Instagram Insincerity, A Follower Count Is All About Vibration

Saturday, May 30, 2020
[I originally wrote this post last year, and then yesterday, the president signed the executive order targeting social media and seeking to change the 230 section. Once in effect, the law will also limit all government funding and taxpayers money given to social media outlets. We may be seeing extreme changes concerning how the world looks at social media if even social media platforms stick around. We are now actually looking at it going away altogether. It'll be quite interesting, to see what happens admittedly.]

A few years ago I read this post on Forever Amber's blog, and as I was seeking a post idea, for today, I noticed I had written a similar post that remained in my draft file for goodness knows how long. And since the pandemic is still a thing, and every Tom Dick and Harry is on Instagram {perhaps not for long though}, I thought to myself let's jump aboard Raquel and beat a dead horse, shall we? It's my way—Get over it. You'll come to learn. Err...

Okay, back to what I was saying.


Where am I?

Oh yes, for a minute there....

So, yep, I'm doing it again—the everliving Instagram. I am the type of blogger that is continuously thinking of the end game and want my blog posts to be evergreen; I'm going to write this post about Instagram; however, I'll throw a twist in the knickers, so to speak, just to make it valuable for years to come. That's my plan, anyway.

(I know you might be thinking to yourself" Geeze girl get a grip already." Can we all just move the hell on? Anyone, anyone, anyone at all. Can someone tell Raquel most of her demographics don't even have an Instagram account?)

I know, I know you don't want to hear it and God knows I never wanted to, either. Don't shoot the messenger. I came to realise through some experiences on Instagram that I was energetically sending out a wobbly/ unstable vibration, and that's what I was attracting in my followers or lack of, should I say.

{Let me preface this little ol' disclaimer, of having followers does not make for being a more influential person than another. {Is that what someone says that has very little followers? hehehe} Honestly, though, in the extended scheme of things, Instagram is a place of inauthentic curated images to appear one way but in fact, most times you're seeing the highlight reel of someone and not what goes on behind closed doors. I know this from experience. Additionally, we can only hope that the photos are curated to some degree. I mean honestly, have you ever thought to yourself let's leave all this ugly shit right in the camera angle to feel we're very transparent? Who would do that? No one, that's who. Well, no one that has any sense at all. I don't need you to be, that transparent is all I'm saying. The object is to show the beauty in photography and pray to baby Jesus people understand you are still a real person too, though, but you also enjoy a good photography shot. I will even say that I'm appreciative for the wonderful folks that I've met now after starting my new Instagram account. I feel I've finally begun to find my tribe, and that feels especially lovely. I currently use Instagram the way I do Pinterest, to funnel traffic to my blog."Raquel, you little user."}
Isn't hearing the truth for the birds sometimes? Especially when we must take responsibility for all parts of our lives, whether that's a hard-knocks life lesson or something seemingly minuscule and of all things called Instagram. Now, if you're not into the law of attraction, that's understandable, but if you'd give me a few minutes to make my case, you might see your social media followers in a different light. Hell, you could use this same concept for more than just Instagram; it can apply to many things in one's life. It's going to take me some time to explain this so bear with me. I'm about to diarise the hell out of this post, but you'll like it though, I promise. Err...

If you're anything like me, {and Lord knows if you read my blog, I hope in some way you relate to me}, when Instagram first came about, I had barely just signed up to Facebook, and I did even have a cell phone at the time. So that tells you how out of touch I can sometimes be. I seem to be a late bloomer in all areas of my life. Anyway, after I discovered Instagram, I was smitten. Follower count and that kind of thing wasn't even an issue then. The culture has undoubtedly changed, just as it does with everything. And as dear ol', Martha Stewart would say,"  It's a good thing."

