Beyond The Page And Scatterbrained

"Become so good they can't ignore you."

The title of this post is something you'll be hearing more of soon. It's a segment I created for when I write my books, and well, it's what it sounds like; I pop "Beyond the Page." I explain the book's inspirational content, locations, characters, book concept, why and how I came up with an idea, etc. It's amazing! I've done a few little segment reels on my Instagram. Still, I feel it will be more valuable if I embed the YouTube videos here on ye olde blog as it's the mothership of my brand. So stay tuned for those fun videos. I have been squaring up my online material to narrow my niche so that everything is about my authorship, artistry (and victorian lifestyle), of course. I spent nearly (5 hours) archiving my YouTube channel videos two fortnights ago. I archived everything that wasn't about my authorship or artistry. The self-development material that I teach is to be written into a book where folks can purchase. At this stage, I'm remaining laser-focused on my career.

I also wanted to share a few things I've been experimenting with within my daily life. While simultaneously constructing experiments on myself with mindset work through my state akin sleep. I am experiencing stunning results, and I'm gobsmacked (in a good way), to be honest. I'm a work in progress, as we all are, honestly, which brings me to the topic of my next book. I'm writing four manuscripts at the moment. I work best this way. My mum asked me the other day, what book are you releasing next? I have the bunny book, which I will publish even although Christmas is over (and the reason for this is that life is short and no one is promised tomorrow.) I could shelve the book and release it next Christmas; however, I feel the pull of publishing it now. So I am heeding that prompt. Sawyers book "The Tale of Sawyer Lamb" will release before Easter 2022, which will be the first week in April.

I have two books two months apart, with the manuscript portion half completed. My momentum is flowing at astounding speed, and I see no slowing down. I'm "living in the end" (as Neville Goddard teaches in his books). I'm quite stable in my self-concept and awareness of all things being possible; no one will ever convince me otherwise. I wasn't always this confident, which I'm sure you can tell. Well, to be frank, unless you were living inside my brain, you won't necessarily see what I mean, really, (but that would be ghastly, now, wouldn't it?) Does that sound pretentious?

I'm sure what I say here will sound that way to some folks; however, I don't focus on the unfavourable. I may have once been affected by folks perception of me. Still, I've lived through a divorce, 23 moving of house and state, child alienation, several deaths, my son's murder, a pandemic and many other things. I still came out optimistic, and I will continue to. Part of being confident in my ability to become what I desire to be must come from within. I had to finally come to the state of genuinely solidifying what I truly want in life; no more flip-flopping. That can be a struggle for a Pisces; we're known to be wishy-washy. Am I right, Pisces? Wishy-washy and introverted. People try to tell me Pisces aren't introverted, but I think they just don't understand what that really means.

I'd much rather be at home. I've been out for tea once since living at my folks for over two years. ONCE! Now mind you, I've been out to the shoppes. Once I'm out at a place I've been invited to (and I've worked myself up) to the adventure, I'll enjoy it, but deep down, I'm ready to get home as soon as possible. And oh my gawd, don't ever spring anything on me. I have to prepare for months to mentally gear myself up for going to an event or party of sorts. If I'm truthful, I've spent many of those times thinking of how I can manifest a cancellation. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy a day out with my husband, but I'm not out for long. Whereas many folks gather their energy from others (for instance, like my mum, gawd she has bells on every time someone invites her somewhere. I actually admire her in that way. Because when she proceeds to tell me her active weekly schedule, the mere thought of all those trips and I feel immediate anxiety). I prefer to get my energy from myself. I know I sound absolutely mental, but an introvert understands me; I just know it.


Where was I?

Oh yes, I was prattling on about my developmental hoopla. A little cheering for the new year of 2022. I deleted it, so you can go back to living your life, and ill say a little more and then go.

I can't wait to share this next book with you and the ones after that. The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale manuscript is now at about 350 pages. I free flow my books at the start, and then I plot them out in sequence. I've found this very beneficial, and I'll tell you why. I've read many books (even several on the New York Times bestsellers list), and I find they are repetitive. They will say the same thing seven different ways: amateur writing. I will also add in my pretty little illustrations, making it a much lovier read. Hey, even though we're adults, I quite enjoy a pretty little picture, don't you?

