Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Spiritually Artistic Nature of Cottage Living

My Dear Friends, Mermaid Junkies and Shoal family,

Pour some tea and let us have a visit, shall we? I'm having some pumpkin spice tea and a few cookies.
I post many darling little homes on my social media feeds, some of which are mine, have been mine and several that I love the look of. I am especially fond of, "The Outland's" in Carmel, California where I expect to move to very soon.

I wanted to share with you something I've learned about our homes, and the spiritual roles they play in our lives.
My father is a carpenter and I was always fascinated by what a home represents. It's forever been a deeply methodical concept to me. They can represent the soul of a person if we know where to place their importance and create the correct beliefs about them.

The real deep desire to understand myself and the role homes play in my life came from moving around so much. My ex-was in entertainment and we were constantly moving about for his career, so we have lived in many homes. We've lived in mansions, 19th-century Victorian homes, split levels, ranch style, cottages, Arts and Crafts, Bungalows, condominiums, and apartments.

I would get moved into a place and I was quick to make it my own by placing my stamp of approval on it for the time being. I learned throughout my life that in order for my children to be mentally stable and not have issues about moving so much, I had to create a happy place for them. I did that with each place we lived. I would immediately set to work in getting the home to feel as comfortable as I possibly could. I felt that if my children's lives were always changing externally, at least if I made their home a happy place, it would calm their hearts no matter where they lived. I believe and always will, that children take on the energy of the parent with regards to everything. So if we create an experience as wonderful the children will then too feel the same way. Every single thing in life is about energy. I am so happy that I now understand this concept of universal law so clearly.

Too often I have seen where parents (unintentionally, I am sure) will create stress and a feeling of energetic instability when it pertains to change and moving. I knew that to make each move a delight, the children would also learn to adapt to change. I did what I felt was best for my children, and now as adults, it'll be thrilling to watch what they decide to do. My daughter wants to travel the world. I think she's been bitten by the travel bug.

We create attachments to events that occur in our lives. I believe we have a choice in how we place those attachments and events. That's certainly not to say that a home can't have negative energy. For instance, maybe your childhood home was a place you were constantly molested, or your brother was killed in a car accident and that was the home you were living in at the time of the event. My childhood home is where my father was an alcoholic, but what I am saying is that we all have unpleasant events that have happened to us, and it's up to us to redefine those moments. We must create new beliefs about how we would want to see them now that we have control over our lives. I am saying to put your head in the sand and pretend that everything is delightful in life. Now let me explain this psychologically, and through the perspective of the Law of Attraction.
We are all powerful creators. We have the capability to change and it is not an arduous affair. We only make it arduous because of the things we say. Remember, I've always said the Universe ONLY hears what we MEAN, not what we say. To create a life we love entails changing the way we think. It's all in our mindset.

I used to be the kind of person, that every time I started to feel unhappy and uncomfortable in a situation, or my life wasn't going the way I wanted, I decided that moving to a new home was the answer. The thing I soon learned was that I was always taking myself with me. It didn't matter if I lived in my dream house because after the newness wore off, I was still miserable. I was still the same person, and no home or the things in the home to decorate was going to make a difference if I didn't change my beliefs.
I see people now, and they are constantly changing homes, desiring a home that's way out of their price range, financial means, or constantly changing up the insides because they aren't satisfied. I believe much of this dissatisfied nature has to do with self, and not the home as many may believe. Most people project their inner unhappiness and circumstances onto external things. Most people believe that how a home looks and how it's decorated on the inside stands for a representation of the people who live in it, but that's not always the case. It's subjective. I think the take away on this post is that we should not put too much of our personal identity into a home. They are two separate entities.

I know that my home is lovely, but I am lovely as well, so my home is an extension of me.

We should want lovely homes and lovely adornments. In fact, when we are happy internally, our homes will reflect that.
I hope to inspire you to reach for your dream home. We are here to manifest and create lives that we are magically in love with. We must believe we can have them, and that we are worthy of all we desire. Let us be satisfied with where we are in the moment but eager for more. It's as easy to create a castle as it is a button. The only thing that ever stops us from manifesting all of our hearts desires is our lack of belief in self. Too often we believe we don't deserve all that our heart desires.
One thing that you can do today is to begin finding those thoughts that make you feel a sense of happy. If you find that going to the beach and walking the shoreline brings you s feeling of joy, do more of that. Do you live close to the ocean or river, love it so so much but rarely visit? Go visit. Do a little more of what makes your heart soar. It will gain momentum, and soon you'll realize you are happier with each passing day.

What's your dream home?  I'd love to hear or even post a photo, so we can all see it. That makes it so much more fun!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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