Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Good day, my dear darling mermaid hearts, 

I am so happy to be back to writing to you once again. My heart feels so light and so delighted.
"I cannot rest; I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me, it is a stronger desire than ever and settles on the queerest things." -Beatrix Potter.
Jeffrey Shawn and I have done a tiny bit of gardening. Last evening, as we were watering the corn, we noticed the beautiful golden corn shooting its magical silk, and what a wonder. It is so rewarding growing a lovely garden of flowers and food. 

I have been repainting the cottage walls a pretty green (which I call a little English sweet pea), which reminds me of England and the lovely, quaint, cosy cottages in the countryside. I have it halfway completed. It has been quite busy here, as I have also been working on completing Mum and Dad's little guest room. I built some faux beams; however, those still need to be installed. 

However, I did finish the faux wood technique on all of the trim work, baseboards and crown moulding. I found this pretty light from the Facebook marketplace for $25. It looks as if the original owners turned it into a plug light by adding a lamp kit. However, I disembowelled the entire lamp and removed the kit. It may not look like much, but it is rather stunning and Victorian in its glory. I can't wait to place her in Scarlette Rose Cottage, as it will suit very well. 

I spent last week removing several pieces of furniture from the cottage; therefore, I don't feel so squeezed tightly like Scarlette Rose in the hole of a cypress tree. It was a much-needed pursuit as there was a little bit of a niggle where I thought I needed to release negative energy. I meditated and then sat and painted more on The Tale of the Christmas Bunnies. I have focused on keeping things in my life relatively simple and calming. I am devoted to a simple old way of slow living, and I've made it a purposeful pursuit.

Have a lovely evening. I will chat with you tomorrow. Toodle-Pip!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Razz



  1. Glad you're well~ would love to see your lamp. Isn't it fun to find such things and set them to right? Your corn is far ahead of ours, yum!

  2. Thank you, sweetie. I go for more biopsies next week. Let's have our thumbs crossed. All comes back perfectly.


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