Back in 2018, I left Instagram {deleted my account entirely} because honestly, I was starting to have mental anxiety and emotional self-worth issues, all because of Instagram. I couldn't hack it anymore, so I left. After my boy was killed, I realised what was and was not important. Instagram fell under that column of unimportance; however, I felt that in leaving Instagram I was yet again running from something within me, and I wanted to get ahold of that, if not for any other reason than to understand myself a bit more. See, when I feel uneasy about something nowadays I'm quick to {after the stages of emotions have transpired} I seek to unravel my internal pinnings. That's what helps me to make sense of things, and understand more clearly what makes me tick. It's also why I write posts such as this, as writing is my way of healing and expansion. Here's where things began changing for me, and yes, the universe allowed this initial understanding to start with the tiny little app called Instagram. In the past, if something disturbed me or I wasn't feeling good, I would retreat, run and hide. That went for anything. If someone told me off, bullied me, got mad at me, or even as silly as even the unfollowing me on Instagram, I would run away. I started to get angry with some women that I considered my Instagram friends {because honestly, we were}, and then they checked out on me, and I never heard from them again. Still haven't, but I'm perfectly happy with my tribe now. Come to find out; I needed to weed out the fake people on the internet.
My first reaction was always to be upset and then go away and secretly brood about it. But nowadays, I tend to confront anyone that has an issue with me. I've learned to take up for myself. I'm not going to tolerate someone mistreating me. Even if I have no power to change them, I will speak my truth and be transparent. Because, yes, I know everything has to do with my attraction, and it also has to do with the attractor. It's quite petty and more to do with that other woman if she chooses to block me on social media or no longer be friends with me because I don't do the follow for following thing. Can someone say childish? Grown women in their 30's-50's blocking people. Have you ever? Err... and the funny thing is those women think it's something they can make go away {their disdain for me}, but those feelings of blocking and control will creep back up in their lives until they change their beliefs about how they look and view their world. But, like I've stated a million times on this blog, it's not my employment to make women see the light. I'll write about something, and the universe will attract the right readers. Women that I love and that love me, a community of well being, if you will.

"  There's never a crowd on the leading edge of thought." ~Abraham Hicks

{There I went all bad-ass, but half the time I just let it be, because those women that are downright insecure and claim to be grown-adult women who act childish because I called them out on my blog, clearly have some unresolved, comparison, lack, scarcity, issues! Some women that act like victimised spoiled sports and truthfully I don't have time for that kind of low energy pettiness. I more so want to bring light and love to women. I want to make and keep friendships that are honest and true. And what's interesting is that I must be high vibing, because I rarely see these type of women crop up anymore.}

As I began to notice that when I truly let go of my results on Instagram and allowed my truth to come through, I glimpsed I'd get followers and quite a bit of traction on a post. On the other hand, if I were trying too hard, I would attract inauthentic people. So what it boils down to is vibration. If we are lining up vibrationally we will see traction, however, putting any kind of self-worth or cyber validation into an app will surely do a woman in, especially if she is remotely desirable of feeling accepted and loved by others. I'd also like to place a clause in here too that relying on the algorithm on any platform is problematic. Remember a higher plan for the inventor of apps is to make money ultimately and to keep folks on the app for as long as humanly possible. Time equals money for investors of social media.

We must be steadfast in our truth and be true to ourselves, and when we follow this rule, the right folks will swim to our feed. And truthfully I wouldn't want it any other way.

Speaking of Instagram, do you want to follow me?

Five ways to uncover how you are vibrating with Instagram

I. Before opening the app, make sure you're in alignment and high vibration.

II. Check-in with your emotions and pay attention to how you feel when scrolling through. When you notice your feelings get a trigger from something you're looking at, take a note for later.

III. Return to your note with your triggers and write down what made your emotion change. What caused you to shift in your feelings. Write that down.

IV. Once you've begun to make your list of triggers, you'll start seeing a pattern of the emotions you are experiencing. I'm not saying this is the main reason, but 90 per cent of insecurities, powerlessness and comparison on Instagram has to do with self-worth issues.

V. How to move into a space of healing these triggers is to work on your self-worthiness and self-love.

Would you be interested in another post on how to work on building self-worth and self-love? Let me know in the comments.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Twitter is the one I battle myself over and have recently decided that I needed to figure out a way to move through it instead of deactivating all the time. Will be using your five steps. `Glad you are back on Insta!

    1. Amy Amy, I've missed you... How have you been doing? I can totally see that with Twitter too. Isn't it nuts how social media affects us as women? I'm so happy that the five steps will be put to use. I still use them daily. Always keeping myself in check. Ya know? Raquelxxx