Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Plot Thickens And How Beatrix Potter Guides My Book Writing

My dear friends, 

I hope your January was well and good. Did you celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen on the 25th? I'm as happy as a clam, and I have a spring in my step despite the fear-mongering, negativity and hopelessness that seems to be prevalent in this country right now. I often feel as though the world is chock full of such fear-based living, and it's utterly revolting at the ones that claim religion are also the ones that perpetuate the fear by continuing to bring it forward every chance they get. I have such lovely family members and while they may be well intending with their reaching out to people attempting to teach repentance and so forth, it reminds me of the quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.” The best thing for religious folks to do is to live their lives through example and allow others to come to know themselves by their own accord and timing. The world needs less calling out folks whether one believes they see fit or not. It's clothed the same way, only plunked on with a new mask and relabeled, but truthfully it's the same regurgitated mindset. I often think of how often someone has to keep pushing the back up against to realise those tactics do not ever work long term. The perpetuation of division, negativity, and judgement is not helping anyone. This subject has been in my craw long enough, and I plan on swallowing it with this post. There are more war, hatred and fear by folks that claim to be chosen to spread the word of god; however, I find that behind most foes messages are ones of a condescending climate which reads like a penny dreadful. “I'm good, your bad. I'm found, and you're lost.” I think these folks that spread such alarm are the true ones that are the most insecure and off-course. To be quite frank, the one barking the loudest is the one that needs the most change. So that is something to be grateful for I suppose. Do you know that exacting formula is the most unloving? Folks can drape it any way they desire. You can put lipstick on a pig, call it caring, but it's still a pig. It's like the mum screaming at their child “don't you know that I love you!” When in that state, love is the furthermost from their mind. Do they realise that mindset does precisely the opposite of bringing love and uniting folks? The staunchness that these folks have honestly believe that they warn others of the peril that awaits those they've deemed lost. I'm here to say that type of mentality is absolutely so off from being in alignment I couldn't wave my distress flag in the wind high enough. It's the farthest thing from love towards one's fellow man and from the one they call God. I'm sure you've heard the story of the beam and mote. These folks are blind. As a matter of fact, they couldn't be more off. If they want to create even more division among folks, especially in a time like this, keep pushing that narrative and seeing where it goes. I speak firmly on this because I have known this type of variance my entire life, and it does more hindering than helping. I could easily say I'm not going
to speak on particular subjects, but I must tell you, I will not bow to anyone. If I stay sat with my mouth closed, I'm not being true to you nor myself. I will stand upon my pillar for I am immovable. I will share my mad mystic ideas, and I won't falter one bit. I can rest my case that we all have to experience our own awakening. It's certainly not going to be by some woman on social media rattling on in attempting to shove religious beliefs down folks throats. Have we learned nothing? Force never works, and that includes shouting about how one thinks another should live. It's none of anyone's business how others live. This always happens. You give a small-minded person a forum, and they let the power go straight to their heads like strong drink. It's easy to say things in an environment where it's cushioning and cosy, where most friends believe similarly. Still, the standing alone, beating the drum of that same notion while everyone abandons you is when true courage and boldness is shaped. This is why groups are formed. Most folks are too weak to stand alone and remain strong in their convictions. They need lots of collectives to back them. That's weakness, and it will fail. I want to love others unconditionally, and inspire folks to start putting their faith in their very own Godself. True love teaches others of their own divine operant power and only focuses on what one has control of, and that is only oneself. When folks know of their own strength, that's when independence rings and nothing feels more exhilarating than that of freedom and personal power. I appreciate these folks that are authoritative in their beliefs. Still, making folks who claim to be their friend feel awful for where they are along one journey of enlightenment is disingenuous, critical, and holier than thou judgemental. I learned from personal experience. I do not take things personally because the truth of it is that most folks are either easily convinced, persuaded, quickly distracted, and quite frankly selfish. Believe it or not, at the end of the day ALL folks are more concerned about their own lives than anyone else’s. That's not a wrong aspect, and in fact, it should be this way. I advocate for selfishness. We are all selfish, whether we want to believe it or not. I'm not here to convince anyone. All I'll say is, test it. Attempt to prove me false in your findings. You won't be able to, but I challenge you none the less. Being an author and sharing my life on this blog is what I am meant to do, and I’ll not hold back for fear of hurting someone's feelings. True love is telling the truth with heat. If I were to be lukewarm, you'd spit me out. My presence will be made known. This kind of fight will be a fight of the minds willpower, the physical brawl is old, tired and worn out. 

