Saturday, July 3, 2021

How To Demonstrate Like an English Lady {And How I Turn A Foes Daggers Into Blessings}

I've been having such a lovely time erecting the victorian cottage; it feels as though I'm playing house, and who can argue with that blissful notion? I'm living out my fairytale, such as when I was a wee little girl. I'm not sure where the gardener and I will be in a few short months; however, I am enjoying the process presently. When I was a child, I utilised my fathers surplus of wood pieces from his old carpentry jobs and made a fort in the triangular clutch of pine trees adjacent to our little house in the country. It had curtains, sides and a roof. It wasn't much by anyone else's measure; however, to me, I dreamt I was Laura Ingalls Wilder. Each day following school, I would change into my play dress (mummy wouldn't allow us to play in our good clothes, and I always survived barefoot), snatch up my notebook paper (I still use the same form for diary entries to this day (wide-ruled notebook paper), pencils, and tea (I nonetheless drink tea as I did when I was little) spending hours upon hours until the call for supper dreaming up the life I'd someday act out in detailed precision. I am performing those exacting aspects as a woman now almost 50 years of age. Isn't that extraordinary! It's so valid that what we loved as children, those moments that take us to a place in our mind and heart that was most wonderful and where it all came to be. That is precisely why we love those fleeting memories that bring us such happiness. It's nestled so beautifully in our cognitive, and we will navigate to reach those moments, whether it be lifestyle, dress, career and whatnot. It's what makes my heart beat like a kettle drum; can you hear it?

An unsuspecting dear soul that I knew many years ago sent me a message, remarking that she’d seen something on an Instagram account (mind you, I'm blocked from), in which a foe was referring and referencing, which very much pointed in my direction. Prevailing as the human being, I am with emotions and feelings; I wanted to tick off the inquiry to see for myself if I could manage to read something that was intentionally meant to hurt me and yet not be moved by it. I was victorious once again. I giggled and thought it was a clever attempt to make me indignant, and yet I thought it comical. Instead of an olde age way of conducting myself in my preceding skin, I wrote a small snippet on my Instagram, which did its part, to sum up how I feel about old cycles and becoming a better version of myself (an English lady). I've once again used my foes attempted lashing as a way of recognising my enormous growth. I believe this is the truest sense of taming an unruly mind and discerning how much self-love I possess. I've got the bit between my teeth, and there's no getting at me anymore. So do you distinguish how we can permit those that would persecute us with ill intentions as an advantage strategy instead of countering?

Whenever there's an apparent attack, the foe reveals themselves to be dreadfully unhappy within their personal lives. We mustn't use their misfortune as a time to display retaliation but instead send them windfalls of wish and good fortune. Let us hope for them to look within and retrieve their own acknowledgement from whence their pain is emerging. I state this most lovingly as I comprehend this futility first hand. Furthermore, I want no part in a boomerang effect of spreading havoc on another soul, for surely remember, “Curses, like chickens, always come home to roost.” I want no part in that.
In the past, I sought retaliation because I felt injured, but I've since revised all of my histories. It makes one more sympathetic when we can understand another's pain and why they seek to inflict it. Might I be clear that having an understanding heart does not mean approval? Let us reflect we are the deities of our reality. When we ultimately take upon that role, we will more accurately accept our lifes position of whether we would appropriate blessings or ruin. It should not be the feeling of skin off ones back when taking responsibility. It's a great fortune when we as women (and men) learn such a triumphant paradigm shift.

All of my chatterings also brought me to an exciting topic to rattle about and share on the perspective of manifesting. I'm a simple woman when it pertains to many aspects; personifying is one of those. However, I believe there are more straightforward demonstrations when we desire such things for our precious lives. Unfortunately, the new spiritual realm has become a dreadful debacle with too many harsh measures, and I plan to create a shift with my nonfiction book “The Little Mermaid’s Transformational Tale” to be released next year.

Whilst I have you here, I have a significant announcement. If you recalled, a month or so ago, I spoke of how I was manifesting rapid growth and going viral on my Instagram account. Before you speedily scatter to see if it's happened yet, in regards to the viral aspect, no (not as of today), however, it's nigh at hand, I assure you. I'm living in the end. In New Thought, you are aware of Florence Scovill Shinn if you know of the Victorian greats. She wrote many books, but one of my favourites is The Game of Life and How To Play It, and in it, she speaks of birds before land. This is a simple illustration for manifesting. We will begin receiving spiritual signs that our manifestation is undoubtedly on its way. Last week I had birds before land occurs on my Instagram. I’ve spoken many o’ times about staying sat at 67 followers after I began another new account on Instagram, which was probably my sixth or seventh time opening a new Instagram account. (Steady on, don't flee quite yet, what I've got to say is essential in all aspects of our life, I'm simply using Instagram, for example.)
Well, and sound, I am a new person since then, and I wasn't going to use old buried bones for a new pup. I meant I would manifest my complete desire; a massive community of like-minded souls on Instagram. You might think this is trite and what’s the point of it all, and if you do, oh ye of little faith. For nearly two years, I stayed sat at 67 followers virtually two years. One might ask why such a lack of growth when there are so many strategies to be had? I've told you many times on this here ol’ blog why I had such resistance with Instagram in particular. I've determined to demonstrate straight forward out in the open what happens on a psychological scale with every aspect of our lives, including a trivial thing such as social media/Instagram. This topic is a demonstration, all be it Instagram, but this is what human folks commit to with their desires, dreams and lives. My attempt is for you to dive to the deep end with me and understand where our difficulties or unmet desires stem from and how to manoeuvre through them. This post, if you’ll read and take in the nutritional fortitude, will swim away from the possession of being a more understanding person. I keep telling you this, and if no one listens, I’ll tell it to the four walls. It makes no difference to me. I'm observing apples when most are observing oranges. Don't you mind it’ll pay me big dividends?

Almost all successful people play the long game, whereas most want instant gratification. “I am the cat that walks by himself, and all places are alike to me...” Do you remember Matthew from Downton Abbey saying that to Mary when he wielded a wheelchair?

Yes, I chatter, and that's why you adore me. (smile)

Allow me to commence with the Instagram story. I went up a few hundred in followers within a few days, and my blog page views went up enormously. My stats showed I am now getting nearly 10,000 pageviews A DAY instead of a month total as previously. For a blogger that began again (a new blog) just a few short years ago with no added effort or help is excellent news! Do you know why this is occurring? Because I've been manifesting it to appear. The world bangs on as if things arise, and it's so subtle it seems that it would've happened anyway, and that is pure nonsense. Every single human being possesses the manifestations of their thoughts. Make no bones about it. Now might I add that my Instagram has not (as of yet) gone viral, but IT WILL! I have not one doubt. I am persistent in my ability to know I create every single solitary thing in my world. I am that powerful. YOU are that powerful, and if I write till my fingers fall off, you'll eventually take it to heart. I intend it, and therefore, it is done, and that's flat!

Would you like to follow me on Instagram? It's quite satisfying. I'm especially fond of IG stories.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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