The Age Of Enlightenment {Our New World}

[I wrote this post last year originally, and then yesterday, the president signed the executive order earmarking social media, seeking to change section 230. Once in effect, the law would also, limit government funding and the taxpayer's money given to social media platforms. We may see drastic changes concerning how the world looks at social media if even our most popular social media platforms stick around entirely. I blush to admit it, I am quite interested to see what it will reveal when It's time to draw a line under this whole unfortunate episode.]

{UPDATED: Original Post-May 2020}

While seeking an idea to write about, for today, I remembered I had written a post that remained in my draft file on social media, and a new educational revolution that I am eager to prompt into the hearts of the people. So with the pandemic seemingly ‘still an element’, for many folks I thought it a great idea to write about these topics beings many folks have jumped aboard to quill their boredom. Allow me to provide for you a scant of reading and thought. 

I signed up to Instagram, again but only temporarily. The way the world is looking with over one billion users, I am finding that I have become a bit excited for the direction social media will lead to, ultimately. I believe Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Tik Tok and a few more will dissolve completely. I have written often on this here ol' blog that I have always had the wherewithal to see things far in advance, and this is another one of those divinations. I think “in the end" steadfastly. I intend for every post I write to be of benefit and contain evergreen material. I'll throw a twist in the knickers to make it valuable for years to come. I desire to create content that is a wee bit entertaining but mainly  for value in inspiring others to be free thinkers, nurture self-love and expansion.

(A bit of a side note: I would download your photographs or any type of materials that you would not want to be destroyed. Nothing on the social media apps are owned by you or I and can dissolve them at any moment).

I have all of my blog posts backed up, and I also have every one written down in long hand, so I have all of my bases covered. I learned that in 2017 when my blog was deleted and many of my domains were cyber squat on by a few unfortunates that shall remain anonymous. Always keep a paper trail. I have admonished many that know me, and as a mother, I taught my children this principle. When my children first acquired places to live, I admonished them to know what they were signing, research the fine print, keep a paper trail and never alone go on someone's word. In my great grandfathers day, a handshake was considered your word and bond, but that simply is not the world today in which we live. I should like to see this return, where our word is our bond. We do have the capability of living in a world which I believe is around the bend of going back to many of the old ways. Perhaps more lovely little general stores, feed stores, hardware, small local food markets where we the citizens of the community have grown and sourced our own foods, goods and services. We begin at the grassroots level.  I should like to see my vision come to be by using all of the old mansions and vast estates with large agriculture built in the victorian era to create an education where the people govern themselves, allowing for the education of teaching cirriculumns to children based on the four dimensions of human development.

 "I dwell in possibility."~Emily Dickinson

I have visualised this for nearly two decades, where we become one nation and govern ourselves. We are the masters of our own domain. I know by experience that teaching the young to have a voice and nurture self worth creates a world of independent people. We do not need governing by government, but we should be governing ourselves and it begins at the grass roots levels. I should love to see a country as before 1871 when we were truly a free nation. We would also buy, build and manufacture in the USA and do away with outsourcing. I think it would start us afoot a revolution, which I have been banging on for the last two decades. This is why I created specific curriculums for my children when I homeschooled. I didn't like the standard way I was informed I should {and firstly forced while in the public school system}to teach my children, so I made up my own curriculums based on my children's character and personalities using many old ways {victorian} of life. My children learned the four dimensions: home management skills, gardening, sewing, self-sufficiency, economics, handwriting, penmanship, spirituality, agriculture, artistry, and the list continues forthwith. My children were raised to possess a spectacular character of honour, they were well educated in life skills and most importantly,, to believe and love themselves. All three of my sons also received an Eagle. If you know anything about scouts, It's not an easy feat to receive the honorary eagle scout rank. It's an 8% of all scouts. They knew they were wonderful human beings, and because of this, they are highly successful adults. I couldn't be more proud of my children because I know I instilled in them the 4 human dimensions that make for extraordinary beings in society.

There are always two sides of a coin, so in my course of action with this post, I wouldn't want to seem devoid of common sense by stating that all things such as social media aren't good and shouldn't be here. No. That kind of mindset of eradicating all forms of self-expression is a very controlling and fear-based mentality, and I'll not concede to that. I think folks should always have the freedoms to decide through their own consciousness of what they deem appropriate, by using a code of decency. It's important to have differing opinions. We would never know what we did want if we had never experienced the opposite, using ones godlike state which we all individually possess. The next step in this domino effect of creating beautiful happy, healthy souls that walk the earth is to inspire the mothers/ caretakers to be mentally healthy themselves,, and that trickles down to our future generations. If we then have children being allowed to know their own minds {not controlled}, this is when we will create a whole new world. I call it "The World of Enlightenment." We have a nation currently from the outside that seems in extreme distress, but I shall not stay quiet if my conscious prompts me differently to state my optimism despite what it appears. My truth, all is well and everything will most assuredly end well. I stand by my truth, unwavering. I have seen even more folks in my surroundings fall by the wayside of not believing in the good of the world. Things are working together for the good of this great nation. People are losing their footings of faith, and that is quite unfortunate, but there is an awakening upon us. Let that thought of lack be beneath your dignity. When in times of crisis {and I know this very well} it is the very moment when those that aren't what they claim come out from the shadows. I love that concept. I think of it similar to the metaphor of war. I chat it up with my dad often as he is a disabled Vietnam veteran and in war you allow the enemy to reveal themselves through waiting it out til the very end. I call it the smokescreen effect. The enemy has no idea you have them surrounded, {not cornered} until it's entirely too late.  In fact, you let the charade go on for so long they have no idea that all the workings are underway and nearly complete. The enemy looks on the external in 3rd dimension, where the other is living in a fourth dimensional mind. When many are using surface tactics, the mind is the starting point of all war and all strategy. I like the mindset of playing chess while an opponent is playing checkers. My dear son Brooker tried to teach me how to play chess when he was a wee lad and whereas I never quite got the hang of it, I did learn many valuable advantages some of which included patience, opposition and no matter how dire it appeared I had the capability right down to the very second of overthrowing my opponent and winning the game. One person in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.

