Gardening At Staffordshire Cottage

My dear friends,

Good morning! Might you pour some tea and let us sit and have a little visit.

 Did you have a most extraordinary weekend? Over the weekend I worked mostly in the garden while the chicken ladies strutted about. I let Oliver about in the garden for the day while I pulled weeds, cleaned the chicken coop, and raked up limbs and debris.

I made another jasmine vine wreath and moved my Victorian garden  furniture around.
 A gardener's work is never complete. I have learned mostly the garden is in some form of transitioning at all times of the year. It reminds me that a garden is such as ourselves. We are ever growing and expanding. We are never at a stand still. I do know at times it may feel that way, especially if one is experiencing  such contrast. Hold tight my dear friend, it will be over. I can assure you of this.  How do you like our carrots? Oliver is surely going to enjoy his feasts for the next week or so.

I was able to change my website theme. Did you by chance take a notice? I think it's much easier to navigate.
Here's a photo of some trims and flowers. I intend to alter my little straw hat into a 1700's Historical summer hat.

The new year reaches through the beautifully sunlit waters upon the Atlantic coast.
The seagulls are eager in their squawking as they sail through the breeze and skim the blue green water in search of a fresh swimming fish.

I love to dig my toes into the sand that has been dampened by the inward waves that kiss the shoreline. I love the predictability of the ocean.
I have such an appreciation for having lived near oceans all of my life.

Is there something that your heart longs for in the new year of 2019? Are you going to give it a thought? Do you desire to change something?
Here are 3 Treasure Trove Tips that will inspire you to merely begin:

1. Make the decision as to what you know deep within your heart you'd like to do. Even if the thought gives you a bit of a fright. If you have had the thought, pretend if no one was in the picture, what is it you would want to do?

2. Once you have made the decision in your heart, go through with it. If it's not a Hell Yes, then it's a hell no. The decision should be so strong that wild horses can't keep you from doing it. Remember it's not going to be as difficult as you might think.

3. Take one step towards your decision. You can and should keep it to yourself. Tell no one, for they will attempt to talk you out of it. Keep believing you can achieve anything that you do so desire. It's one little swimming lap at a time dear friend. This is a voyage.

Time is going to continue whether you stay in the same place or go. You are always making a choice, even when you think you're not making a decision, you are actually making a decision to not make a decision.

2019 is going to come and go either way. Decide today. Today is your day dear friend. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to smile again?

I bid you well these last few remaining hours of 2018. I shall write again. I am looking forward to new beginnings. Are you?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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