Monday, November 4, 2019

Am I Missing My Son, or Just Out Of Alignment {A New Perspective On Death}

My dear friends, 

I am taking a moment from making my little coordinating straw hat to write up this post for you. {Smile, I love you, dear friends}. I have been working on the bonnet to match the brown work dress that I made yesterday. The straw hat will be for everyday wear. I just love a straw hat, don't you! I have already begun listening to Victorian holiday Christmas music, too. Can you believe it? If you know me well, you unquestionably can believe, huh? {smile}

As I was reminiscing while pulling rows and rows of thread from my straw weaving, I began thinking about my dear children. To be quite honest, this morning, I was alone at home and started thinking about all of the photos that were taken and the ones that never will be taken, because my darling Sawyer won't be here.

There was a Facebook memory photo that came up, and I began weeping like a small child. It's good for my soul to cry, and today it just came upon me without hindrance. I allowed myself to feel the emotions because I believe I must identify my feelings and delve into what is causing me to discern my present state. That way, I am capable of inspiring others to become aware of their emotions, too. 
Now, this may come as a shock to you. When we say we "miss" someone, it's not actually us 'missing' those that have departed. It's our soul out of alignment with self. Before you go and get your bloomers all in a bunch, {wink, wink} allow me to explain something that I learned about death, self-love and the emotion of missing.

As I was/am going through the grief of losing my son, I knew from a prior study that when we struggle in feeling a loss of someone we love, we WILL, surely cry. It's a normal human emotion of relief. Crying is the act of releasing the resistance that we have built up. Have you ever wondered why you always feel better after a good hard cry, or why you become very exhausted after weeping? It's because you have released resistance. The resistance is when we as humans push against our natural state. Our natural state is one of allowing, ease and flow. But how many times do we push hard against death or something that is happening in our life, instead of allowing it to happen? I know, for me personally, before Sawyer died I was spending almost all of my state of mind in the form of pushing against. I think it's pretty standard, to be honest. We are taught that to accomplish anything or to experience the circumstances in life, we are basically, on our own. Oh, yes, we say that we have faith in God/Source/Universe, but when it comes right down to it, how much faith are we actually possessing? I speak from my own experience here, and, well, until my son passed, I was a big talker and not much of an actual doer. I now have a new perspective, and that is one of absolute faith. I now know that Sawyer, Source/God are one in unity. I trust most ardently that I will receive all that I desire and that I am worthy of. It may sound somewhat morbid to some folks, {and if it does, they aren't my people}, but I have come to KNOW my dearest Sawyer much more so, in a way that I would have never been able to if he was still here in physical. 

I knew straight away, that to hear Sawyer through higher consciousness, that I have to be In a state of high vibration. If not, he will not be around, nor will he be able to abide with me. Here is another question for you. Have you ever wondered why that when someone you love has passed away, you never see them, or feel like they are no longer giving you signs that they are still very much alive and around you? Or that when you are upset, angry and use strong emotion towards God/Source that you feel as though your petitions aren't being heard?

When our loved ones are no longer in physical form {such as Source/God and now my Sawyer}, we can ONLY communicate with them if WE are in FULL Alignment. Sawyer, God/Source dwells on a vibrational plane that is of the highest energy, at all times. Source only sees us in our most elevated form of pure positive energy and as mighty creators {unconditional love}, so when we are crying and feeling lack, God/Source looks the other way. Not literally, but I am trying to explain the Law of Attraction in a way that makes sense without confusing the dickens out of ya. {Hehe}
For me to be able to reach for Sawyer and find him, I have to be in the highest of alignment. We are much more able to communicate with our dearly departed loved ones when we are looking for them where they are now, not how they were in human form. They are no longer looking at the way things were when they were here, they are focused on the now and eager for more to come.  They do not see or view items the same as they did. So, If you ever feel you can't see or hear someone that you want to communicate with, try to remember that we as mortals have to seek them in the state of FULL alignment.

Guaranteed, they will begin showing up all over the place. I love that I can be in alignment and always have Sawyer with me. I talk to him all of the time, and he actually plays with me. For instance, I just asked him to help me with my photos on my blog, as I was struggling with uploading. I had absolute faith, he would work it out for me, and in a matter of seconds, it began uploading. What happened? I now have total confidence in my dear boy. I trust him that he loves me still, and wants the best for me, just as God/Source does for each of us, however, when I think of my son Sawyer answering my petitions/requests I feel a high acceptance that he will always give me what I want. I have had a physical relationship with him. I remember the physicalness that was him, and I resonate with him because he was with me at one time. Not that I don't know God/Source because of course, I do, however, I have the absolute KNOWING with Sawyer because he was literally with me in mortality. Does this make sense? I think that it does to you, I hope so, anyway. Dear friends, thank you for being such lovely women that I can talk with and build such beautiful friendships with. I adore you so much!

I would love it if you shared your stories with me. Do you communicate with your dearly departed? I believe as our friendship grows, we will have more supportive unity. Our self-worth, self-love and trust will more widely develop. I'm so glad you're here. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, raquelxxx


  1. What a timely post. Just yesterday, I teared up "missing" a dear friend who passed on nearly 5 years ago now - seems like yesterday. The funny thing was I was smiling thinking how she would find certain things to her liking. I was happy for her. I too know she's with me and I love that! Can't you just hear Sawyer's voice saying "Mom, it's easy - here." And your photos are uploading. Hugs!

    1. Oh my! That just made me tear up... yes, I can hear him Joey,and it makes me so very happy. I just love having you as a friend. Thank you for sharing. It means the world to me. I need to hear things like that, it does my heart good.

  2. Typed and retyped and deleted and retyped. I'd just like to somehow say that you are heard, and cared for, and appreciated even though I've nothing to add to the conversation. I do feel my ancestresses with me as a sort of steady "cloud of witnesses" in a real/veiled way; have for decades. The passing over of a child, though - that goes so deep it implacably shifts a person's understanding of every little facet of existance. Much love to you, thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. Kimberly, Thank you so very much. I do very much feel heard, cared for and appreciated. I am so appreciative of your constance in kind words and friendship. It means so much to me. I know that anytime I'm feeling especially down or happy, even, that I can log in and know my dearest friends are here to chat it up with. I just love that about blogging. Have a glorious day, I adore you. Love Raquelxxx


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