Thursday, May 30, 2019

3 Pearls Of Blogging Wisdom From "My Blogging Secrets" By Amber McNaught

You know those moments when the universal Gods see fit to bring delightful souls into your world; indeed, today that would be the day I'd come to truly like Amber McNaught. I'm not quite sure how I came to find her, but if memory serves me, I think I was scrolling through the Instagram discovery page {before deleting social media a few years ago}, looking for bloggers. I'm drawn to natural redheads of Scottish/British descent such as myself. {You can read this post if you are curious as to why}.

I was immediately drawn to Amber, most especially for her wit and should I have been surprised she's also Pisces like myself? 

So, in the celebratory fashion of my discovery of Amber, I wanted to give her a lovely book review. Her book “My Blogging Secrets” was a gem and a delightful read.

After reading Amber's book twice, I found many pearls that were poignant. Three secrets stood out to me that I found it exceptionally useful.
1. Amber used the Law of Attraction (perhaps without knowing.) 

I'm not sure Amber is a gal that practices the law of attraction; however, she writes in her book that she never really spent time reaching out to brands for collaborations. She let them come to her- her job was to make her blog phenomenal; in turn, they would seek her out. I love this so much! The law of attraction at work, here. When we commit acts {such as reaching out to brands} out of need and lack, it translates into desperation. Most brands will ignore bloggers when they are vibrating on an energetic scale of neediness. I will also say that if brands work with bloggers and they get taken advantage of or have to chase their money after a campaign; it might be time for the blogger to look within. If this is the case, they have misguided money beliefs. Bloggers attract similar brands that vibrate on the same disc. This is not my opinion of Amber at all; I'm speaking on the opposite of Amber and who she's attracted throughout her successful career as a blogger. It's not a coincidence Amber’s had a highly profitable blogging career. If a blogger struggles to get her earnings, she vibrates at an energy that is vibrationally screaming, " Brands never pay me; I'm constantly being done in!" If this is the case, it's most likely the blogger sending out the belief into the universal realms of lack and unworthiness. We always receive what we send out vibrationally. It's a universal law.

2. Transparency

Amber is a no-nonsense woman, and if you've read her blog for any length of time, you already know this. She also writes with a brass bit of sarcasm, which in my opinion, is very charming. 

She writes candidly about how long it took her to begin seeing a difference in her blogging success as she didn't get serious until that day in April of 2013.

Transparency is something many bloggers that have written blogging books aren't always forthright. The books I've bought mostly read like this; "buy my blogging book, follow all the advice, and, you'll be the next, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of Skinny Confidential." Mind you, Lauryn has a blogging book too, however, I have yet to read her book. I will confess though I've watched many of her videos on YouTube, and I've been reading her blog for year's, and she's a dear soul. One of my favourite and most touching posts Lauryn wrote was about her mother's suicide. I told Lauryn that through Instagram, and she was so sweet to start following me. 
What a dear heart she is, and I don't believe many see that gentle nature of her straightaway.

Too many women are mimicking successful bloggers, and in the world of blogging, it's becoming like the world of the Kardashians. Let it be known I believe highly in diversity. My confidence is for women to be unique and unearth that special something that ONLY they possess and cram it into every aspect of their blog, life and branding. Most assuredly with the utmost poise and grace, of course. (smile

3. I learned about technical aspects, such as SEO and tags. I placed them into practice and saw immediate results

This topic has always been something I've shied away from until now. Amber speaks about things like code, for example, with the ability to make it easy. I think our instinct is to avoid things we don't understand. In my case, avoid and disinterest comes to mind. I'm creative and technical things, to me, are as annoying as the song, Angel, by Sarah McLachlan that appears on the ASPCA dog commercial. Someone bloody destroys that commercial for all that is sacred!

I'm not too fond of technical things; however, Amber gave it an added lift in teaching that we can all keep our wits about it. I also didn't have a choice either
. If I was going to make a go of blogging, I was going to have to learn. Immediately I put Amber's secrets into action, and my stats went up by 2000 page views a day. I attribute Amber’s book to my stats being somewhere around 9,500 a month now and I suspect they will only increase as time passes. So, yes indeed her book is a blogging book chocked full of wisdom and secrets.

You can find her book here if you're interested. Be kind and spend a minute writing Amber a lovely review. Self-published authors really appreciate reviews, as they help build stat traffic and Amazon rankings.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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