Thursday, December 16, 2021

Our Little Christmas Bunny Book Is Progressing (How To Self Publish A Book On Amazon KDP)

Hello dear friends,

I told you yesterday (or maybe the day before) that I would share with you our little book. So let's get on with that, shall we? First, I may or may not succeed in reaching my goal of having this book presented to the world in the amount of time I wanted. I have come to terms with that. If I pull this book off, it will be a Christmas miracle, and I'm a woman with vast amounts of optimism, so we shall carry onward and upwards. Cross your thumbs, and let us hope for the best. I do not want to disappoint anyone, most especially you or myself. I had a moment last night and a sit down with my beloved. I shared with Jeffrey Shawn about feeling a bit down; admittedly a little discouraged that I may not be able to do it. I'm a little emotional at times. He has broad shoulders and said, "It'll be okay if it doesn't happen, baby. If you can't get it done, it's not the end of the world." He's constantly reassuring and knows exactly how to soothe my weary heart. 

When I set my mind to something, though, one thing you should know (if you don't already, which I think you is that I mean what I say, and I never take no for an answer. I am relentless. One should never underestimate me, smile. I had not a single hand (well, I was the one to draw, write the book and perform the editing, uploading and formatting). Still, (you know what I mean) I have nothing to do with how everything is working out so smoothly with this book. Logically, I received the actual bunnies a few days before Thanksgiving, and then the idea about a bunny book came to me so rapidly. There has to be some reasoning for all of the whimsical, bazaar crazy notions that I thought I could write, illustrate, and self publish a book within a few weeks, right? Right?
I think there's definitely spirits working on the other side of the veil guiding me onward. So today, I will keep my head down, continue working and have fun. A buttoning down the hatches, so to speak. 

Here are a few of the sketches. I showed you the cover, but here it is again (at the bottom) to get an idea of what it will look like as an actual book. I love these book mock-ups; it truly brings the book to life.

Yesterday, I spent several hours uploading the book description, keywords, manuscript, and author's page for the leaflet—the technical aspects.

I'm now painting the illustrations, and I plan to have them done by tomorrow. I completed all of the sketches, which I believe are near 25 in total. This morning after this post publishes I'll continue the paintings. I had to go back through each little face and make them look the same accurately. I believe the artwork will be quicker than the actual sketches, as I had to brainstorm what the art must look like. It took me years to come into my artistic technique and style. I'm also happy to announce that KDP (Amazon's Print on Demand) now has a hardcover option, which is thrilling to me. I had no idea. My dream is to have a tiny book size such as Beatrix's; however, that option book size isn't available unless one is with a traditional book publisher. 

I must love you and leave you, but I wanted you to know where we are on our little book. Isn't it exciting?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Oh but what is time? And to throw another option in the hat, I would think the launching of a book with bunnies would fair well the end of Feb or beginning of March, in time for Easter enjoyment. (Not sure when Easter falls in '22). Your sketches are delightful! Paint on dear friend, paint on.

    1. Well, that's another way of approaching it; I never thought of it that way. Thank you for that. I've become a bit weary, so thank you for your encouragement.


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