Because of the honesty, I am prevailed upon to write about in my life; it also gives rise to being scrutinised to the olympic degree. Without going into the depths of the subject (which I usually tend to do with numbing regularity) I'll not bang on about it much longer, except to say, I would rather know where I stand with others because I speak my truth than to stay sat and bang on about surface ideals and be misled by believing others stand by me when truth be told they do not. I want warriors next to me at days end. I want spiritual soldiers, loving novices and warriors that are far more capable of handling an attack when it's on the mind than on the body. You won't make it out alive and in good standing, if you are weak-minded. I will stand on my pillar and speak my truth, and if those who are impressed to turn away from me, well then that proves simply it's another way of reducing the multitude. For my darling friends that have stood by me, thank you. I know you genuinely appreciate me, regardless of how I believe or live my life.

I merely want to inspire millions through my writings and books. That's the beauty of my material; you have the choice to open a book and buy it, or open the computer and read my writings. It's your choice. I'm not dependent on you, nor are you dependent on me. It's a win-win. I am so happy that I am the woman I am because I don't pretend to be something I'm not just to have others ‘approve' of me. I know through experience not being true to oneself; it is a terrible way to exist. You would think folks would take to my every word since I'm spelling out in explicit detail on this blog how to make dreams come true, and the formula for true happiness but many are too blind with jealousy, anger and ignorance to see the pearl of great price. So well it is. It is written, and it must be this way. 

Now let me get on with my other portion of this post, shall I? 
Have you ever wondered if it were possible to communicate with those that have transitioned? I'm here to encourage and inspire you that although some of our greatest heroes/loved ones have passed on, it's still very much possible to receive messages, information, promptings, inspiration and comfort.

I'm sure that if you've read my blog any length of time, you know that my son Sawyer passed in 2019, and that set me off on a path to make sense of what happens when a person passes on from this earthly experience. When Sawyer passed, and I was experiencing the loss of my son, the afterlife was something that I became determined to explore. All through my developing years engrossed in two religions, reincarnation was considered dangerous, but let me tell you when you've experienced two beliefs (strict ones at that), and they have failed you time, and again you will become such as I and explore. An appetite for knowledge will invade your senses, and you will be more determined than ever to understand. Subsequently, all people simply want to be authentically satisfied in this world. We want to find real joy and happiness, and we will stop at nothing to get it. So when my son was killed, you can bet I would comprehend what happened and no one was going to prevent me from it, not anyone and not ever. When something like losing a child to murder happens to you, see if you don't exhaust all avenues to makes sense of it and then come back and attempt to judge me. I say that very boldly because I know you won't, you would not. You will deeply understand me. I'd put money on it. One day the thought came to me, and I was brought back to how I was raised believing in theology that if nothing ever indeed does die and lives on for the eternities, then I knew there had to be a portal of communication with those on the other side of the veil. I immediately experienced the warmth and ideas with Sawyer, so I knew I was onto something profound and undeniable. 

