Friday, October 12, 2018

Beatrix Potter, The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose And Me

Dear friends, 

I should like to visit with you and have a cup of tea. I am drinking some apple cinnamon-spiced tea. Let's have some music, shall we? I believe Pride and Prejudice soundtrack might be exquisite music for our mood this morning. I was thinking of making a playlist on Spotify of all my music that I listen to at the cottage. I'd love to hear from you. Send me a kulning siren's call if you fancy that idea {smile}.

I implored of my dear friend from England to record a real authentic video and share it with the world of how the Victorians would make a cup of tea in England. She spends her days in a little Victorian cottage in England living as authentically to the Victorian era as possible. 
This title post is Beatrix Potter, The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose and Me. I should like to talk about all the ways I love Beatrix Potter and create my little stories such as she might have done if she were here today. I feel her ever-present in my life daily. I chose to believe, and i sense it's an exact likeness to how things are beyond the veil and that the people that have long transitioned are quite capable and are apart of our lives in any moment if we choose to seek them where they are. They have an expansion of knowing and being interested in our mortal presence. I know Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor spend much time with me. I must confess I spend my days here at the cottage speaking and interacting with more deceased spirits than I make a living. Are you surprised? 

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and especially Abraham Hicks teachings, Abraham well clarifies the transitioned are quite interested in our goings-on. 

I came to appreciate Beatrix when I was but 19-years old. I was married and soon to have my first child. I lived an antiquated life even then, sketching, sewing, canning and all the domesticated pursuits one would indulge in as a young, very devoted Mormon.

I collected all of Beatrix's books, especially the tiny versions of them and the movies that were out at the time. This was in the '90s. I would endlessly play them for my children as they grew and read the fairy tales to them. I was a rigorous mother in which I would only allow good wholesome television and music, and much reading. I have forever been a reader. As you well know, reading saved my dear little spirit as a young girl. The Laura Ingalls Wilder collection of books became my go~to forever and always. To this day, one of my lifelong dreams is to go to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. 

I thought it to be a delight and post some photos of my storybook and talk about some of the ways Beatrix and I are similar.

She loved Rabbits as well as I.
My darling companion Oliver Twistytopsy.

Remember this from the last year when I dressed up like her at Halloween. Many of the tricker~treaters, more so the parents thought I must be Mary Poppins.

I sewed this outfit by hand. I still wear it, especially now that it's fall.

Beatrix loved sheep and cared for them in her later years. This is a photo from Carmel, California. It's apart of the Clint Eastwood called Mission Ranch Carmel. I did the travel distance from here to The Outland's where I hope to live one day, and it's 1.4 miles from what I will call "my home."

I am planning a trip to Mission Ranch Carmel, to have a stay. I thought that if I am not to live in England, the next best place to it is Carmel, California. 

And to think my dear friends I hadn't painted nor did I remember that I was capable of a stick figure if that since I was the age of 12. 

It gobsmacks me that I was so out of touch with my dreams that I absolutely had forgotten my life dreams as a little girl of being a writer and artist.

I am proof though that these type of dreams never die within us. I am also a reminder to you that if you really desire to do something, you are never too old. I am 46 as of today, and I would never let that stop me from achieving my dreams. It's so very possible. If i can be an Inspirational Orator for you and other women, I am happy to do so. 

I have so many stories within me. In the back of my very first little storybook, The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose I have all of these working titles, plus I have already added a few more since the book was published. Do any of these titles excite you?

~A Real Life Mermaid's Transformational Tale: A Voyage Back To Self-Love (An Autobiography)
~The Tale of Oliver Rabbit, 2019
~The Tale of Sybrena Ewe
~The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two~Shoes, 2019
~The Tale of Diggety~Diggety Dave
~The Tale of Melinda Little Mouse
~The Tale of Squirrel Sadie
~The Tale of Hoppity~Hoppity Little John
~The Tale of Captain Jack
~The Tale of Patsy Violet
~The Tale of Ms Nevermore Raven
~Deceit & Dissension {A romantic drama that depicts a naive young lady from an English family of landed gentry as she learns to deal with morality, deception and hypocrisy.}

 In my little story of Scarlette Rose, you'll notice I named the character names that had significance to Beatrix. Warren the love of her life, and Bertram was her brother's name. I also think I was impressed by Beatrix to name the stories like hers, and they are actually a play on words for me, ya know... because I am a Mermaid "The Tale". Isn't that extraordinary!

I seriously felt inspired by Beatrix as if she was sitting right next to me, chatting it up like a little church lady. 

A few more things that I am similar to Beatrix is in the way I still love to wear Victorian clothes, I call my art room "The Treasure Room" such as Beatrix's room at Hilltop. She published her own book because no one would publish it for her, I did the same thing. There are so many more things that I have in common with her, but this post must be split up. I am weary from lack of sleep, and I have much work to do still for my little storybook release. I hope you'll collect a copy for yourself and I'd love to see photos of you reading it. That would delight me more than you could imagine. Please swim over to my social media and have a visit. I spend much time on Facebook and Instagram. My links are on my sidebar.  

I shall leave you with this little drawing. 
I made this just for you. If you'd like to print this off and use it as a colouring sheet for trick or treaters. Enjoy. 
I wanted to remind you that if you haven't yet signed up for my newsletter, please do so. I am going to choose the winners of my storybook and Scarlette Rose doll in the next two weeks. I a wishing you each good luck my dear friends! The newsletter sign up form will either pop up, or you can seek it out on the sidebar.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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