Regarding my experimental occurrences with the mindset (The Carter Creation®️, yep, I feel like a Kardashian I trademark everything, heh...), nothing happens overnight, well, at least not from my experience. It can, though, but one must change that limiting belief (smile, as I point to myself). I think you can tell, though, what I've said this far is true about how my writing is more active; I'm more open, vulnerable and less triggered. You can feel the way my writing is when reading it. I think my blog, as of late, is beginning to have a different tone. I'm finding that I now want to teach from the subsidiary approach. I've never resonated with the strategy of teachers that instruct from a course of dictatorship. It comes off 'holier than thou' as if they have everything figured out, and I'm a daft cow. This teaching method is often from teachers who have a perfectionist approach to life and exterior of having all of their ducks in a row. This teaching is a red flag of internal inadequacy and insecurity. However, frequently folks can delude and lead with a cloak of superiority. These types of people are usually frauds. I also think I once had a visceral reaction to that kind of authoritarianism from my childhood's negative experiences with preachers and pastors. But that's okay, though; I'm happy now I understand where my trauma and anger originated. I've worked on my beliefs in that area, so now even some things that I wrote about a mere months ago do not trigger me like they once did.

I think the most successful and authentic authors and artists aren't spending their time networking or trying to get the attention of others. They are busy in their studios and writing dens, jotting down stories, sketching, and painting beautiful works. They don't hoard or keep their formulas secret; but instead, they're open, and they share their bits and bobs of that which they are working. I know this because I've no better learner than to understand I was once this type of person. If you go back and read some of my work (on this blog), you'll feel it through my words. And truthfully, that's probably why I never received much momentum on my blog for a time. Thanks be to the heavens. My stats are excellent and only getting better. No one wants to be preached and lectured with fingers flinging about at one's gob. Dear ole' me, this is quite the confessional today. I'm also in the works of trademarking (there's a period when you trademark something, it's called 'pending'), one exciting program and two more products. Suppose you've ever looked on my blog, I have placed several things in small print. In that case, you'll see where I have my website, content, academy and several others trademarked and copyrighted. I took care of all bases.

Another thing you'll know that I've done is to pay the extra money, so my items are unrevealed. I don't want anyone to know my business and how I run things. So, for instance, if you were to look up something to see who owns such and such, it won't appear anywhere on the internet. So that's a little tip, protect your capital; tie it up, keep it discretionary dear friends.

Omg! Jeffrey Shawn said something to me yesterday, and I succumbed to laughter. He was quite the cheeky devil in his youth (can you imagine) and was around 10-12 years old. One day after a church service, he went to his mama, asking who got the money from the offering plate. His mother said, "Oh honey, that money goes to the pastor so and so." Jeffrey responded, "why are we paying him to bore us to death!" His mother snapped back with "JEFFREY SHAWN STAFFORD!" The olde southern way of scolding is to say the child's full name, and you know you're in hot water. Aren't children funny, though? No filter whatsoever. That's one more reason I'm not a religious person anymore. I can see this year, many more folks will be finding a different approach to their spiritual dimension. Instead of religion, many people will be led to find their truth and unique relationship with themselves and their consciousness. Spirituality will become less weird and more embraced this year on the world as a whole, which is a lovely thought.

I'm all over the place today, but in closing a few more things about self-development and sharing our crafts with others.

Folks that struggle with insecurities and often feel threatened remain closed books. This trigger appears when one's trauma wound is touched. We must be gentle with ourselves. We all have had life experiences where limiting beliefs became our way of viewing the world. I spent years feeling this way myself (and I still get triggered sometimes). So when I share sentiments like this, it's simply to help one become aware of where that perspective originates, which is from our childhood beliefs. Childhood beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. New healthy beliefs (through state akin sleep) must replace the 'old man' beliefs. If they aren't, they will remain a part of the personality. My book The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale will dive deep into how to change these beliefs once and for all. I created a formula called The Carter Creation, which is a revolutionary way of creating a new mindset that is sustainable long term. I'm nonetheless in the process of this experimental voyage myself; as you know, I am a guinea pig when I'm attempting new methods. I can only teach something with clarity if I've experienced it myself. I want to be a shining example of what this process looks like through all the demonstration levels. I also wish you and me to be in this together. I sincerely want everyone to live their happiest life. We all deserve to be satisfied and content, don't you think, dear friends?

Well, I've got to love you and leave you, and if I don't see you during the weekend, I'll surely be back to chat with you on Monday.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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