Thursday, August 17, 2023

A Little More Housekeeping About Abandonment Disorder, How To Heal It and What To Do When A Person Bears a Mighty Grievance Against You

Good morning my dear mermaid hearts; from over here in the countryside where the Spanish moss sways in the olde oak trees, I bid you a joyful morning. Pour yourself a cuppa. I am having a cup of this new tea I collected at ye ole' Walmart. Unexpectedly thinking it would be an epic fail, I was happily surprised this tea is hands down some of the best I've tasted, and that's saying a lot when my taste buds are accustomed to a bit dear (pricey) tea. If you're ever in a pinch, I highly suggest HT Harney and Sons Fine Tea. I've also tasted the other flavours too, and they are all very tasty.
If you were to run up on me, you might think me a bit mad, as I've brought about vocabulary to create a soft and cosy place to position yourself as an escape for the day. I expect that upon your logging in and visiting me, I will be able to carry you to a place of feeling safe and loved. There is something that I know about myself, and that is I tend to be a speck rigid and salty on days (as I am sure we all can be at times), and that is when I feel the gentle thought to use a bit of applesauce to soften myself up a little. I am still learning the art of balance, and each day I am given another chance to exercise that harmony.

I commenced this topic on Instagram the other day by sharing that I am fully aware I am a villain in some folk's stories, heroin in others, and neither has to do with the woman I am to myself. It was brought to my attention that there has been a bit of mischief and dark horse behaviour occurring behind the back gate in reference to me, and rather than take it head on and use the forces of which I am equipt to utilise, I've once again shown myself that my focus to outwit my opponents is quite robust and not worth my valuable time. Whereas frequently I am a wordy type of lass, in short, I will state that the one and true only reason a person has a conflict with you or me is a test from the Universe/God/Source to see where we are in our spiritual voyage and also to reflect on us if these folks can still touch upon our wounds. If they cannot, that is brilliant. If they can, then the issue lies within ourselves, for this becomes apparent we have more thinning of the veil for the revealing of what we must overcome. Yes, my darling, I always bring it back to the understanding that every encounter we have, whether good or bad, is a direct reflection of our growth. At all costs, I will hold myself responsible for my life, as should you. The answer to such nonsense on stilts is that I constantly remind myself to remain focused on all of my brilliant dreams that are manifesting, the abundance that continues to reign down on me and remind myself that they are bleak disruptors, that for them they haven't spent any time in all of these decades to perform the inner work on themselves to expand and that is rather unfortunate. I am not terribly impressed to watch such bitterly stagnate folks that I went to school with and grew up around, knowing they remain in the same type of mindset from way back when. They could have been so much more, yet they still act vilely, not realising their karmic debt is soon coming round' the bend to receive payment of said pied piper.

Again, the olde rendition of me would've felt a shaking beneath my feet of powerlessness, yet, the woman I am today holds all of the influence. There is nothing more delicious for me than to inspire women to regain their personal power over their foes.

The way to do this is to become the most excellent version of oneself with a foundational self-concept. Otherwise, a woman will be at the mercy of others, emotionally tossed to and fro. I am fully aware that because I am manifesting all of my dreams and living my best life, it is perfectly natural for me to hear the whispering gossip, untruths, and betrayal of some folks in my little one-horse towne. (You've heard the tales of a small town, everyone knows everyone and every little ole' thing.) Bless the ole' bitter Bettys, flying monkeys and acid rain beasts. One mustn't ever allow her dander up, for this gives power to the tragic souls who are quite bleak and poorly. We must remind ourselves that we are doing such good in the world, or else we wouldn't have such pesky individuals trying to trample our spirit. And for this specific occasion, as my opinionated views are popping out, I'd like to say to those of you looking over this, and you deem yourself my enemy (by your own account and foolish pride and envy), you should sincerely make an effort to get your afflictions under submission, for it will not fair well for you by karmic standards, and likewise, the point has come that your malice has ceased to be amusing. 

Now onto other delightful notions peeping through. I've always considered myself a patient woman; however, these last few whisperings of summer, I'd prefer to be wrapped up in an autumn patchwork quilt, with nippy temperatures settled in my little (imaginary, not yet manifested) thatched roof stone cottage. Do you feel the same? I genuinely love autumn and fall. 

We do not need to dive deep or attempt to heal our inner child. When expounders/gurus declare this, it winds me up no end because it is unnecessary for sustainable change. Furthermore, the more you dig, the more you find. I would think most folks know if they have an abandonment disorder. If you don't, here are a few signs you may have abandonment issues.
I. An early finding is that when someone begins getting close, we will find reasons for stonewalling them or cutting off any ties before they can abandon us.

II. Avoid emotional intimacy. I'd let folks get only so close. 

III. We will stay in unhealthy relationships due to a fear of them leaving us. 

IV. We attach to others too quickly and move on too quickly. 

V. I only partially invested 100% in a relationship. 

VI. People please and never set boundaries. 

VII. I felt unworthy of being loved.

VIII. We are Insecure, distrusting & constantly waiting and imagining the day we eventually will be left. 

IX. We are constantly jealous of every friend, colleague, and acquaintance.

I'm sure there's more to this list, but these are major ones that I struggled with for most of my adult life. 

No fretting, my dear; I speak on this because I recently went through and healed my abandoned issues and created a whole new belief system, and you can too. 

I am undoubtedly curious as to what you'd make of me placing a nice little twist on abandonment and calling it an art. I intend fully to continue flipping childhood trauma issues on their heads. When I clarify why folks are the way they are and there is an explanation, we can clear the healing path with sustainable measures. I happen to think I am in the midst of creating a new manner of the way human folks ponder such salty and sour emotions that we have for many o' generations been viewed as "bad." The way in which humans have spent thousands of years swimming away from their innate nature and emotional scales (after over a decade of creating my teachings as a mystic) has baffled me. I suppose that is precisely the reason why I am such a stickler for desiring women to shapeshift into their natural state and dive deep into their emotions and feelings. Suppose we can all decide as beautiful women to follow the flow of supporting one another and showing our vulnerability. In that case, we are more capable of entirely eliminating generational dysfunction and lineage destruction. I am primarily focusing on abandonment, for this is what I was able to move through at the start of the year swiftly, and I know I am more than capable of inspiring women to heal through their lives as well. I consider that I have always manifested that I would remain a vessel to inspire others from the experiences I've had personally. There is nothing more intrusive and deplorable than to have an individual attempt to put me straight, having not an ounce of account history or knowledge in the unfortunate affair of which I am in the midst. I would never do this to others. 

It has often been said to me of ladies, "I'm too olde to change, or I can't change. I'm the way I am, and that's that. We are never too olde to change, and if we do not willingly change, an altering by force of unforeseen challenges brought on unknowingly by ourselves will occur. Yes, brought upon by ourselves, for we create our reality. We are the creators of our world. The question is, are you consciously aware of your power, or have you forgotten your inner strength? 

Here is how to change your life quickly. It is done by sleeping with new beliefs from an audio recorder for 21 days until the new impressions imprint on the subconscious (not conscious) mind. It is quite that simple. If you need a hand in developing a belief track, I'm more than happy to help. I share loads of stories and motivational insights on my Instagram if you'd like to follow me there. 

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz

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