How A Landlocked Victorian Mermaid Washes Her Garments {The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter~Patreon}

My dear mermaid hearts,

Here off the coast of the Florida seaside is where I resolved to create a little life of living my dreams of being an author, illustrator and a landlocked mermaid Victorian lifestyle. 
One of the unique projects I adapted to a few years ago was deciding to live in the 1880s as much as humanly possible on my own accord. By all means, please make no mistake, Im constantly adjusting my sails as those close to me would rather live a modern life. I truly understand their desire to live in the 21st century. Primarily folks think I'm a bit mad that I try to implement olde timey particulars as much as I am capable. Of that lifestyle is learning the art of hand washing my hand-sewn garments.
Let us turn back the clock and rediscover what it is like for me to live in the contemporary world but daily dwell as though I am in an age gone by. 
I have published the latest Patreon episode on The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter for free to the public. I have done this to give you, dear mermaid hearts and others who have no idea of what I have been up to as of late, an opportunity to view my artistry and see what you receive monthly.

I hope you'll pitch up and support my work. You may cancel at any time.
Here is the link to my Patreon. Take Joy, my fruits!


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