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In Deep Thought With Mrs Carter And Her Pursuit for Happiness Among Skeptics

... In a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart. —Louise Bogan

Well, hello, my dear darling mermaid hearts, 
In the south, November brings few and far between cold days. Instead, equipped with our fair share of wet thunderstorms and early evenings. Mrs Carter dreams of fires lit with her little family drawing hearthside in the placidness of Scarlette Rose cottage. The month begins with a remembrance of those we've loved and lost on All Souls' Day and then to the festival of Martinmas on November 11. (Martinmas, a very olde European winter celebration dating back to the middle ages concerning Saint Martin of Tours.) Inspired by Martin's dream, he hears the words, "what ye have done unto the least of your brothers you have done unto me", which perfectly fits into this post. Mrs Carter is not a religious lass yet was in her youth. However, she acknowledges the Bible contains, within its pages, friendly instruction if understood accurately. In addition, the Victorians were quite religious so let us remain on point, shall we? 

Soon, it will be time to go over the hills and through the woods to the cottage for everyone to gather for Thanksgiving. It's quite the stirrup, bringing the first hints of Christmas joy. 

Mrs Carter is up to her wellies in painting illustrations, so might we skip right to the post? She will publish a pleasurable entry arriving tomorrow. Today is for another bit of instruction she intends to grapple with, beings no one else seems to lay the truth on the line, so you know my fruits, Mrs Carter will assume the charge. 

The truth is Mrs Carter has been balancing many tasks. Keeping things running smoothly with her folks, bearing up with filming, Patreon, youtube, gardening, sewing, writing, illustrating, running social media, photography, formatting her books, etc. (yes, it is quite a load to balance). Sometimes, it creates a somewhat defensiveness when someone prattles off at the brim that she's not doing this or that; one should mind their garden before informing Mrs Carter about her weeds. However, she's pretty accurately aware of her pruning responsibilities, and she thanks you very much. 

The motive for Mrs Carter's penning on thee ole' blog is that it's her one weakness in how she is fortunate enough to make sense of her life and life in general. She does not write anything about false narratives or scattering about of mistruths. Now mind you, her little storybooks, on the other hand, are entirely fictitious; the blog is ALL fixed truths. If someone questions her online diary material and validity, it tears her heartstrings and shreds her spirit, for she's poured her true heart out; sharing the truth is not easy and executing it with grace is a challenge. In knowing Mrs Carter, though, she will continue to big herself up for accomplishing it exceptionally well. She is trustworthy, and therefore those who should have the highest expectations reading her diary (blog) never dare doubt the authenticity of her writings.

If you're curious, dear hearts, why she commenced this post with audaciousness is distinct because her blog is a tiny chipmunk's nest online and where beautiful friendships form, yet she will set afoot when she feels unjustly condemned. When someone disembarks onto her blog, has bad intentions and is swift to find all the faults in the world, the universe will have its way with them. That statement sounds quite harsh, yet the world can be brutal if one views it that way or rather beautiful if one decides to view it that way too. Mrs Carter will always try to write with elegance and dignity (averaging from 13,000 to 20,000 pageviews reading her blog monthly, which might not be much for some, but it is from Mrs Carter's standing). However, she is confident some viewers drop anchor to scoff and lay judgement with their ill intentions of pinpricking. A sure sign post they've left their manners at the back gate of the vicarage. 

Whilst she lays aside those scruples, Mrs Carter wants to bring up the conversation of gossiping. Because, well, she's quite the muse in angling herself on the air of British (not born British, yet relates on the side of British in her remaining dignified yet bold way. Surely you jest.) She would much rather be polite by dragging it to Towne Square (ye olde blog) rather than take it straight to the person at hand. This feat is not a cowardess act by any means; however, these days, she'd much rather wait and allow her vexed nerves to calm themselves before putting on her queen Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, announcing, "be off with her head!" (Smile) Mrs Carter's Victorian red-haired updo and temper have gotten her into enough trouble over the years. She minds her business on social media, yet, stumbled upon a young mummy talking about her struggling as a Christian woman and feeling remorseful for always gossiping about others. She falls prey to gossip even when she doesn't want it to happen; she states having to 'repent' and feels awful about herself. The horrible feeling isn't about her need to repent; the God within her knows she's hurting herself when she hurts another. (Hence the quote at the start of this post). Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. It flairs its beguiling head from the black lagoon, and before she realises it, she feels dreadful about herself. First, I commend her for being open and vulnerable enough to talk about it; some folks are on their high horse to admit their frailties, yet everyone sees them like a flaming torch of the olympic degree. In truth, many folks have most likely gossiped and have been rather unkind, particularly when feelings are damaged. Let us hope we also have enough self-awareness to correct our deficiencies at night by performing a Neville Goddard revision technique. Mrs Carter uses a suitable revision method and commits to love more. She also understands that falling prey to being unloving is entirely her difficulty and no one else's. Nowadays, if the conscience prompts her, a gentle confrontation with individuals (in a loving, forthright way) is her way, or she will write about it here on the blog after she's settled her spirit.

Mrs Carter's writing focuses on growing, learning and remaining compassionate, which can be tricky when some folks want to paw at others. One must refuse to be a victim and get on, knowing those with acid-rain thoughts will see their fate. That's not cold. That is the life of universal law. If one has the wherewithal to be unkind to one's fellow beings, unkindness will arrive in the same measure but tenfold. May we accept responsibility for our thoughts? Why can't folks comprehend that their in-the-dark secreted disparaging thoughts must come to light? Conceivably, perhaps they are void of common sense? Everyone will make restitution for their venom. If one doesn't believe in universal law, look at the late Wendy Williams; she spent decades viciously gossiping about celebrities and being downright despicable, and look at her karmic debt. That's just one example. If one falls into backbiting, may we acknowledge what we've done in several ways?

One is to comprehend it was not originating from a place of love, and it's invariably about what trauma is being held in which (that person activated the pain). Lastly, Mrs Carter is somewhat selfish, implying she does not want to fall prey to the consequence of the boomerang effect. The universe and the law of assumption work; she knows more abundantly and clearly that gossiping stories return tenfold. Everything we do (whether good or bad) will happen to us seventy times seventy. If one steals, another will steal from them. If we fib, we will be told an untruth with rigour, understand?

May we correct our faults and strive to improve.

My dear hearts, Mrs Carter, writes because she genuinely wants to inspire others to recognise their journeys of difficulties. So, as a community of lovely souls, we will unite to help and become a better, more improved version of ourselves. 

Now to return to the subject at hand. When a person gossips about another, the truth lies in the person's deep insecurities and lack of self-love. Mrs Carter understands more than anyone as she has spoken of her misgivings and struggles repeatedly with her once self-loathing. When coaching, she often hears that the client will exhibit self-hatred, yet quickly responds, "I do not hate me; I love me." Their first response is, and understood as Mrs Carter often stated similarly to herself too. Understandably it is our defensive self that is insulating our hearts from pain. I concur with Mrs Carter as I would also say that exact statement, and even when someone would question my ability to love myself, I would snap back at them in a vast defensive nature. How dare they speak the truth! The nerve! (smile) The truth is a large horse pill to swallow, although once we cease to a cascade of pretending beyond complications, we will all be better off. Again, being vulnerable and teachable is quite refreshing and very healing. 

The dear woman who spoke to Mrs Carter about gossip and writing this post has been another lesson taught to improve by accepting accountability and being more observant of our actions. We're pretty good at trying to think well about others, yet may we be additionally aware of our slips. I love you, and Mrs Carter loves you, dear hearts. We're all in this together. Have a Take Joy day! Toodle-Pip!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

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