Tea Time With Lady R (A Book Release Tea Party For The Tale Of Sawyer Lamb)

Good morning my darling dear mermaid hearts, 
Are you up for a chinwag? I've had such a giggle mug these last fortnights. I feel such giddiness at the notions set forth. I'm speaking of my new projects for Patreon and the book illustrations. I'm on the whole stretch of it with Sawyer's book. 

Shall I commence? Easter was a charming delight, a bit pitter-patter and quiet as a mouse, as only a celebration for two, my beloved gardener and me. We ate by candlelight, watching the wind blow the rockers softly back and forth and as the Spanish grey moss swayed in the old oaks. A proper southern countryside display in all its glory. I baked ham, homemade biscuits, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes. I then baked peach cobbler for dessert to accompany our afternoon Fortnum and Mason tea. Bar none; it's undoubtedly my favourite. 

I have been showing forth self-love and emerging daily for myself. I am up at the crack of dawn to water the garden whilst it is still a bit twilight, and then I put the kettle on and start painting by candlelight. It could be more trouble than it's worth at the best of times as I fiddle about not quite able to see clearly. I love the nostalgia of a candle-lit room, and I've not found anything more charming, cosy or calming to my soul. Furthermore, it casts such a lovely glow about the face, and my lines are less noticeable. (Wink, wink) Are those sheep in the illustration a delight to gaze upon?
I am in awe-inspiring love with sheep and have such a "Take Joy" time in painting them in the story. It's so lovely and puts me in such a historical setting that I can hardly take the happiness. Above is the latest illustration I've completed for Sawyer's book, and now there are eight remaining with a bit of polishing ship shape and Bristol fashion; the printing press will send them out for your post. I am also plotting a Live Stream Book Release Tea Party for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, on June 8, 2023, at 8:18 pm. I am cordially inviting you and would love it if you'd tick the date off in your calendar as I'd be tickled conch shell pink if you'd turn up. You are my favourite people in all of the world. I'm very proud of the story, and I feel in recent weeks, I've no longer felt distressed about the release. I've had such a calmness allowing the book into the world to soar cloud high. My most extraordinary emotions and love went into the little story, and I feel confident everyone that reads it will feel the treasure of it. It has been such a joy to write and illustrate, as you, dear hearts, well know. This is a celebration of life, it will be on Sayerrs Birthday, and I couldn't think of a better day to release it into the universe, can you? I also want to genuinely thank each of you for being there with me, reading my blog and supporting me along the way as you've born me the gift of compassionate understanding through and through. You have been such a profoundly loving support, and I appreciate it; it has meant the absolute world to me, and I feel an unequivocal bond with each of you. 

I began sharing on Instagram little 90-second reels I deemed "Tea Time with Lady R", where I share little tidbits of spirituality, book recommendations, chit chats and this, that and the tenth. 

Do you recall when I reinvented Stillwater~ A Petticoat Society, one of the fun ideas I wanted to establish having a list of like-minded ladies, and we all became pen pals, writing one another back and forth? Well, we did it, dear hearts; there are five and counting. We must begin somewhere, and it's quite an affair, my fruits. What delights we have to learn and grow in love and friendship! Would tou like to be a part of the pen pal list? If so, please comment below, and I will message you privately to exchange addresses, and we shall commence forward as a beautiful community of ladies. Is that not such an exciting measure? Golly gumdrops!
Do you recall many years ago, there was a television series on YouTube called Victorian Farm featuring Ruth Goodman? The series has been removed from YouTube but remains currently on Amazon Prime. The book they used was The Book of the Farm. Well, if you happen to look up the book to purchase it, it can be a hefty fortune., yet luck be a lady tonight; I did a little research and found a reprinted version from the original, and it's a mere 9£. Here is the link if you're interested. It has everything for a Victorian lifestyle. 
I am having such a splendid time reading this book. My conundrum is I have loads of books delivered weekly as if they're going out of style. Do you have this plight as well, so many books, so little time. Teehee...It reminds me of a quote Tasha Tudor said once, " If I didn't have the wolf at the door, I would spend all of my time on housewifery gardening and buying bulbs." Or something to that effect. Have a happy day, my fruits. I love you, and I shall write again tomorrow.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Rxxx    


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