A Mermaid Mindset {How And Why Your Instagram Account Isn't Growing And How To Change It}

As of late, I've spent a lot of time on the ol' Instagram. I have found a new love for it, and that's saying quite a bit when I used to have an extreme disdain for it. I think I've found my niche. Nothing outwardly has changed as of yet, but I have changed. Allow me to explain because this will be of great value and delightful chunks of information, whether you are a social media person or not. There are life lessons here. 

So allow me to take you on a small voyage. {Oh, and by the way, my birthday was February 25, and I turned 49! It will be my last year of being in my forties. It's crackers. Is it not? I'm so excited. Jeffrey Shawn got me a drill set, some essential oils and a mermaid candle.} I had a blast!

Okay, so back to my Instagram epiphany. Around September of last year, I was banging on how frustrated I was to Jeffrey that I couldn't figure out Instagram. In the way that I have seen many folks embrace the platform. Mind you, I could easily walk away from Instagram altogether, but that's for quitters. I'm not the kind of woman to lie down and give up on something. After all, I thought to myself more times than not, I have lost a child to being murdered, but I can not figure out how to appreciate the ol' gram? It was crackers to me, and It was something that I wanted to find peace in. We as landlocks are so used to avoiding, swimming away, or losing interest in something that doesn't come easily to us. I also disagree with what most of the world teaches, and that is to work harder. I even disagree with the philosophy that we have to earn things.

I was raised in two religions, where there was always something or someone more significant than me. This narrative placed on folks fear of eternal damnation. It was misconstrued to make us submissive to others. A hierarchy, if you will. Again, not valid. When I became free and void of any fears is when I began to feel alive. My life was too long spent in subjection to others. I love knowing I am beneath no one, and I want to inspire others through my Instagram stories, Patreon and this B-Log. That's where I am today. I desire to use my story to encourage and lift others. 

Things shouldn't be complicated; however, we were conditioned as youngsters to think life is hard. To gain anything, I am not required to perform strenuous labour. This notion sounds like a load of garbage to many folks, especially {guru, self-help loa teachers and coaches}. Whereas we shouldn't bang on about something to exhaustion {for indeed that defeats the purpose}, we should, however, try to evaluate what life {Our Mermaid Inner~Being/Higher God Self} is trying to teach us about self. We are so quick to abandon something when the winds begin rocking the boat. It's now time to batten down the hatches and figure out what we must know for expansion and growth. 

A few years ago, I loved Instagram and the friendships I had made, but it turns out I was connecting with the wrong energetic kind of landlocked ladies. Now that I have had a new lease on life and I am coming from an entirely different mindset, I am so much happier and have found my people {or should I say, my mermaids}. At times, {just as with growing a garden harvest} patience is required. However, most often, patience is stemmed from placing our desires upon another, such as a God. Most folks take on the concept of {" Well, I don't have this or that because God must not feel I am ready or worthy yet.} Once again, placing our lives onto an entity that doesn't exist in that way. This is precisely why most humans go about life never receiving the answer to prayers. Prayers were mistaught in the scriptures and from our well-meaning parents. Prayers are not meant to be petitions.  God is YOU, and YOU are GOD! We control our destiny and are the operant power of making things manifest. Most do not know how the law works. I now know what to do to get my desires. I am manifesting all of the time. And one essential piece of knowledge is that we must become bold and not feel bad for expressing our most genuine desires and beliefs to others. Suppose we can't even be honest with ourselves. What would make us believe we can be honest with other folks, most especially others out in this wondrous, expansive world.  I have all of the power, and that feels wonderful. We are all important, worthy and essential in life's plans and because we are actual Gods ourselves. Truthfully, there will be folks that think I've gone off and that I'm a bit mad with what I am saying. I must be BOLD in my truth, and I'll never waver. Those that have an issue with me and my philosophy, {which is FACT} will swim away. The ones' that will become my best students will know I am speaking plain truths. I'm not here to convince you nor anyone. Test it, and you'll see, I know what I am saying. I've tested it many times, and it's never failed me.  

I now know I was doing all of this to myself. No one was doing this to me; I was allowing others to have an influence on me. You know those moments in life where you become so fed up with something happening in your life, and you get tired of being tired and decide to do something about it? Yeah, that was me back in September of 2020. I also discovered Neville Goddard, and I feel so changed. Although I know I didn't waste my time learning all of the things I did from Abraham Hicks, I'm the kind of gal to really want to see things happen. I am not a patient person when It comes to filling in my vibrational grid of dreams.  

All of this sounds a bit daft and inconsequential. However, I assure you that were you to replace the word Instagram with another title, It Is still the same for many aspects of our lives. The number of folks that follow me had a way of making me see  I was not vibrating energetically. I know this is true too. I got to the point of so many times of wanting to give up and say screw it! If I were to have the Instagram platform figured out {in my mental space of happiness}, my numbers would have increased. I would have the community of lovely friendly women to show me my energy and manifesting ability as It would be bangin' on. Is Instagram about numbers, and who follows me? No. However, It is an excellent indication, there is resistance somewhere in my energy and lack of belief. It once again comes back to self-worth and fun.

My desire is to connect with folks on Instagram. If there isn't any movement, it's about me and me alone, not an algorithm, nor finding the little tips and tricks to gather up followers. No, It's always about our own energy, trust and belief in self. If there's no movement, it's telling me something about my energy. The same goes for any area of your life. If you have a desire and nothing is happening, you have resistance somewhere in your energetic field. Most often, it is from old beliefs that you have. Those must be changed, and that is why I believe in affirmations. Affirmations are your new beliefs. 

I can honestly say I had a beautiful revelation last week, and I have never been more pleased. I believe in myself, and that is what will create movement. I believe in ME, and I trust in myself. I am most concerned with what I am energetically putting out into the world. I am having fun with Instagram now, most especially with stories. I love sharing my daily voyage with so many folks. It makes me happy to share my life with women. 

I am all about making things easy for myself. Too often, and I think many others are this way also, we make things so complicated and too contrived. Mostly for reasons such as listening to others and following what they've done. However, I am on my own remarkable voyage, and no one is like mine, just as is the case with you. You may despise Instagram and have no desire to be apart of the platform at all, but I do, and I want to share my experiences. I want to also share the progress along the way. No one lands at their destination without having been on a journey. It is a process. Everyone has a voyage all for themself, and It looks very different for each individual. So, all in all, I have found my place. I love sharing stories on Instagram daily and posting. Social media can be fun if we see it that way. If we look at social media as a time thief, that is exactly what we will get; a time thief. We are constantly demonstrating what we hold as beliefs. We will always receive what we think about in the exact way we believe it to be unless we change our beliefs. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 


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