4 Ways To Scale Your Business

I'd like to speak to you ladies that are interested in scaling your business. I am not attempting to do anything, except to inspire you to align with your goals, dreams and desires. We all have particulars that we want to achieve.

Whether that is turning your blog into a business; writing a book, or selling your art and crafts.

I see many women lead a conversation by saying, "I do this as a side hobby." In my previous marriage, my husband was the means of income, so in essence, I didn't have to worry about making money to pay for necessities such as the mortgage or water bill. Basically, I could play with no degree of stress to provide financially.

I have discovered it created in me a lack of self-worth and deep insecurity. It also made me feel highly co-dependent. Nowadays, I do not admire those feelings at all.

You may find this post is of no interest to you, and that's true, okay. Or, perhaps, I've touched you in some degree, as there has been a time you've thought similarly to me, and in that case, continue.
There are women that desire to earn an income, and I think it's time we take ourselves more seriously.

When I left my marriage of 24 years, I knew I had to be more responsible. Furthermore, I chose to walk away empty-handed. I did not ask for alimony or a settlement of any kind. More than anything else, my beliefs had to do with pride and showing I had something to prove. I was determined not to feel each month my happiness was dependant on begging for money. I despised the idea that I would have to subject myself each month to "asking for my allowance." Or much worse; chasing down a check every month hoping and praying my ex was not in a controlling mood. Friends told me horror stories of their ex's using money as leverage, and mind games, so I believe I was a bit leery.

I believe you each are my internet friends and feel I should distribute my knowledge. I have learned much along the way, and think it's pertinent to help each other. Were it not for the internet of free information, I wouldn't be as well equipped myself.

I think I am like many creatives; a spiritually natured woman. We struggle with the ability to ask for a sale or come across as business-like.

I am transparent when I say, "I used to scoff at the idea of businesswomen." I had the vision of women in suits and not very ladylike. It was how I was raised. We were to be the dainty mothers of the home; tend the children, nurture their spirits, and leave livelihood to the men. I still have idyllic visions of this; however, I have grown immensely now, having been through a divorce. I have created new beliefs for myself. I like the feeling of independence. I love being in a marriage because I am blissfully happy, not because I can't survive without a man. I can't say this was always my truth. No amount of money can buy happiness. I should know, I've tried it. {smile}

I want you each to know that I share this information with you in the most humble of ways. I do not say it as though I now have my life all figured out. My life isn't wholly tidy, but I am not fearful of admitting that. I do, however, live with an abundant and optimistic attitude.
No matter what the state of affairs my life is in, I am not going to wait until I have uncovered all the truths. I live in the NOW.

I have learned that a portion of living the law of attraction, is that we will never get ALL of life figured out. We have enough life experiences surfacing to keep us each busy for several lifetimes. I do hope to send you off with the four ways I have scaled my business, and I encourage you to take them to heart. I will always stand by the saying, "everything is about our vibrational energy, and the beliefs we hold."

4 Ways To Scale Your Business

1. I faced my fears about beliefs and money

You may have heard of this so many times, it's almost become cliche. I think frequently we are afraid to admit certain things, especially if our fear is attached to an underlying belief. It may even be that we aren't aware of what we actually believe, nor understand how each theory is connected with one another. In the recent past, my greatest fear to have money was directly related to a lack of love. I believed that if I had wealth, I couldn't have loved it too. I was told by many folks, and whether that was from books I have read, speakers I've listened to in the past, or friends, I began believing that if I genuinely became wealthy, I would be without my mate. I am still working on this each day. I am getting better as I build new beliefs surrounding wealth and love.

When our beliefs are challenged by fear, we will self-sabotage. If we truly believe something and it contradicts with what we've manifested, we will inadvertently get rid of it. There were many times that I would get thousands of dollars for a job and I would spend it feverishly. To truly change, we have to recognise what we are doing.
I use a focus wheel for this as one of my exercises. If you want to know how to use a focus wheel, here is my video on youtube explaining my process.
2. I write down my dreams every single day as if they've already happened

To some people, this may seem like a silly little exercise. I adapted and created my own little planner pages when I began actively living the law of attraction, and I have had so many things manifest. I believe it's single-handedly one of the most essential tools I have used to scale my business and my life.