A few thoughts began flooding my mind. When I was a small child, and I was taught to speak to God, and he heard me, then I should be able to speak to others, and they would listen to me and communicate back. It would have to be through signs and tangible agreements but also telepathy. The channel is the same, and I would just need to know how the other side communicated and what were the elements of having the pathways open for the reception on both accounts. The other thought was that; if I love the way Beatrix Potter painted, and I wanted to paint as she did, I thought she would be very excited to channel through me because she had a love for it while earthbound. Spirits never die, so those talents don't either. There is no respecter of persons. Most if not all Christians believe there is a respecter of persons, but that's because most folks have the Bible all wrong, well-intended but they've got it all wrong. If AM is God, and I am the operant power, my higher consciousness has access to those that are non-physical. 

I want to share another personal story with you that now today makes complete sense, but I was baffled at the time of it. This will help you understand how I have grown from where I was at one time in my spiritual journey. Directly I have told you that I was raised in the Pentecostal Church of God until the age of 17 and then I joined the Mormon church and was a latter-day saint until the age of 44, so my understanding and acceptance to theology was quite fierce and close-minded. I was a bull when it came to being persuaded; roughly, it didn't happen. I was pregnant with my first son Carter, and he was going to have to be taken through cesarean because he was breech. I had been preparing for his birth by reading many books, and one that I read about the surgery scared the sunrise out of me. It was visual and showed the procedure in graphic detail.

I became terrified of my own experience because of the images. So then, that energy began vibrating within me. I go into surgery to have my boy, and immediately they didn't put me under complete general anesthesia, so I could feel the surgery happening. It wasn't painful, but it was pressure, and I knew the doctor was slicing my tummy open. I began panicking, repeatedly stating I can feel it! I can feel it! Well, the doctor became alarmed and said to his assistants “put her out now!” When I was out (under anaesthesia), I had a near-death experience. Yes, the tunnel and the white light that everyone speaks of, is a literal thing. It's true what they say about going towards the light except for me I didn't go towards the light, although it was there and blinding to me, I floated above myself and all the folks operating on me. I remember my consciousness (there are no real words consciousness is telepathic) I kept asking, as I overlooked everyone below me, who are they?

The voice said back in response “they are all gods working in unison for a great cause. You are a god, and they are Gods. We are All Gods.” I said I want to go (towards the light) because it was truly heavenly and perfectly indescribably wonderful. The voice responded, “you are more than welcome to come.” I then said that I wanted to but that my errand wasn't complete because I wanted to raise my child.” I stayed, and I remembered coming back into myself on the operating table. So allow me to set that stage again, I was in my religion deeply, yet when I had a near-death experience, I saw everyone from a higher consciousness perspective: we are all gods. Today it makes sense to me, but at the time, I couldn't make it out. It baffled me for another three decades while in religion. There is another way, and just because I refused to see what the real truth was, it was there all along waiting on me until I was ready to receive it; to awaken. Nothing has force over our free will, and I would learn that too in 2014 when I made a plea with the universal Gods once again. I'll save that story for another day. But I can assure you it's a real treat to read also. 

It was essential for me to have a happy life, although I had my child die. I was going to understand it, most importantly because I thought I could be a person to help inspire others that have also lost someone special to them and that although they are not a physical, tangible human with blood, flesh and bones we still can have excellent beautiful relationships with them. I don't just say this, I've experienced it for myself over and over. I know what I speak of and for the many folks that have a deserted heart because of a loss, I know I can benefit folks in healing and have a newfound belief about their lives and those they love if they so choose. 

The value of communicating with those in non-physical is by hearing without words. It's as if you train a muscle. When I first began my yoga practice in my teens, I had no idea the many powers and capabilities of my body until I regularly used them. That same process is how one uses telepathy in speaking with non-physical. It's because one hasn't used their power to converse, but it will become like second nature once you begin using it. 

