What I'm Learning About My Blog (Another Way Of Being Myself)

Happy Saturday, friends! Oh, my word, y'all (that little country slang still sounds cute in British English, but I digress.) I thought I'd give it a go and try to write more often, even on weekends. I'm exercising my blog muscles, and we all know what happens if we let up on something, it will atrophy. Gawd knows I don't want that to happen. We can't have that, can we? Especially If I'm going to be the next Pioneer Woman. No. I'm just having a go with you. I don't want to BE the next Ree-Ree, but I will be my own version of success. 

One of the ways I will do my level best is to write on the blog every day. So we shall see where it goes? One of the main reasons is that I wanted to have a place where the slew of my favourite gals come together as friends. So there's no better place than for us all to congregate than over here on ye olde blog.

To emulate remarkable success, you take all the pieces you adore about those folks, then use your little handy victorian mixer and caramelise that into your very own creation.

This week, I spent the weekdays on the illustrations for our little Christmas book, "The Tale of the Christmas Bunnies". This weekend, the beloved gardener and I will work on home projects for The Carter Settlement. This morning I have to get several illustrations done. Still, the rest of the weekend, I'm working on the chicken coop, laying down winter rye in the garden, and planting many bulbs (Narcissus/ paperwhites) around Scarlette Rose Cottage. I want The Carter Settlement to eventually look like something out of an English countryside, tossed in with a bit of Tasha Tudor's Corgi Cottage and Beatrix Potter's Hilltop. Smile. We're also going to drive to Tampa to pick up our Victorian icebox I had on layaway. There's a sweet little antique shoppe named after the movie Fried Green Tomatoes called Debs Whistlestop Depot. I can't wait! I'll show you as soon as we collect it.

I'm also gonna try and sew a tree skirt in red velvet for Zoë Kennedy and her beau Ethan's Christmas tree. She called and asked if she could have her ornaments from childhood; I don't have all of them, but I do have a few. So I told her I'd send her a care package of what I had that was on her pink tree as a little girl. Do you have a tradition of ornaments? I began by getting a little dollar ornament for the children when they had their first Christmas. I kept it going until age 18, and they felt responsible enough to take their box of ornaments. I think Zoë Kennedy is ready to have hers now. This year is her first Christmas without roommates; I hope she feels like the little woman of the house now. I remember being her age, and the idea of having my little decorations was such an exciting thought.

Okay, I must love you and leave you. I'll see ya tomorrow, loves.

Most affably yours till my next swim, Rockxxx


  1. It's nice to hear from you more often. Your pictures are gorgeous! Right up my alley. True antique shoppes anymore are a treasure in themselves.

    1. JL, thank you so much. I feel happier when I'm writing more; it's a terrific practise.


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