.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Much love,
    Monica xo

    1. Wow! I remember having that many, in my {old Life...teehee} before moving so many times, and getting my divorce. I do love that I haven't ever really spent that much money on mine, so I feel they have been easy to replace. I really like the one I recently picked up at a charity shop. It has a flat top like back in the 1700's. I am sewing today, well, I should restate that I am cutting out my pattern for a 1830's pioneer dress. What are you up to? You said you were playing dress up. Muawhhhh... I love you! Raquelxxx


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