The Art Of History

A new history has begun. We must not allow virtues to flee. As I observe folks seemingly forfeiting their clutch on sensibility, It takes me back that we are creating the presence in which we dwell. No one can throw us off unless we permit them. We must break with this long-suffering mentality. If we continuously seek solutions outside of ourselves for anything happening in our world, we will forever remain enslaved. The injection is in the eye of the beholder, and as quickly as I spell Jack Robinson, I've known of parents entrapped in bondage by their own two-year-old toddler. The only way out of bondage is through our thoughts of optimism.

Every solitary person living is a testament to what is occurring in their mind through their thoughts. We are steady in the form of self-talk. I've been on a course today of self-talk, and while I drove through a few rough spots where it's clear the homes had a black mark. I'm afraid the observance served me at the moment as I allowed my mind to enter thoughts for a brief moment of which taking notice of lack is primarily beneath my dignity. However, this day I was on a quest to collect external and internal data in a person's appearances and behaviours. There is a constant stream of self-talk in these homes that gave birth to a black mark. I think that everything is an outward reflection of an inward consciousness. The world looks upon most as having no bearing on what appears outwardly, but if one is intelligent in prevailing laws, we indeed have the knowledge that looks can be deceiving. All things begin through thought, and for those thoughts not be of any value we allow them to enter and exit our minds with ease. The prickly part is when we start to feel those thoughts. Humans are compelled through feelings, not thoughts. Those feelings then harden into fact and demonstrate outwardly. We are seeing this in our world currently. Many folks have been nudged to make definitive lines in the sand with cognitive force to choose a side through either fear of exclusion, cancellation, harm, and unrest. The mentally robust folks that possess a courageous self-concept do not concern themselves with this battle, for it is of no consequence. We will prevail. Always. 

A healthy self-concept creates immoveable brave, self-sufficient people. Law is the law and must reveal itself. It is never-ending and constant. Suppose a person has anger towards a president, a stranger in the public eye, a friend, a family member or anyone as standard as the cashier at the gas station, or a stranger in the car park, that is in opposition of what they desire it will reveal itself. We think as human beings, we can outwardly appear one way, and yet secretly feel the opposite, but I promise you as surely as I am, one's self-talk will always disclose itself. Sometimes it takes years, (because some are clever with hiding their secrets, characters can be bought off and dark horses can be disguised for a spell) or sometimes a quick moment in time, but it will reveal externally no matter. What we think in secret is rewarded openly, be it good, bad or indifferent. There is no respecter of persons. The world is chock full of folks blaming everyone for their problems. If they can't find one to blame, they'll even blame an entity that doesn't exist called the devil

Call it what you will. I may cause some to object to my words, however, that's never stopped me before. 

Many years ago, I would question why I have revelled in the olden ways of life. Or how I longed to live on spacious land with farm animals and preserve historical buildings, dress myself and my children in Victorian clothes that I had sewn. What was the meaning of it, I would ponder? As the pandemic set about our world, and things began to take on the life of abandonment, old homes left to rot and ruin, it gave me such a great sense of soft, warm solace. I declare when things seem lost of unbelieving sceptics, I see everything turning to good. I was being prepared for extraordinary purposes. Everything is always working for the good. That is the beauty of my Godself living in the end. The knowing that all is well, and no course of actions taken can or will ever stop our beautiful blue marble from becoming much richer and more wonderful.

That is the challenge for us mere mortals that we learn this is a school of joy, power, education, and we are here to learn and expand. Nothing gets worse its a refining for becoming greater. One may read my blog and feel as though I'm a bit mad because I refuse to look at a place that I live (my world and my life) and be negative. A negative mindset breeds nothing good at all. Mystics {such as myself} who dare to present the world with a new thought to old paradigms are labelled genius initially but then become deemed lunacy. It's nothing new. It must always be this way. If you look at anyone in society today, thousands of year's ago or centuries past, this is what happens every solitary time. If I spend my life talking to my four walls or the big blue marble of nothingness, I am at peace with that conclusion. I have nothing left to try and convince another to believe me. I'll do my portion to illustrate the possibility of one seeing certain situations in a new light, by removing blinders but truthfully I'm no longer interested in casting my pearls before swine. I trust myself {Godself}, and all I can state is that one must test all things for themselves, for only then will someone believe it. Solely test what I'm pronouncing. I declare again, try it!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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