{When folks wonder why children are so enthralled with social media or things that are seemingly folly like, it's that children desire to have fun and always escape from their feelings of misaligned emotions. No soul ever born on this planet begins a course that is off. It is taught and instilled. This can all be untaught. I know how to do this very successfully. Take my experience of the trauma when my son was murdered, and I smoothly transitioned through the process with an extraordinary amount of ease. Dont be daft in the assumption that I am robotic, for surely I am the same foot of clay as the rest. My explanation to my capabilities is that I know the workings of how to utilise my  personal power; my god state. I remain the happiest and most joyful woman in the world, and that is not an exaggeration. To many that sounds off and "abnormal" but I am here to stand in my absolute that I know the mysteries and I'm immoveable. 

Although this post is about social media,  I also feel it's important to explain the inner-workings of such things and not just seo a post to gain traffic to my written content. That is not my objective. My objective is exactly what I would suggest to every person reading this, and that is to find your passion and use it for the good of our world. When my ol' bones have withered away, I will have left my mark, be it small or grand it matters not, only that I did my portion and left my imprint. We all have a part to play and we must be permitted to play it. {This reminds me of the episode on Downton Abbey when Lord Grantham and Matthew have the heart to heart about Moseley. Matthew wanted to begin eliminating the household help because he was uncomfortable with having a valet. I received from that portion of the episode that what Lord Grantham was trying to teach Matthew was that we all have a right to be who we want to be, and we should be permitted to do so accordingly.}

This is the only true nature of why we decide to make the journey to earth. Plain and simple, that we may have joy and expansion. When the world seems to be a devoid of order and love, always know the world has been here for billions of years, it will continue for an eternity and when all seems awry know that the unmasking is at hand. What mark will you leave? What mark will I leave? We have come to a time when it's about truth, boldness and courage.
I'll share a little snippet with you that happened a week ago. I was rattling on to Jeffrey Shawn that I felt malice had ceased to be  amusing among my fellow relations towards one another on facebook. The discord was telling. I knew from hindsight this was the truthfulness of a character-reveal. Although I am not one to judge, I felt it most suitable to leave the disharmony, however, that was not my chief reason for breaking with the platform. A few days later, I listened to a brilliant woman on a podcast, and she remarked on something that moved me to action. In the 2000's when the bank bailouts and housing debacle was in the forefront this lady was one of the women fighting the bailout. She proceeded to say that one day as she was writing out her check to the mortgage company for her personal home, she realised the exact company she was fighting with was also her personal banking company. She then said she had a moment of clarity, "If I keep banking with this company, I am apart of the problem." Her words stopped me in my boots, and I thought, brilliant! How often are we saying we want change, but we rarely do anything to change it ourself. I won't deceive you. I struggle to stop shopping at amazon or buying at the big box stores like Walmart. Although I know they are controlled by China, I still march my arse to the shoppes and make purchases. I still haven't deleted my Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. However, I will add a feather to my cap, as I have begun making changes, and will continue to do so as long as there is breath in my body. I have begun looking at where everything is made and stopped buying those products, most especially china products. I even went so far as to make sure my products are made in the USA. We have so many lovely things made in the USA. I have always bought locally, but now have a heightened awareness to buy from small businesses. I am buying from all of my local vegetable stands, farms, flea markets and small shoppes. If I see a book on Amazon, I will find the small business that also sells the similiar item and buy from that company instead. It may seem at first that our little drop of influence is not much in the vast scheme of things, but this not true. A ripple effects the entire ocean at scale. So I recommend we begin little by little evaluating ourselves by being courageous and bold! Change is upon us, and I am as pleased as punch. 

I also feel it's important to place emphasis on allowing folks to go at their own pace when change is afoot. We all beat to a drum that is unlike any others, so tread lightly and don't be a Becky sharp pointing out this and that; stay in your box. Mind yourself and be on with your own trail. Rome wasn't built in a day, and our new country and government won't be built back in one election cycle neither. I will continue to separate my own chaff, and I will hold myself accountable accordingly. 

"To be a master of metaphor is a sign of genius." ~Aristotle

" There's never a crowd on the leading edge of thought." ~Esther Hicks

 I surely intend this post will bring solace to you dear friend. 

"I dwell in Optimism." ~Raquel Carter

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Twitter is the one I battle myself over and have recently decided that I needed to figure out a way to move through it instead of deactivating all the time. Will be using your five steps. `Glad you are back on Insta!

    1. Amy Amy, I've missed you... How have you been doing? I can totally see that with Twitter too. Isn't it nuts how social media affects us as women? I'm so happy that the five steps will be put to use. I still use them daily. Always keeping myself in check. Ya know? Raquelxxx


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