Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter And A DIY Tribal Bunny Hutch

I painted the crate and stand bronzed gold from Home Depot and the little rug is from Five Below. 
Hello my darlings,
On this Sunday evening of Easter, I am doing what I love. It's crazy that even though I'm an empty nester, I still enjoy those traditions that I created for my children when they were young, it seems like a million years ago. I spent today doing a few DIY projects and coloring eggs with seaweed. 

Today I also spent my day working on blocking out my time with the week's work schedule. Do you organize, or keep a planner? I'm so excited to present you with my Mermaid Junkie Planner Logbook. It's like nothing you've ever seen or used for planner productivity, I promise. Stay tuned...

Tonight, I just wanted to swim by and show you what I spent half of the day doing.

Making a tribal {that's what I call it} type rabbit hutch for Oliver.

Heres' the thing. Oliver roams the cottage every day, but only in the kitchen with me if I decide to work mostly curating projects or writing for the blog. Most of the time, I spend my days in my "Treasure Room" aka. my office.

If I want Oliver out and about, but need him confined so he doesn't hurt himself on cords chewed, I like to keep him in the same room with me. The reason for this is that I think it's essential to spend loads of time with our animals. The more comfortable and social we are with them, the less likely they are to get skittish and return to their natures basic instinct.

I had a dog crate {the black ugly kind} that was given to me for free by my neighbors that were moving. I never knew what to do with it, but couldn't throw it away, as I knew at some point the creativity bug would strike me. As I was cleaning out the garage at the cottage when I moved in, I found an old stand that was for a keyboard that Jeffrey said I could use for something if I wanted to.

So today as I was trying to figure out how to make a cute pleasing to the eye pen for Oliver, it struck me.

 Easter morning with my rabbit. I also gave my chicks lots of love today too. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my dream of having chickens and a rabbit. I have longed for them my whole life.
Mermaid Sandy Sugar Cookies with gold sprinkles. It's a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe. 
I have to tell you how much of a fan of Martha Stewart I am. In the early 90's she had a mail-order catalog. I have always been a homemaker and I couldn't wait to get her catalog in the mail. I'd sit down with a cup of lavender/rose herbal tea and get lost. I would play Enya in the background {On cassette tape no less}, enjoying the dreaminess that makes Martha Stewart the epitome of an entrepreneur and my mentor.

I love to bake from scratch, can my own food from my very own homegrown food. I have always sewn my own clothes, my children's clothes and even love french sewing/smocking and embroidery, and loads of crafts, to name a few.

I had her mixer, extra large copper cookie cutters, baking kits, and recipe kits. Anytime I ever had a party, even though she had the finer things, I loved to make her holiday menus for parties.

Always a smash hit. Do you like Martha Stewart?
This cup isn't quite my style but I thought at $3.00 a pop wasn't a bad idea at all. Mermaid Vibes all the way!
My breakfast almost every single day.

Heres the funny thing, try dying eggs that are naturally brown from your chickens and see what turns out. It's definitely gonna be a surprise. 
Do You have any traditions that you've had since your childhood and then carried those same ones onto your children? I'd love to hear. I'm always open to new ones to incorporate into my life. A mermaid lives to be quite old ya know. {HEHEHH}

I hope your weekend was swimmingly Fin'tastic! I'll see you darling souls, tomorrow.

Yours til my next swim, Raquel

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