Saturday, January 6, 2024

Ewe Have My Heart

Good day dear mermaid hearts, 

I spoke often and jotted down the desire to have a little flock outside my cottage garden window, and now we're in the process of its manifestation. Wait, I've already shared that news, haven't I?
Here's another charming picture of a flock of sheep. Do you like how I have everything in a sepia tone? If one adores the olde, timey ways, of course, you change the filter to a sepia or black and white. Actually, that is my brilliant idea to have all of your coloured photos switched into black and white or sepia and then hang them back up. I've been doing this for a little over 30 plus years. (Remember when we’d have to send away our film to have it developed and then have a drug store change the colour for you? Yes, that long ago, my fruits.) Since my early childhood and throughout my life, I've always been ahead of my time with most things; such as I've been saying there will come a time when olde timey clothes will come back into fashion (hence the cottage core phenomenon), women will begin homeschooling their children and learning homesteading skills, styling a home a particular way etc.) It always makes things look like the Victorian era in your little abode, and we all know I am a sucker for the Victorian-era English cottage charm. If it sounds posh and arrogant that I stake claims that I'm ahead of my time, I am no longer in the business of dimming my light to make others comfortable. That there ole’ gal died a long time ago. I've spent too many years of my life making allowances simply for others to disrespect me brazenly, and that is no longer a tolerable favour. 
Okay, my dear mermaid hearts, where was I? 

I am one for endlessly getting sidetracked.

Oh yes, I was banging on about manifestation and how we dim
our dreams. 

Often, The truth is we will place barriers for ourselves, immediately creating resistance where there needs to be none. How often than not have you indeed sent off an inner desire, throwing caution to the wind but then directly back peddling your passions with abandonment because the dream isn't practical? I speak of this because I know how notorious I was for doing this to myself as if I wasn't worthy of having what I wanted. Bestowed upon us as women is a learned behaviour that we aren't worthy of having what we want. Perhaps a blessing each of us could clutch onto is the remembrance of our most authentic passions. It's rather enlightening to uncover that often what a woman calls the search for belonging isn't what she thought at all; it arises to be her repressed desires she loved as a young person that imprinted on her heart, made her feel alive, joyful and an undeniable bliss for life. 

An artist and a writer takes time to conquer. There's an art in waiting, and as of yet, I've not had the pleasure of mastering it, but I am getting there. Patience requires time and knowledge, which makes perfect sense; look at a gardener understanding the cycles of seasons. 

"He'd talk, and I'd lose sight of the truth." ~ Elizabeth, Deceit and Dissension  
I've got a million and one matters on the ole' boiler at the moment, one being I am deep into research and plot for my 19th-century British romantic novel Deceit and Dissension. 

You can right jolly bet I am loving every aspect of it. This book is pure perfection. I use my imagination and think of what actors and actresses I'd like to play my characters if the book became a film. It's indeed perfect enough. 

I have also been doing a bit of gardening. I cooked several fresh garden greens, turnips, and collards for the new year. I also have some onions too. The rabbits loved the greens; they devoured them straight away. 

I've also been doing a bit of organising and proper cleaning of the cottage. I am making more plans than ever. You know me, I've got a million ideas and want to accomplish them all. What fun to have exciting little projects. One project is I took up all the bricks in front of the cottage doors, and I will bring in flagstone and a fun little Irish moss-type ground covering to grow between the stones. I've also become aware by little chitchatting birds that I may have to go with another clever notion. I've read up on Irish Moss in Florida (zone 9), and it struggles to survive. We shall see, though; perhaps I manifest it thrives where I plant it. Nothing is beyond me manifesting. I'll tell you that, my friend. There's an illustration I painted for you of the path. Unfortunately, I don't have a picturesque real-time image (to show you) yet, but we shall get there, my darlings. All things in due time. Though the painting is quite charming, don't you think?
The tea cups and teapots are officially on their way from England (Staffordshire). Thank goodness, perhaps they'll be here in time for our first 2024 small gathering of The Petticoat Society (aka The Carter Settlement). I'll explain that bit of news in the next post. Please sign up on my email pop-up list, and you'll get notifications. I rarely (and I mean rarely, if ever send email newsletters, or you can constantly check here on the blog) about announcements of when and where I will be and what events I'm at. I'm more than happy to post about particular events here on ye olde blog, so check back occasionally to see what sort of mischief I've got up to, if you, please. Teehee.

Have a wonderful weekend and toddle-pip! 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Razz

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