If it would make you feel more comfortable to put a religious nature to it, think of it as faith. Remember in the bible when it speaks about the faith of a mustard seed; how if we just believe, it will come true? That's exactly like the manifesting in regards to the law of attraction.  Too often, women get hung up on the words. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, perhaps use new words, and you'll still get something of value from this post. If nothing else, I desire for my words to provoke thought and contemplation.

In the law of attraction, we must "act as if" in the present tense it creates in our mind that we have done it already. Have you ever done this before? When I desired to meet my soulmate, I would talk every day about how I had already met my soul mate. I would say all the things I believed he was. His smell, what he loved, his voice, height, how I loved his curly hair, that he had a full head of hair, etc. I acted as if we had already met, even though at the time, I had no clue who Jeffrey was. The universe doesn't see a lacking, so as soon as we go into the belief of KNOWING something, the world goes about to manifest that for us. Everything is thought! I manifested Jeffrey in 2 months, and he is everything and more that was on my dream list.

So for instance, when you decide to make your sheet of dreams, write it like this: I AM a multi-millionaire. You must state it in the NOW. The next step to getting this to work is to get your belief to become an actual knowing. Many folks say to me, "oh, that affirmation stuff doesn't work Raquel. I have tried it, and I never get what I want." The reason for this is because the "KNOWING" hasn't taken place in the person. I can say sweet affirmations all day long, but unless I KNOW they are to happen, they won't happen, period. You can't BELIEVE something is going to happen, you have to KNOW without a doubt.

This is the key to actual physical manifesting. There is also a gestation period when it comes to manifesting. Just as you wouldn't want to birth a baby right after conception, some things do take a period of gestation. So be mindful of that little nugget too.

Set your laser focus on where you are swimming. 

3. Have the courage to ask for what you're worth

You could term, "asking for the sale" as cringe-worthy. Many entrepreneurs would say this is because we struggle with being afraid. I mean, in the least degree, it's not about fear at all. I know a lot of folks that have no fear of asking for a sale and yet their business is rubbage. Would you like to know why? It is a false belief. Many folks are walking around believing and telling others that making sales is all about being fearless.  

Here's the key to making sales. It has everything to do with vibrational energy and self-worth. Have you ever met someone and they seem to get what they want? Or they do things that we deem to be unkind. However, they still thrive? In your mind, you are thinking, what is this joker doing. Why do they seem to get all the pieces of the pie? 

This is the reason. There is a vibration of knowing, a significant amount of self-worth, self-love and know they'll receive all they desire.

Last year, when I first began doing my author readings, I did the first reading without charging an author fee or asking for them to buy my books.

I knew if I was going to scale my business, I had to ask for what I was worth. It's a beautiful thing when you ask for an amount, and you receive it. You have to know that you are worthy of abundance and the universe will give it to you.

4. All hands on deck {Arm yourself with knowledge}

I would like to stress to you, that for you to accomplish your dreams and scale your business, you must learn all there is to know about your business and yourself. I learned everything I know for free. I used google, youtube videos, books, podcasts, etc. I did not pay for courses or classes. I used all the resources I could get my hands on to learn everything to equip me with knowledge. There is nothing you can't do with the help of Source/God. Not one single thing.

Remember that. Too often, if you are running on lack mindset, is when other businesses/ entrepreneurs will try and sell you something. Do not fall for this bill of goods, especially if you are just starting out and you have no budget for your business. Every penny counts, so don't waste it on some course you can learn for free elsewhere. 

Most important of all, I want you to swim away from this post with the confidence that you can and will make your dreams come true and create a business that thrives. The word thrive is strictly how you define it. I never want my dear readers to feel a scarcity when reading my posts. All too often, many folks are living in this fear mentality. I refuse to live that way myself, nor do I plan to have this blog be anything, but uplifting and optimistic. Everyone seems to act like things are dire straights, and many try to put you and your business on a time table.

Do not listen to these type of folks. If you remotely feel like they are attempting to pull the wool over your eyes, trust your instinct. I will go to my death bed saying to you each, always follow your heart, always. No matter what your life and business look like right now, have confidence in your voyage and know that you will get there.

My dear friend, have no fear of depths, for in the depths is where your treasure lies. 

I shall write again.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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