Now that I've shared why I craved in wanting to communicate with non-physical, I wanted to share a few experiences as to how I write my books with Beatrix Potter's inspiration. 
I know that if someone who was a writer and artist as Beatrix was in mortality, even after they pass through, they still have a great love and interest in what they enjoyed when they were in physical. Those interests never leave them. They carry on in the expansion, as well as reemerge in the new reincarnated bodies. This will make sense to you if you've ever seen small children that are exceptionally talented, and it seems impossible. It's because they carry on those talents into another human form, while also wanting to experience an entirely new adventure. For instance, I could be the reincarnation version of Beatrix Potter but unlike Beatrix (what we know presently) is she never experienced motherhood as THE Beatrix Potter and living her final years with Warren (the love of her life), so after her transition, she may have wanted to come back and experience motherhood and being with her twin flame. I became apart of her newborn spirit. Make sense? We don't come back identical; however, we do have similar features at times, but not always. Now that same thing will happen many times over. Many spirits also carry Beatrix Potter with them from reemergence. I decided to test this notion on Beatrix when I first began writing The Tale of Sawyer Lamb and I was pleased as punch to start receiving inspiration from the non-physical of Beatrix Potter. (You have to be an open-minded person to read this. I know had I not experienced it for myself I couldn't tell it so flagrantly nor with as much conviction.) 

In The Tale of Pigling Bland, Beatrix named the aunt of Alexander Mrs Pettitoes. I posed the question to Beatrix, where she came up with that name because in my lamb book, there is also a mother sheep and she needs a name. As clear as a bell, Beatrix said, look up in the dictionary what is a pettitoe. Do you know what it is? It's a pigs foot. So guess how I came up with Aunt Trotters? You guessed it! That's what a sheep's foot is named. Now, if one doesn't believe that the spirited don't speak, well then I'm a monkey's uncle. Here's another one, and like I stated prior, I have this happen so frequently I couldn't possibly jot down all the moments and all the inspiration I receive from my spirited friends, but I thought I'd share a few. 

I was trying to think of a name for one of my dogs in my tales, and I recall wondering where in the world, Beatrix Potter came up with Mrs Tiggywinkle. So I asked Beatrix and (again), she said that she loved science, fungi etc. and enjoyed a microscope. So look up what a tiggy winkle is. I looked it up, and it's a protein gene in one type of a hedgehog. Now, you try and convince me that I am not onto a profound understanding of communication between worlds and those that lived, and I'll not hear of it. I would say to you if I'm so mad, If I'm so utterly a mad hatter mystic, then try it and see for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this exceptionally long post. Have a happy day!
Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Parable Of The Sourdough Starter

My beloved gardener bought me a sourdough starter packet for Christmas that is said to be over 145 years old. I could have made my own sourdough starter, and I have on many occasions, but I wanted to have an authentically old one this time. Why? Because why reinvent the wheel? Do you know sometimes we will keep going at something because we're merely too stubborn to see a situation from another point of view than the one we've experienced? There was a time I often wondered why I am so absolutely different from the masses, even the ones in my close-knit circle. I see things entirely different. It's my experiences, and we all have them, which is the beautiful makeup of our lives and the choices we make. Many are led by fear. Fear of not being accepted, but mostly fear of being sent on a trip to hell, (It's not literal, it's merely a state of mind.)

Now I bring this subject up because we are at a time in this world when we are no longer gently being nudged to change, but instead, it's by brute force. Be that mentally, physically or social/emotionally. When too much resistance has been dragged back, eventually, the only way out is through, which brings me to my thoughts last evening of my sourdough starter metaphor.

I heard a wise mystic say once in a book I read, and it stuck with me. That if you can't tell someone what you are trying to teach by simplicity, then you don't know it yourself, which brings me to how mystics taught the Bible. I won't go into the true definition of what I believe the Bible is, (you can read it here) because folks can't handle being woken up with truth such as a splash of cold water. They will wake up fighting mad and defensive. So most (not all) but most must be gently taken there like a dear mum wakes a sleeping baby. That's what I'm doing here on ye olde blog.

