Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Mermaid's Spiritual Practices And Rituals For Welcoming In 2019

My dear friends,

Happy New Year! I am so happy and delighted to have rung in the New Year with my Beloved Gardener. We enjoyed watching the ball drop and had a special moment kissing under the moon as fireworks burst and the clock struck twelve.

Won't you pour some tea, I have a lovely post to share with you that I'm so tickled about. I chose some English tea, a meditative candle and a few crystals to bring in the new year with love and prosperity. I thought that since we are all friends, I might share with you the particulars I have been practising since my transformational voyage began over 4 years ago.

I have implemented these practices for several years. As you may know, I follow the teachings of Abraham and my life changed exponentially since practising the Law of Attraction along with these set of rituals. They are ways of having fun with the universe.

1. How To Manifest Your Desires With A Magical Creation Box
My dear aunt gifted me an old antique wooden cheese box during my couch surfing days shortly after my divorce. I loved it so much, so I decided to put it to good use. In the book Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, there is a process called the creation box. "Whatever is contained in this box~IS!"

The idea behind the Magical Creation Box is much like a vision board. If you delight in crafting, this is sure to be enjoyable. A fun pursuit is to spend the evening creating your box along with your girlfriends, or significant other. Jeffrey isn't so outwardly crafty, but the concept is something he can get on board with. He's much more masculine in his approach. He will drop a few lotto tickets inside with his numbers written down. I spend time collecting magazine pictures, photos, quotes, catalogue pamphlets, or anything I come upon that entices me. Each time I simply drop the item into my magical creation box. With anything that exemplifies what you wish to manifest, the universe will deliver it to you if you are indeed a match to that desire.

2. Decide On Your One Word For The Year
I enjoy coming up with a word for each new year. I feel that if I can make my life fun and joyful in all ways, I am truly happy. All of the beauty that I add to my daily pursuits creates the kind of fairytale life I seek. I know that when people read that it sounds childlike and naive. That's not the way I intend it to be. When I say fairytale life, I simply mean that when Abraham speaks about pretending not to see the things in life that we do not like, we should live with our head in the sand. Which means, there is much good and bad in the world. Why pay attention to the bad and place an emphasis on it? It only manifests more bad. It's a universal law of attraction. Like attracts like...

To have a word for the year is a fun way to stay focused. I'm not sure about you, but I am the kind of girl that has so many things bouncing around in my mind that if I don't have some form of ritual or practice I am less likely to keep my mind narrowed in on my goals. I am highly creative and sporadic. {smile}

In 2018, my one word was FOCUS. My new word for 2019 is EASE.
Once you have decided on your one word, write it in several places so that you are more likely to be reminded of your goal for the year. I write mine on several sticky notes and place them in my surroundings. I even place mine on the screensaver of my phone.

3. Clear Out Phone Contacts
Each year on January 1st I go through my phone and delete all the contacts that I no longer feel serve me. Oftentimes, we hang onto relationships or people in our phone contacts for comfortability. We are ever expanding, so we should reconsider continuing relationships that may have caused us pain. We may have simply outgrown someone that was once apart of our lives. It's not sad, just an expansion of yourself and that's a beautiful way to see the world.

4. Reminders Of Your Dreams
I decide on a few desires that I would like to manifest for the year, and collect photos. I then place the photo on my phone, computer and vision board. It's a lovely way to keep our dreams ever present. In 2018 I had a picture of an old mansion that I would love to live in one day. A few ideas could be pictures of homes, vehicles, a family, a soul mate, etc. If you don't know exactly who is coming, such as a baby per se, you could select a favourite colour swatch of yours and then use an app like phonto to create the words or quote and place that on your phone instead of an actual image. If I wanted a soul mate or baby, for instance, I would find an old Victorian painting and use that as a screen saver. Below are some examples of how to bring your desires into your life. These are a few of my samples from the past.
This is a painting i did for my dream home, Flanders. Until I actually went to the mansion to take my own photos, I simply painted one for myself. By painting, It created a sense of closeness to me. 

Perhaps you'd like to start a family. You could use an old painting from the 1800's such as this one. 
My darling companion Oliver TwistyTopsy

Before I actually had a rabbit of my own I would constantly play with the universe. I would expect to see rabbits {because they are my spirit animal & I adore them}, I did begin to see them everywhere. This jackrabbit was in the driveway right out in the open as I was coming home from the grocery store. I got out of my car thinking it'd hop away but it simply stayed put for close to ten minutes. I got a foot from it and took this picture. It was a sign from the universe that my cottage bunny was coming and I knew it without any doubts whatsoever.
At the time this photo was taken in California and I had just begun using the Law of attraction to profess my desires and dreams. To make them more of a reality, I would stop in at the local pet store where I would buy raw dog food for my pups and also hold the rabbits that were up for adoption. It made the idea of having a rabbit more real with each day. This is a lion head. 
This is another cottage I painted with the ocean in the background. It looks like a tinier version of Flanders. I painted the colours I want, the fence and how I expect it's going to be. We are always creating our dreams with our thoughts.

Another perfect example of allowing in what I desired. I used this picture of chickens that I took from the Majorie Rawlings state park to bring my desire for chickens into my life. These weren't even mine, but I kept speaking as if they were and I actually manifested my own chickens.

I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me. I just love thinking about what the new year will bring. Use your imagination. Let it run as wild and as free as you possibly can. I can't wait to hear all about what you manifest this year. Please leave me comments and tell me what you are dreaming up.

I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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