Sunday, February 16, 2020

Are You Constantly Dependent And Sucker Fish Stuck With Detached Mates {I'll Shed Some Scales On Why This Happens}

My dear friends, and Mermaid Junkies, 

I am so happy you're here. I have the most fun thinking about all of the loveliest topics to cover on this here ol' blog.

I have to tell you, there is nothing more exciting than thinking about what to write, and how to try and inspire you, my darling pod. That would be you dear ones! Have I told you that my first love is writing? I'm sure that I have, I tend to state that on repeat to anyone with a listening ear. {smile} I am so appreciative for my most beautiful dreams coming true. But that's not why I'm writing to you today.

I am writing to share some tack~tical treasure trove tips on how to inspire you in your desire to definitively attract that gorgeous mate into your life. This post is inspired by my dear Pisces on youtube, that has watched my channel for years. I wouldn't be where I am today were it not for you gorgeous beings that have swum beside me from the beginning. Ocean kisses and starfish wishes to you each!

I have a cup of tea to my side and Oliver Twisty Topsy beneath my feet. I'm going to write this post while my paint dries on a commissioned piece of artwork. Hello Susan, and thank you for buying so much of my art.

Have I ever told you that I take small commission orders on the side? Heh! You know that I have. I bet if you'd hold still long enough, I'd paint you. {Not really, cause that'd be all weird and stuff. {heh} If not, you'll be happy to know that all of my art is original and not prints. I think that having the real original art keeps the positive energies flowing through our beautiful world. I'd love to paint you something most unique for you. Send me a comment here, or you can contact me on my Etsy shop {to the right}.

Also, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I have partnered with Blick Art Materials for my project of the release of The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. Let me tell you why I wanted to partner with Blick Art Materials for this book release. So, back in 2014, remember how I said to you that I had not picked up my paintbrush in 36 years? And then when I did and began painting again, I felt this sense of pride within myself that I can surely do anything that I set my mind to. I also believe this about you, dear friends. At the time I began diving back into the swing of painting, I firstly, took a few dollars from my budget and went to the crafting store and bought a pad of paper, an eraser,  an inexpensive palette of paints and a few brushes. I started charging four dollars for each piece. I wasn't perfect, but I was appreciative that others took notice and encouraged my love for painting. That still means the world to me!
I'd be super thrilled if you swam over to follow me on ye ol' gram, and Facebook. I'll tell you why. No worries, I won't be making you jump fences to qualify in winning. However, the reason for the follow on Instagram and Facebook will allow me to gain a bit of exposure from the Blick Art Materials account. The notability will be excellent for my brand and the selling of my books. I am having a giveaway in the celebratory fashion of my next childrens storybook set to release June 8, 2020, "The Tale of Sawyer Lamb."

If you recall this is the book I am currently writing/illustrating about my dear boy Sawyer. I am madly in love with how beautiful this little storybook is revealing itself. What I plan to do after you follow me on social, is place your name in a fishers net and I will then select three mermaids to each receive a $25.00 gift card for Blick's Art Materials Store. You can even redeem it online if you don't have a store near you. So, no worries if you aren't close to a brick and mortar. Honestly, this store is so fantastic and full of so many lovely products.

So, now that I have talked about the business aspect let's chat about what is the deeper reason for dependance on others and why you may continue surfacing with the same type of mate. 

Many years ago on my youtube channel, I spoke about mating with your own soul. Swim on over and watch that video if you haven't already. Here's another video of determining whether you're a rescuer or a taker in your relationships.

{Please don't brutalise me for the video. I was just starting out, and I was a nervous Nelly on camera. look past that to glean some useful information.} 

Go ahead, I'll wait.

I'm going to share a few things from my personal experience that I feel are the reasons we attract these type of folks into our lives. The long and short is that we attract what we innately desire from that place within us that has a lack. What I mean here is this. I used to lure men into my life that were never available or committed to me and continuously needed rescuing. It always became about me enabling them because I would try to rescue them. Basically, attempt to be their advocate. Why? Because I wanted to be rescued, however, I had to learn first to rescue myself or else I would continually find that same kind of man. It was always a different face, a different place, but the same thing ended up revealing itself after the honeymoon phase of the relationship was over. 

When we don't fully love our own souls {mate with our own soul} we are actually sending out into the universe, the vibration within ourselves of what we want/need to be fulfilled. So, for example, when I tried to find my soul mate, I watched enough youtube videos of Abraham Hicks to know that I had to mate with myself first. If I hadn't worked on myself, I would have attracted the same type of person that I desperately wanted to escape from, which was at that time, my husband. When I say you must mate with your own soul first, that doesn't mean you have to spend a particular amount of time before joining up with someone. I always try to remind folks that whatever decisions you make and however, things evolve in your life, it's still perfect for you. Too often people think that if they make individual decisions about love and they seemingly go bust {especially in relationships} that they are wrong for it. This simply is a false belief. Don't buy into that hogwash. You are always getting your life right, no matter what decisions you make and no matter how things turn out. The contrast in relationships has a way of teaching us such profound things about ourselves.

Matching up with a mate, thus becoming dependent on them, will cause them to swim away. It's because using another person as OUR Inner Being, instead of using our OWN Inner Being creates fear and a lack of freedom. The mate then energetically picks up on this co-dependency and therefore exhibits feelings and character traits of becoming distant/detached. That's too much responsibility to place on another human being when that should be something we have/must do for ourselves. When the partner feels that dependence, it's only natural for them to run or swim away. The number one thing a person wants is to feel happy and to have freedom. 

How to overcome this is to mate with your own soul. I know, I've said it a dozen times already, but it's real and bears repeating. Once you mate with your own soul, you will no longer care about what that other person is doing. Which creates in you the self-confidence that you don't NEED anyone, and that will pivot into the other person WANTING to be with you. They will begin showing signs of a desire to be attracted to you. Honestly, once you let go, is when they will come and rest in your palm {so to speak}. What usually happens in relationships, though, is the two become co-dependent on one another to receive happiness, and to feel good. When what should be happening is to mind your own business and stay focused on mating and falling madly in love with yourself.

Can you identify with this post? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

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