Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Whither And How (All That I Go To Find Is My Lost Self)

In rare form and on occasion, I will receive a rather harsh message on our jovial outlets (social media). One such occasion occurred a few days heretofore on Instagram, where I received the most odious and presumptuous unkind judgement about my accent, my beloved husband and my lifestyle. At the risk of my happiness and unquestionable rejection, I read the news with a resolve to soothe myself as I being who I am; quite the optimist and took no offence to the laid remarks.

I am well aware the message was intended with malice; however, I received the untempered violence with flattery. I am too well fixed in the solidity of my emotional grounding to ever comply with the nonsense that has no severity on my conscience.
Having stated that, I'm now perfectly serious about leading you to a bit more of the discourse of clarity with my 19th-century attire, lifestyle, and British accent. It seems to be a fascinating topic with so many and oftentimes just as with my shifts and changes in language and style. I'm calculated in my outpourings, and those like me have comprehension on this score.
So it is with pleasure that I speak of often asked inquiries about such things once again.
For the preponderance, I am most ardently received with inquisitiveness, encouragement and congratulatory measures; however, there are times that I receive a verbal lashing in reference to my accent and lifestyle.
There is a desire for many to plunk down and become lodged on the anachronism of what I am doing. The need to point out to me all the details I am not or cannot replicate from the past or such as my heroes (Tasha Tudor or Beatrix Potter) is delightfully quite amusing. Some carry the belief that I am not permitted to do what I choose to do and that I am quite intolerable. This idea lies in the stability of an individual's determination to press forward regardless of the naysayers. I believe 'my willful nature to disturb others' expectations and stereotypes plague those with an oscillation and lack of self-acceptance and tenacity, creating a rumbling beneath their very feet. An application of raking me across the coals attempting to shame me in the belief that I'm somehow "doing it wrongly"" is a reminder of the world's intolerance for diversity. It's no wonder many folks, especially women, aren't living in the full potentiality of their free seeking olde fashioned desires and dreams. Or suppose those specific folks are living olde-fashioned and In that case, they tend to lean into a life of solidarity without exposing themselves to society all that much, which could feel rather like a squirrel living in the woods perpetually self-involved in the turmoil of their nerves seeking a common platform with those of like-minded alienation. No one knows more than myself that it is impossible to replicate all aspects of the past, nor do I wish to do so. I'm not feigning that a contemporary world doesn't exist. I am not afraid, I have moods, and I am a diverse and complex creature with no intentions of trevail. I'm creating a world for learning and growth for others who also seek expansion that does not desire another generation of sequential cradle to grave narratives of restrictive disapproval. There's no better way to teach than through experience. Words and logic can only take a person so far; to become sophisticated and experienced in historical living, one must live it hence continually, not simply when a mood strikes the cords of curiosity. I've been laid with charges of being double-faced or too clever by half, and that suits me right down to grit, for I am the captain of my soul, the artist of my life.
I'm perfectly serious in my constitutional unwillingness to allow people to delightfully darken me with counsel on this subject. I have been known to baffle and elude my pursuers when I see anyone attempting to ferret me out. I will deliberately and partly unconsciously cook my accounts to leave those contentedly following me by giving off a false scent.
My life and the brief records I shall write are for the enlightenment of the people who care for me. Naturally, therefore, any accounts in how I spend my life may understandably seem misleading, disingenuous and somewhat untrue. I'm deeply satisfied with that assumption, for those who have no desire to truly know me will, with refusal, deny me compassion and understanding.
I believe there to be many folks similar to me 'born romancing' and shuns mediocrity and conformity.
Hang tight, my dearest friends. The world is full of legendary spritely mermaids right beneath your noses, and more than ever, we are rising to the surface to create real happenings. In this whole 19th-century old-fashioned world, we no longer shrink beneath the tides with the apprehensive metaphoric veneer of nudity.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. It befuddles me how common it has become to openly bash each other. We are to accept foul language even in "music" and indecent costume & gestures, but dressing from another era or speaking of another local is somehow offensive??? Some folks need to look in a mirror prior to speaking.

    1. That is utterly so well said! Many folks are driven by a lack of self-regulation.


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