As I spent the appropriate times feeding my sourdough yeast, all is well. Now if you've never had or created a starter what you should comprehend is you must feed a starter daily, if left out on the counter, or if it's scantly used you only need feed it weekly. Another point to give rise to is that if the starter is neglected, it will begin to starve, which means it takes on an odour of something I conjured up that smells like fingernail polish remover. It's starving and will die if you don't soon feed it. When and if this happens you can save the starter, but you must discard half to accomplish this. This is how you resurrect it. This is also what folks must do with their old starving mindset. To redeem a starving soul in need of a new way of thinking, one must get rid of nearly (if not over half) their old ways in which they've believed. All things die through indifference. They are kept alive through attention. If experience is the only thing that teaches, we are (as the people) "the sourdough starter."

Do you know what happens when you feed your soul with new books and new ideas, you begin to ferment and bubble up (such as my starter) with new life? I recall when In my late teens, I began using a starter which I had received from a dear older woman I knew when I was thick into theology. Upon receiving my new little starter, I was a bit nervous and fearful that I would kill the yeast, or worse not know how to care for it and it would die. But as time drew on, I learned to have more and more faith and trust in my capabilities of keeping it alive. Why? Because I had grown and learned in confidence, and experience. I knew and still know that even on the brink of my starter looking as if it's gone to ruin and rubbish, looks can be deceiving. You may have thrown off my ideas of what I bang on about when it pertains to thinking of the Bible in an entirely new light than what you've been taught your whole life long, and it could simply be, you've thrown out your starter that wasn't soured at all, you solely gave way to being frightened, and you're faith wained.

So often, folks find it challenging to change or change concepts of their self because their desires to change have not been aroused. If one fell in love with what they wanted to be, they would become it. It takes an intense hunger to bring about a transformation of self.

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O Lord."

No one can ever send you down the road to ruin. It's not possible. What the heart does is always lead you aright. When folks can come to the understanding of loving the aspect of their self so profoundly, that is when your life truly has "started."

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Art Of History

A new history has begun. We must not allow virtues to flee. As I observe folks seemingly forfeiting their clutch on sensibility, It takes me back that we are creating the presence in which we dwell. No one can throw us off unless we permit them. We must break with this long-suffering mentality. If we continuously seek solutions outside of ourselves for anything happening in our world, we will forever remain enslaved. The injection is in the eye of the beholder, and as quickly as I spell Jack Robinson, I've known of parents entrapped in bondage by their own two-year-old toddler. The only way out of bondage is through our thoughts of optimism.

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Art Of Manifesting Anything Of Which You Desire

My darlings, how was your new years? Mine was lovely, and I shared bits of my daily pursuits on Instagram and through Instagram stories. I have indeed arrived at a come up on Instagram, and I love it no end. Instagram reminds me of those days when Polaroid cameras were popular, and you could get that gratification of seeing a moment instantly. I now view Instagram in this way; furthermore, I pride myself in creating a beautiful grid of impressive images. That is one aspect of Instagram's initial formulation, and of course, it's mission statement is "to capture and share the world's moments." I enjoy sharing my moments with the world. I've found the most delightful like-minded souls on Instagram.

Meet Victor Osbourne- {Character in my British novel Deceit and Dissension}
A rather smarmy fellow, coquettish with the ladies, a wide toothy grin who reeks of a head full of pomade.

My beloved gardener and I had a lovely time on New Year's although on the eve we didn't stay up till the ringing in of 2021. I'm on England time, so my body clock has been acclimating and I'm currently writing this post at 9:50 pm UK time. I'm revising the year 2020 to make it what I want, which is one of wonder and happiness. I revised Sawyers death, and I've not cried once since. It's a most potent notion now that I've learned I have the power to control thought and create my reality in whichever way I choose. One must be a bit delusional to become masters at manifesting. If you ponder how most folks in this blue marble think, it's one of close-mindedness, and limits to almost everything and this is precisely why many folks never change that much in a lifetime. They've grown accustomed to a belief that they can't have what they truly desire and their thoughts of that belief back up their reality, thus creating an endless cycle of feelings of unattainable dreams and mediocrity. I'll not live that way, not ever. If you've ever heard of Neville Goddard, you know what revising means so I shall swiftly move on and speak of other matters. I've been getting about, with much research and of course reading is always a pursuit. I've been tucked in my bed with my notepad, and the book of choice is called "Diary of a Victorian Gardener: William Cresswell and Audley End." I'm writing about the head gardener for my British romantic novel, Deceit and Dissension, and I'm quite particular about getting my facts right, so extensive research, means reading many diaries, books and resources from real Victorian times and people. When I write historical fiction, I feel it's essential to get it precise, which means accuracy is a must. I only use origins from the period I'm writing in (1872 for Deceit and Dissension). It assists immensely in accurateness and feeling the validity of a novel when reading such delights. I must confess this book is so intriguing. What are you reading as of late?

I wanted to detail further manifesting methods, especially after last week. I received some excellent posts. A few Friday's ago, I received a whole clutch of questions about manifesting, and I felt pleased to answer. So let me get on!


I. Authorise your preference. What do you desire? It is unnecessary to feel it real; most often, we believe that to manifest, it must be felt and I think this is a hindrance unto oneself. Honestly, this is another little toady that had previously hindered me from feeling that I could manifest because, for the life of me, I wasn't capable of feeling it real. Teachers would insist on if one were to be capable of manifesting a desire one must feel it to receive it. My conundrum and self-imposed question were that if experience teaches how would I know what that felt like had I never experienced the act in my 3d reality. I felt it was absurd and inaccurate. I became frustrated with manifesting as teachers insisting this was the only answer. Poppycock! Although I managed to manifest, I was not pleased with frequently peeking at other folks to facilitate my manifesting. I felt stagnation. My manifesting was unsettling, as consistent manifesting eluded me, I became fed up. There had to be a missing element, and by golly, I was going to disembowel manifesting and figure it out. In my intense desire to understand, I became furious one day while sitting on my garden bench, watching my chickens with the touchiness of a schoolgirl losing her looks and began to weep. I gave birth to having enough, and I was unwilling to accept my lot another day, and I meant to do something about it. I became utterly disinterested, and I no longer listened to other manifesting teachers. I unsubscribed to every channel on youtube, deleted all social media except Instagram stopped reading nonsensical blogs and put my head down in experimentation. I knew deep within that I had enough life experiences and spiritual arsenal to handle my affairs; wildly included; that of manifesting. In my observations many folks that seemed to carry on about how to manifest invariably revealed lackful limiting beliefs. In my disgruntled scepticism, I realised something happening to me a few days later (after my angry spell), and that was; I was gaining some movement on a few desires, which caused me to contemplate the "feeling it real" aspect. Once again, this reiterated that I know my own heart and mind and more than capable of my own accord. I no longer needed to seek advice and direction from others. I learned that I'm a much better more masterful manifestor than any of them combined. Indeed I needed to remind myself that I know how to manifest, and I am a master. We all are, to be honest. One must continually affirm "I AM a master manifestor" repeating through self-talk until it imprints and hardens into fact. I know how to get the desires of my heart. It could be no more complicated than reverse engineering my thoughts.

I first heard of reverse engineering in Gary Vaynerchuk's book "Crushing It.". Although it's a book about entrepreneurship I gleaned a few bits of information that became useful in my manifesting experimentation. Gary Vaynerchuk is an abrasive personality for many folks, but I appreciate his aggressive, no-nonsense approach. Many years ago on Twitter shortly after the book "Crushing It" was released, I mentioned being 7th in line for reserving the library book online. When I first began my business, I was brilliant, watched every penny, and focused on creating my business inexpensively. I did it all by myself without anyone's help, and I take pride in saying all that I did all of it by myself. I had not an ounce of help from anyone, not a small loan, a payout from marriage, my husband Jeffrey, not my folks giving me any money, nothing at all, no support what so ever, and I'm taking that up the ladder. I am chuffed to bits to say that, and I'll not apologise for appearing arrogant. I am completely and utterly self-made. {I will admit to receiving emotional support from my folks and my dear Jeffrey.}

Okay, rant over. Back to what I was declaring. I ticked hundreds of books out of the library. I think Gary appreciated my labour integrity, after reading my tweet and kindly sent me an entire case of autographed "Crushing It" books in which I happily donated to my local library. My point being is that in his book, one of the things I remembered was his reverse engineering about business. It occurred to me that I could apply (reverse engineering) to my thoughts about self~concept thoughts and manifesting. I know my darling friends, I'm a church lady, however, isn't it most delightful to chat about life with friends. For if I were to invite you to the countryside for a cup of tea with scones and clotted cream, this is the bits of conversation we would happily discuss.

II. Be committed to your self-concept affirmations. I have discovered and feel it pertinent to drill down on the idea of having a wonderful self-concept. We will never amount to manifesting our desires if our self-concept is rubbish. Little do many folks realise that we can want to change and desire to immensely, but if we go about our everyday life in self-talk of falling back on old thoughts, we will not manifest (and if we do it will be long in coming). We have to stay on a healthy mental diet, and that means putting off the old self. Putting off the old self means no longer rehearsing those thoughts that create a tailspin. New thoughts have to be affirmed repeatedly until the new idea hardens into fact and becomes a new belief. This concept is the pearl of wisdom. Everything in one's life up to this point was created by thoughts repeatedly. We didn't have to make a vision board to attract a lack of money, now did we? No. Because that would be lunacy if we did. (heh) We repeatedly thought about how much was lacking and kept thinking that consistently and it became a reality. I used to think continually (from high school) that women weren't trustworthy, and I always regarded them as scoundrels. The ghastly debacles that would ensue with myself and women were of my own doing. It's lovely though, because now I know, and knowing that I create my reality gives me a great advantage. Presently I quickly manage to accept responsibility and get along doing something about it. Happy news, I no longer believe this about women; in fact, I now attract delightful, beautiful relationships.

III. A strong enough desire will override a belief. This advice is another pearl of wisdom to remember. Have you ever heard (for my religious friends in the Bible it says) that we must believe something before receiving it? This is of absolute confidence {trust}. If one hasn't much trust, don't be feeble, in thinking your desires can't be manifested; because indeed, they can and WILL. One only must ensure the faith that anything one desires WILL manifest. Have you ever glanced at someone living their dreams and you see it with your very eyes? This manifestation was not always in our visual reality. At one point in time, it was only in their (dreamers) thoughts too; however, they (dreamer) persisted in their thoughts/visualisation and their manifestation became visible to the world. This is an example of a strong enough desire (often) overriding a belief. This unveiling for me that I realised upon being angry while sitting in the garden is when I left no option because I am God, took no for an answer, persisted and I got my desires. Seven major desires that I had been desiring all transformed before my very eyes in less than two months. I soon learned that my daily self-talk is why I wasn't getting my manifestations as promptly as I had wanted. The Godself within must speed our desires into a vacuum formation because nothingness is natural in our world cycle and universal laws are natural (push, pull, ebb, flow, positive, negative etc.).

IV. Create a scene in your imagination and comprise your five senses {sound, sight, smell, touch and taste} then proceed directly to the natural way you visualise and see your desire fully manifested. Do not worry yourself with the components in between (the details of how, and when they aren't your employment, those are Godself affairs). Morning, midday and evening (or whenever you desire) visualise your scene (it should be 5-10 seconds) in the natural way you'd be performing if your desire were following your natural day's pursuits.

V. Have fun, manifesting! Challenge your desires, place times on them, enjoy the process immensely and before you know it, all of your desires will begin flowing in with abundance. I'd love to hear about your manifestations as I delight in achievements!

Book Resources: Your Faith is Your Fortune by Neville Goddard and Crushing It, by Gary Vaynerchuk

I must love you and leave you, toodle~pip darlings, 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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